Trijicon TR22 triangle reticle for hunting?

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Dec 24, 2010
Vancouver, WA
Every time I've had the opportunity to look through Trijicon glass I think to myself "man, that's crystal clear". I've been mulling over the TR22 with red triangle reticle as a prospect for a hog rifle setup.

The more I consider it, the scope does not have ballistic turrets and obviously does not have BDC. I'm wondering how would a shooter figure holdover at ranges further than where zeroed (assuming the tip of the triangle is POI)? It seems to me the triangle-tipped post would obscure the target in this situation. Would holdover require good knowledge of the target size and range to target in order to properly place the shot?
Trijicon Accupoint

I have a Trijicon 2.5-10x56 on a DPMS AR-10 purchased about 3 years ago. It has the amber triangle. The scope is of excellent manufacture. I do not use it for any mid to long range work but hold over would be the only way. There is a gap underneath the triangle which you can see through under good light conditions and lower power settings so I am certain that's an option for hold over work. The gap will not be much help in lower light conditions or higher power settings.

For short to medium range work the scope is pretty sweet. I think it would be great for a hog rifle out to 300 or where you could hold on hair. As I recall they recommend the amber triangle for hunting you also may want to talk to Trijicon about how long the tritium lasts it's not for the life of the scope.

For short to medium range work say 600 yards I really like the Zeiss conquest scopes with target turrets.

Good luck and shoot straight.

I've used that scope and rifle to hunt deer and it's worked fine. My rifle's zeroed at 200 yards and I shoot anything under 300 yards without worrying about holdover.

Advantage of that reticle is very quick acquisition, at least for me.
If you wanted to use it for holdover, you could zero it at the top of the triangle and shoot to see what holdover the bottom of the triangle creates. It's not going to give you much, though.

It's not really something to worry about. People have hunted with duplex reticles (i.e. no holdover points) for decades. I agree that the triangle will probably speed your target acquisition.
I have owned the TR 21, 1.25 - 4 version. On my .308 it was one of the best close in to 300 yd scopes I ever tried. Great on moving targets if used with both eyes open and the fiber optic illumination was perfect 90% of the time. Worst case, it defaults to a black post.

However, the triangle is to thick to use for any type of holdover at distance and the vertical post has no horizontal reference points to use under the triangle.

I always wondered why Trijicon never offered an ACOG type chevron reticle in the TR 22. If they made it calibrated in Mrads or MOA instead of the ACOG's BDC they'd sell all they could make!
All good information, I wonder if anyone's tried the mildot version? My concern is that reticle's aiming dot size is not published, at least not that I've discovered.
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