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Nov 20, 2012
Hickory, NC
Anybody else have trouble with this powder through your powder measurer? I guess because it's stick powder the rotor wants to hang a little.
I've had nothing but bad luck with lee powder throwers. RCBS throws varget pretty good, but will cut some throws, lets say 1 every 15 or 20. I've had the best luck with my newer Hornady progressive.
I can't get the consistency with volumetric metering of Varget like I do with ball powders and flake powders. I set my measure to throw a little under and then trickle each charge to with in a tenth of a grain for my 308.

I load my rifle cartridges on a single stage press and my orientation is more toward precision than speed of production. When my crosshairs are on a deer, I like the confident feeling that my bullet will go where it is supposed to as long as I do my part.

I use the progressive for straight walled pistol cartridges. I fire a lot more of those rounds, but I neither expect nor get the same group sizes as I do with the .308 Win. ;)

I third the Lee perfect powder measure, then I moved to to the L/L Hornady but the Lee is my back up.. for this extruded powder.
With Varget and other stick powders for that matter is find a technique that works for you and do it the same every time.

I have a baffle in each of my drum style powder measures, I throw 20 or so charges before even measuring a charge to settle the powder column, and I cycle the powder measure in a way to get the minimum of vibration. Also, my powder measure is mounted to a different platform as the press so little or no vibrations from the press get into the powder measure.

Others like to knock the measure at the top and bottom of the stoke, others do not like powder baffles, some tape a vibrator to the powder measure, some make sure the powder column never goes below certain level, and the list goes on.

The point is, find the technique that works for you.
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