Tapco stock for SKS

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Jul 28, 2008
Western KY
I bought a Norinco SKS a few weeks ago and am thinking of putting the Tapco Intrafuse T6 stock on it.

The guy I bought it from had a 30 or 40 rd polymer magazine with it and also the original 10 rd box. I was going to leave it original but it is terribly unreliable with the 10 rd magazine so I was going to use the detachable magazines.

Anything I need to know about the tapco stock? Should my Norinco fit it easily? I was planning on buying the compliance kit that is available for around $150 so I could stay within the law.

Any additional info would be appreciated.
it is terribly unreliable with the 10 rd magazine

Danger! Danger! Warning Will Robinson!

One is forced to ask 'Why is it unreliable with the original magazine?' If it doesn't work with the stock 10 rounder I'd be willing to bet it ain't going to work with the aftermarket mags any better. Does the mag have the same serial# as the receiver?

As to the Tapco stock, I'd sell it and consider it a discount on the selling price of the rifle.

Thanks for the reply but I must have been unclear in my original post. The gun is a Norinco Sporter with all numbers matching except the trigger guard. It currently has the original stock on it. The guy I bought it from had put the 30 rd magazine in it. When I bought it I also got the original 10 rd box. I wanted to keep the gun original so I put the 10 rd box back in. When I went to the range the gun was not feeding reliably. The next range trip I went back to the 30 rd magazine and had no issues.

Since the gun runs better without the original magazine I was going to just continue using the detachable mags, but didn't want to be outside the law. So I was going to change out the stock, etc. to comply with 922r, and the Tapco seemed the best way to go.
I have never heard of anyone having SKS feeding issues with the original magazine. All ftf problems can almost always be traced back to an aftermarket magazine. If there are ftf problems with the original magazine, I would check to make certain it is properly installed. Unless some-one has taken a pair of pliers to the feed lips it is about bomb proof. I have had great sucess with aftermarket mags but I often had to "tweak" them first.
I purchased a tapco stock for my AK and didnt like it at all. I took it to the range with my dad right after installation, and for some reason, it would sting your cheek with every shot. I'm not sure why it caused this, but it did the same thing to both of us. Must have been some kind of vibration or something, but it felt like an ant was stinging your cheek every time you pulled the trigger lol. Not sure how common that is, but it definitely made me weary of using any more tapco products. I replaced the tapco stock with a complete ATI strikeforce furniture kit. The strikeforce stuff was solid and it didnt cause discomfort to shoot it, but the rifle just felt too large and bulky with it and the cleaning rod wouldnt go back into the hand guard without removing them :mad:. Now it's back to all the original wood furniture, it's comfortable to shoot again, and the cleaning rod fits like its supposed to. Plus the wood stock has that nifty little trap door storage compartment for the AK tool kit :D

P.S. this may or may not be relevant to the SKS, but it was my experience with the tapco stock on a similarly styled gun, so I thought I would add it
something is VERY not right, I'd guess that your new to SKS's
most likely the previous guy did something to the gun to make the 30 rounder work, an in the process messed the gun up, so now ONLY the 30 rounder works.

As for the tapco. well, ugly soft, wobbly plastic stock, 30 rounder, won't work stock
yeah, I'll take 100 of your asking price cause it means work for me to fix it.
I am very new to SKS's. I would much rather leave the gun in original condition than do all the changes but I don't want an unreliable gun. If I could figure out what is wrong I would fix it and use the 10 round magazine.

Not to the point of selling it yet though.
Which one do you want or you can buy all three stocks at a discount. :rolleyes:

I need a new stock for my Stevens 200, hint, hint, wink, wink. ;)

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Choat (never used) and old ATI folder.

Well since you already know about the compliance factor there is no need to discuss that too much, just make sure you do it. I switched my Yugo to a Tapco setup and have been pleased with it, and for the purists out there I know......I know. My rifle is very very front end heavy with the tapco setup but going to the plastic stock didn't make the rifle uncomfortable to shoot, personally I didn't find the stock to be wobbly.
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