Thinking of remodeling my safe

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Dec 11, 2010
Akron, Ohio
I'm thinking of redoing th inside of my liberty fatboy safe. I would love to see the insides of everybody's safes, especially anything 'custom' you have done to them.
I've redone mine a couple of times, changing/adding shelving and installing lights. Biggest improvement was utilizing the door for storage.


Next plan is to use a tool box 3 drawer center section with ball bearing slide drawers in place of existing shelving......primarily for handgun storage.

That's nice Rembrandt.
Are the shelves on the Snap On tool tray deep enough for pistols?
I will check out my similiar Craftsman tool tray just to see as I am about to clean a couple of pistols today.
Rembrant,I went out to the garage just now and placed the thickest revolver I own,which is a Ruger Police Service Six in .357, in the Craftsman tool box tray and there were no issues closing the sliding shelf.
Are you going to mount that shelf or just put it on the board of one of the shelves?
Either way it allows you to put several hand guns in a relatively small surface area.
Great idea.

Edit to ask...Rembrandt,exactly what brand of safe is that you own as I dont ever remember seeing shelfs built in and under existing shelfs like the ones some of your ammo is sitting in on any other gun safe I can ever remember.
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Have a couple of safes, the one pictured is a National Security Magnum Plus.

Small shelves under the larger ones are simply some 14 gauge metal I made at with a fabric covering, then screwed to the bottom of the main shelves.


I'm working on a new interior that will include the tool box drawers for handgun storage....trying to figure out how to add a motorized rotisserie for long guns. Will post pics of the project in the coming months.
Yes,please post the results of the motorized rotisserie perhaps some small 110 volt sump pump motor might work.
Oh yea,those older National Security gun safes were some very stout boxes.
Building a 10 gauge safe within your Liberty FatBoy

When you speak of remodeling your gun safe I think of some way to add more security and/or more steel. This is a Fort Knox Defender 7241 that would normally have two full size top shelves. Instead they've designed this 28" Cab Box designed as a second lock box inside your gun safe, then taken the top shelf and used it to create a new floor surface. Now if the gun safe was bolted in all four corners and the Cab Box was bolted using long concrete lag bolts (Tapcon), in all four corners inside the Cab Box, that secondary safe would be pretty secure and still portable by removing the lag bolts. But you would have to drill four new holes in the floor of the gun safe which may possibly void a warranty. Fort Knox is so open to flexibility, they would probably predrill the holes for you if notified prior to the gun safe leaving the factory.
My thoughts to you owning a Fatboy. This type of application may not be an option for you since the height of your gun safe is only 5 feet tall, allowing for only 1 full top shelf. However, the Cab Box may be more practical for you to use vertically and even using, for example, the back left bolt hole in the Liberty FatBoy to bolt the Cab Box in place and probably another bolt kiddy corner inside the Cab Box which may possibly void a warranty again (check with Liberty Safes first, they are flexible as well to a certain degree).
The Cab Box in these pictures is 28" wide. It also comes in 20" and 24" in the same design. They also make a box thats 45" long used for shotguns up. Then there is also the Fort Knox Personal Pistol Box and the Fort Knox Original Pistol Box which are smaller separate lock boxes used for single, maybe dual pistol storage. Every thing in this Fort Knox series is 10 gauge body and 7 gauge door. Maybe this isn't worth the risks and troubles for the amount of steel added. Maybe you can take these thoughts in your own direction, or maybe I'm way off basis.
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I'm embarrassed by the organisation I see so far. My problem is every time I trade or buy I have to rearrange. The new goal is to have every long gun in it's own individual hard case with ancillary equipment inside. I have wood working tools and plan on making my own pistol racks. The door will have racks for my knives, I have more of those than guns.

I have a separate drawer unit for extra magazines and speed loaders, labeled for easy access. I have also converted my old safe to an ammo locker. Brother in law has a large paint fire cabinet from an auto body shop as his ammolocker. Twice the size of my safe and sweet. Both of us have all our ammo except for the HD locked up and separate from the guns. Not a requirement, just OCD. My only major problem is storing all the bulky boxes for the guns that have them and keeping them in good shape.

An observation about the pistols in the holsters. Not a good idea for the finish on the guns. Also if you keep the safe at a very low humidity I would think this would dry them out.

Keep the pictures coming. I can always use better ideas.


A piece of peg board on the door will add lots of storage.Put some 1/4 in vacume or fuel hose on the hooks for protecting the finish on your stuff.A small lock box will keep your papers,ect organized.Just a couple of things I have done. Lightman
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