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The half cock is supposed to be the position to remove the cylinder on all single action revolvers, if the cylinder isn't removable at that position then there's a problem. That's the position that the hand is most retracted.
My S&B shoots a nice little group, but way high & a little to the left... anyone got any experience make those original fixed sights a little more accurate??? I was thinking about putting Remington target sights on it.
Gentlemen I apologize for not being here to "moderate" this post but family issues have taken up the majority of my time. I'm going back through all the replies here for the S&B to catch up on what I missed.
Thanks for the responses!!!!
Count me in here is the picture of my Spiller & Burr, I just recently found the serial # on the base of the grip it's Bxxxx with a 4 digit number. the arm has been reblued and I believe they removed the proof marks of the weapon, I do have a fellow active police detective that may be able to bring up the proof marks. (carbon something or other). Any way count me in, I bought it at a pawn shop about 5-6 years ago for $100.00, and it came with 100 balls, and a tin of caps. Thought at first I got ripped off until I shot that puppy, man it's accurate. Sorry fellas and gals, I can't get the thing to show my pics, it says they've allready been displayed on "Need advice on first black powder revovers, have my eye on a uberti 1861 navy". I don't understand this function.
I'm interested in this pistol now that I've read a bit about it.

I found a couple of pictures, out of many, that show safety notches along the cylinder like the Remington's. Since there were so few I'm guessing either someone added them or it was some version not made any longer as I can't seem to find any current offerings.

Is Pietta the only current maker of these repro's?
I believe the cylinder safety notches are a feature of the Palmetto replica only. Palmetto has been out of business for a few years; Pietta is the only current manufacturer that I'm aware of. With the exception of the unusual nipple opening relief cuts the Pietta version is, for Pietta, remarkably faithful to the original.
With the exception of the unusual nipple opening relief cuts the Pietta version is, for Pietta, remarkably faithful to the original.

Well, not to my eye. The hammer is too low, the triggerguard too large, and the grip has less shoulder. But, as you say, "for Pietta," it's not bad.
To post pics that say have already been posted, several things may be's possible someone else has pics with the same file name or they have been posted elsewhere. What I do when that happens is simply add a number after the file S&B pistol01...that usually works!

My Spiller & Burr is made by Pietta (says so right on the barrel) early Navy Arms purchase...and it has the safety slots in the cylinder.

The brass frame of the S&B keeps it from stretching since it has a top strap!!

Hope this helps...
I almost forgot...
To raise obliterated serial numbers...on a steel frame.. simply put a little vinegar over where the numbers should be and they might "magically" appear! I don't know if it would work on brass or what effect it might have on may want to try by putting a few small drops on an inconspicuous area first.
(I was taught that as a quick field test in the police academy)
yes the Remingtons are the same...just don't overload them as it can cause the cylinder to make impressions into the recoil shield and not a good idea to try and convert them with cartridge loading systems!!!! :what:
Hey yall :)

I just got done taking apart, cleaning, and putting back together my Pietta Spiller and Burr revolver! Boy it's nice:


So what do you say, can I join the club? :cool:
Cooldill...consider yourself the newest member of the club :)
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Thanks! :D!

I like the gun so far, it seems to function properly. The action is rough, as is the entire finish on the gun. The bluing is decent but you can clearly see a "brushed" look to it. The brass triggerguard doesn't fit expecially well to the frame, and the interior of the frame and hammer channel look really chewed up and totally in the rough. There are also a number on nicks and dings especially on the frame, right out of the package. The mainspring is very heavy, cocking the gun with one hand is not nearly as easy as my Cimarron (Uberti made) 1851 Colt Navy. I paid $275 for it so I wasn't expecting a Colt Python, but still, I paid only about $75 more for my Cimarron '51 Navy and it is tremdously better quality.

The only thing that really bothers me are the grips on my gun. They don't look near as good as some other Pietta S&B revolvers I've seen. They are plain walnut in appearance on the unfinished inside of the grips. On the outside, there is this rough dark red coating that has several runs in it. I liken it to the outside coating of a Boston Baked Bean piece of candy. Not only that, but there is nearly 1/16" gap where the grip panels meat the brass frame. I am not impressed witht the fit and finish on this revolver. It honestly doesn't hold a flame to by Cimarron '51 Navy, not even in the same ballpark.

BUT... I am reserving final judgement until after I shoot it. If it functions well, and is accurate, I'll probably hang on to it. I am a little bummed that the gun is as visually challenged as it is, hopefully it's a good shooter!
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