Strong side or cross draw carry?

Nov 4, 2018
Open or conceal how do you prefer to carry a single action revolver strong side or cross draw?

As a right hand shooter shooting CASS competitions I found that cross draw from the 10 o'clock position was easier than 3 o'clock. From 10 position the gun was easier to find and the angle of the holster made pulling the gun out quicker. Not saying that pulling from the strong side was a huge problem but definitely required a bit more effort.

However I see pictures in articles and Youtube and it seems most folks pack a SA revolver on the strong side 9 or 3 o'clock position.

Any thoughts on this?
Strong side - 4 o'clock.....just behind the right hip. Right arm helps cover any possible show and allows right arm to hang naturally for us stocky (pleasently plump) people.
Was always told that cross draws held the possiblity of 'sweeping' good guys as the gun is being presented.
I think cross draw with a single action is smooth, but you sweep the world doing it.
If you were shooting under SASS rules, you were supposed to be swiveling your hips so as to only sweep half the world.
Plus, as Chic Gaylord said, crossdraw has you crossing the opponent the narrow way rather than a straight draw coming up his height.

I only know two guys who carried a single action for "social purposes". One straight draw, one shoulder rig.
When I shot CAS I was faster with a crossdraw.
For just carrying I prefer a crossdraw if I can slide the holster to 9 O’clock if there’s any bending or climbing involved.
OWB cross. Although some here seem to think this is against nature. I’m sure those folks would love to mandate that everyone do things their way as it’s the “best”.
I usually prefer strong side carry unless it's a long barrel revolver.
With a long barrel I have to raise the gun higher to get it out of the holster. This is where I prefer cross draw.
I have a S&W model 29 with an 8 3/8" barrel and a Schofield that I have crossdraw holsters for.
Oh, yeah, Texas John Slaughter was depicted carrying cross draw. That let him sit his horse with hand on pommel inches from his gun butt.
"Texas John Slaughter made 'em do what they 'oughta 'cause if they didn't they died." Good show, Disney.
My default “primary” is right side, for a right-handed draw, regardless of the weapon. I rode police patrol for 33+ years, carrying that way. I never found access to my right hip to be a problem, while driving, except when I briefly owned a small, somewhat-sporty car, in 1984/1985. With my right shoulder becoming gimpy, however, as I age, cross-draw is starting to make sense, especially for longer-barreled handguns. I have practiced to “cavalry draw,” left-handed, from a RH cross-draw rig on my left hip, without muzzle-sweeping myself.

Notably, I prefer a straight-vertical, or nearly-straight-vertical holster, at 0900, for cross-draw. The typically-available cross-draw rig causes both the butt and barrel of an SAA-sized weapon to protrude, too much, against my cover garment, whether worn at 0900, or farther forward. Texas may now finally be a permit-less, open-carry state, but I see too many signs that specifically disallow open carry, on the premises.
Charlie Martinez

The cross draw holster is an Azula and was a Christmas gift last year from my daughter. Most of my other holsters were made by DeSantis with some vintage Bianchi holsters still in the fold and being used on occasion. 4baoVFH.jpg


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Tried cross draw, even made up a cpl holsters set up that way, but for the most part I like strong side, 3-4 o'clock for most any handgun under 5" bbl. length.

With cross draw, while I found it allowed me to carry in the car (it was also a PITA to thread the seatbelt). It was OK in a tractor if I wasn't fumbling with the PTO lever too much, and worked ok as well with over 5" bbl's up to say 6.5"; but was difficult to conceal as it forced the butt of the gun to protrude out the front. (Not all bad as some might call that a PLUS at my age)... Rod
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Open carry is at 3-o-clock under my strong side arm.

Concealed carry, which has become primary lately, is cross-draw. Privateer Leather makes a cross-draw magazine pouch for the strong side, so it too is a cross-draw. Easily concealed under a fleece vest when the weather is cool, or a loose untucked shirt when it's warmer.