The question is single action 22LR Revolvers

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Rabid Rabbit

Aug 19, 2004
For my wifes birthday, I want to buy her a single action 22 LR. Ever since she became a basic pistol instructor she has wanted one for her classes. I think its an excuse to get another gun, but I'm not going to say no, another gun is another gun. The Ruger single six looks nice and shoots nice, its the only single action 22 I've shot. How about the other Rugers or other manufacturers for shootabliltiy, accuarcy, ruggedness and just general nice gun? I'd like to keep it under $500. interchangeabe 22 WMR cylinders is nice but not a big advantage considering how much 22WMR ammo costs. Trigger, balance and general feel mean more than the 22WMR cylinder.
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I'll toss you another option: The Heritage Rough Rider. Not as well finished as the Ruger, but it shoots well and costs about $100 less. Not a bad starter 22 wheelgun for most folks. It also comes with a 22 Mag interchangeable cylinder.

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Another vote for a Colt if you can find one:


ignore the Python! Bottom is my Colt New Frontier, she's a tack driver.
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