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I have no choice of ranges. All of our local ranges in the Palm Beach County area, where I live, have the same policy.


Take a trip down to SE Broward County. Big Al's and American Indoor range and I believe Bass Pro allows your own ammo. You can shoot whatever you want through your J-frame :evil:
I too agree that your carry gun should be shot alot. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE - But - Also you need a good foundation to work from. If your shooting habits are good to start with you will have much better luck with a little gun like the Smith in question here - For whatever its worth I know from experiance that a snub-nosed revolver will shoot as accurately as you the shooter let it. Dont let people fool you into believing that you can't hit a small target at a long distance with a snubbie. Is it a little tougher? Not really if your practicing right. A few years ago I went to the Chapman Acadamy for some advanced handgun training. I had been shooting on and off for several years but nothing too serious. I took a 9mm for the training and was very impressed. Very practical training and I learned alot not to mention my shooting skills increased dramatically. When I got home I took out a little .38 that had been put away because it was not as accurate as my bigger more expensive guns. Guess what -- using the same principals that I had just learned with bigger guns I found that the the little .38 could be shot at the same distances as the 9mm and .40. There are things like the weight of the gun that will affect your shooting but if your foundation is good then you should be able to get great results out of your little Smith. I recently qualified with my snubbie as a back-up for work and guess what - i shot better that day with the .38 then my 9mm back up - anyway - i would like to hear from others who have had similar results.

just my 2 cents on the issue.
i shot better that day with the .38 then my 9mm back up - anyway - i would like to hear from others who have had similar results.


I agree 100%. I'm not into handloading yet, so I can't afford to shoot my 642 as often as I'd like. Hence my post a couple back about having a good DA 22 to practice fundamentals on with cheap Wallie World ammo. Plus, the 22 will help you clense yourself of flinching. Everyone told me I'd be amazed by how much my skills would improve with a good quality DA 22, and they were right. I was shooting 1 inch groups at 7 yds with that K-22, and I'm sure the rifling was chucked up from the 300+ rounds I'd fired through it before that point!

Currently, I shoot my snubby better than my Springer XD9. Of all my guns (see signature), I shoot my only semi auto with the least accuracy. Not bad, but it was relegated to a backup nightstand gun some time ago because I shoot my wheelies better.

A few months ago I was taking shots with my 642 (no rest, just standing up) at a steel target (I think it was a scale wild boar target) at 100 yards. Now I don't consider myself a great shot at all, but I was able to hit that target 1 in 15 to 20 times. I know others are capable of much better, but for me I know it'd take several magazines in my XD before I ever registered a hit.

Never underestimate the snub!
This afternoon, I decided to try an experiment.

My handguns are:

*Kahr K9
*SW 642

For the last few months,
I've worn the latter while in my studio.
(Which is way out in the boonies, where goonies & goblins live).

This afternoon, I thought,
"That K9 has 3 more rnds than the K9.
I'll try it again in the holster, just to see how it feels."

After 5 hours, I found that the K9 (v. 642):

* was easier to draw out of an OWB, because it rides lower
* felt heavy on the belt, constantly pulling it down
* is not as comfortable as the 642

Right now, I'm wearing the 642 in an OWB.

It's true that the 642 rides higher in this OWB,
and, thus, is not as quick to draw as the K9.

But then I think, I'm inside my studio.
I'll hear noise if anyone is breaking in.
This 642 weighs way less, & pulls down on the pants less.

If I was in a combat situation, honestly, I'd rather have the K9.

But for around the "house", I'm OK with the 642,
knowing the 870P is just a few feet away.

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Newbie to the board and to The 642 Club. I bought my Christmas present to self this week, shot about 50 rounds & still have some more shooting to do to get used to her. She'll be my carry when I complete the class in January.
redfisher43: We are honored that you would make your first post here in The 642 Club.

Welcome to THR & welcome to The Club.

There are several here who think you've made the perfect choice for "carrying hardware". Safe shootin'!

Sorry to be so lazy. I could go back through the thread, but I pick up my new 642 in a couple of days. Could I ask for some thumbnail recommendations for the following?

1. Best defensive round for the 642
2. Best practice round for the 642

Practice with what you carry. The Speer Gold Dot are popular. Some people are more recoil sensitive than others so you might want to consider some familiarization practice with regular 38special if this is the case with you. You need to be sure you are competant with and know where your gun shoots your carry ammunition and the only way is practice with it. I don't find the 642's recoil to be objectionable with anything I have shot in mine (stock grips).
I like the Black hills 125gr +P's that use the
Speer gold dot bullet.It shoot to POA in my
642-2 where the 158gr +P shot 3-4" high at
10 yards.For practice i use my own reloads
that shot to the same POA as my carry load.

If you don't reload any ammo that shots to
same POA as your carry load will work for
most of your practice.It never hurts to fire
some of your carry time to time to stay
familar with it.Quality carry ammo isn't
cheap and to use it for practice will get real
expensive real fast.I would spend 85+
dollars per month shooting only my carry
load in my 642-2,not including my other
carry piece. has tons
of great info on feeding your snubby,it's
really worth a look.
Sorry to be so lazy. I could go back through the thread...
What's wrong with you, Wesson Smith? It's only 49 pages! :mad:

Only kidding. :neener: :)

We should start granting degrees just for reading this thing. :what:

My current HD rnd in the 642: Speer Gold Dot +P 135 gr GDHP.

Practice rnd: some white box special, then shoot some of the Speers for muscle memory.

Well you guys did me in. I picked mine up today. Where do you get the Mika holsters? Also where is a good place to get speed strips?
Joined the club myself a week and a half ago. picked up my NIB 642 at the local fun show. I put 50 rounds of my light handloads through it last weekend and liked it so far. Just got my desantis nemesis in the mail today. I love this little gun and I'm sure I will enjoy it for a long time. I'd be lying if I said this thread didn't influence me to look into them. I'm glad you guys were able to convince me.
Put some Hogue monogrips on the 642 last night. Feels like a different gun. Feels better. I'll hit the range at lunch and give 'em a try.
Last time I checked ground was 5.99....I looked today and UPS ground for this item is $8.48 (to me anyway)...they do have 1st class mail for 2.22 but they add a 3.00 handling charge on this it's still around 10 bucks...not that bad I guess...

ZXD9 said:
Put some Hogue monogrips on the 642 last night. Feels like a different gun. Feels better. I'll hit the range at lunch and give 'em a try.

Look forward to hearing your impressions after your range trip. Can you also compare the shootability, concealability, etc., with whatever other grips you've tried on the 642.

The Hogue monogrip really improved my 3" SP101...but it's carried IWB. Not intended for pocket carry.

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