Thank you everyone for the work put into ending the ban

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May 26, 2003
Phx, AZ
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took time from their days for the last 10 years to help towards today. It was a long road, and we certainly deserve a break.

However, those who misinterpret the 2nd Amendment will not be simply giving up. We must continue to watch for their advances. We must also continue to stick together to roll back additional infringements upon the Constitution. While we have won this battle, we can not rest on our laurels and be satisfied. We must stay the course we've set so that we can hand the Constitution down to our children and not hand down chains.

I don't know if all the letters, e-mails, and calls actually had anything to do with allowing the ban to sunset, but it didn't hurt.

The fight isn't over yet. Break off a calls, letters, and e-mails to your representitives for not extending the ban and remind them not to support any future legislation restricing our rights
I'd like to add my thanks all of you that called, and e-mailed, and wrote all the letters to your politicians. THANK YOU!
Thanks to all who helped!

This was most assuredly a group effort. Without effort put forth by many thousands of individuals, as well as those of groups like NRA, SAS, JPFO, GOA, and many others this would not have been possible.

Without all of us speaking, cajoling, and otherwise making our views heard, this law would have been renewed.

Folks, we did it.

We won this.

If you wrote letters, sent faxes and emails, made phone calls, donated money or had face-to-face meetings with legislators or their employees, you helped make this victory possible.

If you did any of these things, you were an active part of the solution.


Say it.

"I helped win this victory."
Important to remember that if the Democrats get control their first order of business- even ahead of abandoning the WOT will be passing a comprehensive ban.
Yes it is a good day......not to rain on anyones parade BUT REMEMBER that the idiots that put the law in place will try again and again to do it...we must be vigilant and fight these idiots thru our local and national is not the time to become complacent, now we must work on the states where they still cant own these weapons....even after the ban has been lifted at the federal that they too can have some of their rights restored to them.....

Also, thanks to us and all other pro active gun enthusiasts, and pro gun organizations WE made this happen....NOW lets make sure that they cant reinstate this law or one that is even more restrictive!!!
All I have to say is thank God that as American Citizens, we are a little bit more free today than we were yesterday.

Check your nets...

I just came back from checking an old volleyball net I threw across the street outside my apartment. So far, nothing...

I was expecting to have caught a couple Uzis and at least an AK by now. :(

;) :D
I built a dam and an overflow channel in front of the house to try and save my lawn.I sure hope the blood flowing in the streets doesn't get to high.:neener:
NRA meeting this weekend in Savannah

Just a note to gun owners and NRA members in Georgia; we're having an NRA-ILA Grassroots election workshop this coming Saturday between 9-12 P.M. in Savannah at the Savannah Marriot Riverfront. The phone number is 912-233-7722.

I will be there and I hope to see some of you there, also.
A special thanks to all of you so-called "neo-con" Republicans, and the NRA. Your haters in the Libertarian Party, and liberal members on gun boards, said you would cave! They were wrong. Thanks. They can now start jacking their jaws, and waving their limp ones again on the next issue! Please keep working to make real change. We won because of YOU! Dave
By the way, I did not mean to say GOA, SAF, JPFO, and others, I'm a member of, weren't important. I just get tired of the NRA and "neo-con" bashing! Many of you WERE WRONG about the Republicans and the NRA. I don't expect you to admit it. BUT YOU WERE WRONG!!!!:rolleyes: WRONG!:D WRONG!:) WRONG!:p
Justin is right; it was all of us.

I did my part, and I know hundreds of others did theirs as well. Of course, I don't expect that to sound like any sort of accomplishment in Utah. ;) My senators and my representative are the ones to thank.

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