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The Gun Store Hop!!!!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Lady45, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. Lady45

    Lady45 Member

    Jul 19, 2004
    Forget the Pub Crawls......and go for the Gun Store Hop!!!!!!

    This weekend, we broke BluesBear out of the Home.....Lady45 and Bart Noir that is......and did the Gun Store Hop!!!

    Bart Noir lives on the south side of town....and we are on the north side....so he came north and we showed him all our special places to go drool......and yes he did some drooling of his own! We got to see a lot of pretty pieces and some pretty prices as well. We ending up at our local range and got to see a M-4gery in action as a young macho man showed off for his girlfriend...but the highlight came later when he took his 12g loaded with birdshot and blew his target in two at ohhh....about 7 yards. I was so impressed I have not stopped laughing yet!!!!

    After about 7 stores, we decided that Bear had better get back to the care center and get some heavy duty drugs....but he went with a smile on his face and a promise to go with Bart Noir soon to the south side! We had planned to go to Portland to a collectors and antique gun show this next weekend, but since we have not moved yet, that does not seem like it is doable at this time.....not unless we win the lottery before Friday!!!!!!!

    Then when I got home, there was a message from Mom....my sister is in the hospital with internal bleeding and they cannot locate where....so lots of tests and she is on her second pint of blood. If anyone can give blood in her name it would help off-set the cost ....and be a great help....just go wherever to give and ask for it to be given in her name.....it is Linda Sharp at Forsyth-Northside Hospital in Cumming, Georgia. I will let you know how things go as I find out. Please keep her in your prayers...(even if she is an anti....she is my only sibling.

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