Can anyone recommend a 1X sight with a simple reticle?

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Sep 7, 2012
I just got a chance to look through a Mepro M21 with a bullseye reticle, but unfortunately the reticle was too thick and busy for my eyes that it made it hard to aim at a distance (I have some astigmatism).

I was doing some searching on the internet and found some scopes that may be good for me:

Leupold Prismatic


I would prefer a wide field of view, little to no magnification, a simple reticle (preferably a dot or a medium/thin crosshair), and the ability to still see the reticle if the batteries/tritium wear out).

I was wondering if anyone could recommend one over the other or suggest an alternative.
Unfortunately, astigmatism will probably make any red dot give you problems.

Both of those you listed are going to be good sights. The Trijicon may be a little more rugged, but I doubt you'll ever break the Leupold.

What weapon are you planning to put it on, and what are you planning to use it for?
I havr some astigmatism too. My eyes struggle with red dots. I ran a weaver 1-3x scope for a while. I liked it.
I was going to put this on a Barretta CX4 for short/medium range plinking.

A fellow on another forum suggested a PK AS russian optic and now I can't decide between that and the Leupold. I have a feeling that the Leupold is better quality but like the not-as-busy reticle of the PK AS (Circle and dot).
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How about a 1-4 scopes they usually have a finer reticle than a 1x and a red dot is usually too big for fine shooting.
Obviously, the OP is willing to spend money on buying quality given the choices he noted. I have ACOGs, not the model in particular, but can say that they have outstanding glass.

With that said and desiring a wide field of view, I would suggest that an obvious and possibly ideal choice is one of the ugliest sights going, but is a very good sight, and Eotech Holosight. There are a variety of reticle options, but the central dot in those that I have seen is always a 1 MOA dot, which means you can still do some darned good pinpoint shooting. They can be used well enough in sunlight and I know several folks who do. I don't currently own one of these sights (preferring Aimpoint Micros) but for what is described in the OP, I think they would be a very good option to consider.
The eotech is battery powered and loses its reticle when dead, which is a deal breaker per the OP. Prismatic sight or scope is the way to go it seems, especially considering the astigmatism
Aimpoint H-1 2 MOA

Something like 84g and bulletproof build quality.

I also have astigmatism but the red dot still works just fine for hunting. I can also shoot 2-3MOA with it at 100m.
+1 of the TriPower with the red chevron. It doesn't obscure the bullseye like a red dot can, the point of the chevron gives you an accurate aiming point and the legs can be used for ranging. Hey it's as basic a reticle as they come.
Not 1x, but 2.5x.

Can be turned on red, but black when off.

I have one on my ar. Not sure how it will work with an astigmatism, but the guys at primary arms are really good guys and if it doesn't work for you I think they have a money back guarantee. Call them and talk to marshall, tell him your situation and I bet he will make sure you are taken care of fit doesn't work out.
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