Walther PPS or Springfield XDs 9?

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Jul 8, 2011
So, I am looking to reconfigure my concealed carry. Specifically, because I want something with a pic rail that can hold a small weapon light.

I've narrowed it down to the PPS or the XDs 9.

Looking for wisdom. Pros and cons of each?

Thank you!
I've owned both, pps was version one. The xds is a great shooter, but I just couldn't get past the grip safety. During normal use it is no issue, but to me, it could pose a problem in life or death scenario. So why take that chance, that's the way I see it. My pps v1 was my favorite ccw I ever owned and it was accurate and reliable, traded it in for a g43. I still regret doing that and there will be a new pps in my future. I have not fired a version 2 pps so I can not vouch for those but I do like how they went to a standard mag release, even though I liked that trigger guard mag release on the original version. Just my opinion. If the grip safety isn't a factor for you I don't think you could go wrong with either one.
I really like my PPS although it's a 40, I agree that you really can't go wrong I have shot most of the guns in this class XDs, Shield, LC9, LC9s, Kahr 9mm and 45 still have the Kahr 45 and the LC9s pro all are pretty good shooters.
I would question a weapon mounted light on such a small gun of course I really don't like weapon mounted lights on handguns anyway.
It's funny how different features lead to exactly opposite reactions in different people. I have a PPS classic in 40 and an XDS 3.3 9mm. Both are excellent and have been totally reliable. I like the XDS grip safety but dislike the PPS backstrap "quicksafe" feature, feeling it could make the gun inoperable at the wrong time. Resolved this by applying talon grip tape to the backstrap/grip of the PPS to ensure it will never come off without deliberate effort (cutting off the grip tape).

As to choosing between them, I like the PPS trigger a bit more, the PPS is also lighter and thinner. But I carry the XDS more often because I prefer 7+1 of 9mm to 5+1 in 40S&W with their respective flush mags. After market support is better with the XDS too.

Had I bought the PPS in 9mm I might have never picked up the XDS. And now you have me thinking to get my PPS out of the safe again :)

Both great guns. Find friends with both and shoot some paper, see which one makes better holes :)
I own both. The PPS version 1 is a little lighter with a better trigger. The wife confiscated it so I carry the XDs. Bothg are great shooters, see which one feels best to you.
Another vote for the Walther PPS just so long as it's the 1st/original/classic model. Pretty awesome and very shootable.

I really didn't like the PPS Mod 2.

The Springfield XDs is okay, but just okay.

Mine's my CCW pistol when I can't seem to conceal one of my compacts. I hadn't shot mine in a while till yesterday when I used it in an IDPA "Bug" match and was reminded of what a remarkable little pistol it is; 35 rds on multiple targets, to include strong hand/weak hand zero issues and it shoots like a larger pistol. I can shoot it almost as accurately and fast as one of my service sized pistols.

I've owned mine since they 1st came out, have about 3500 rds though it, again zero issues. The only mods I've made are swapping the sights for a set of Trijicon HDs so the sight picture's the same as my other defensive pistols. I really like the DA striker fired and the fact you can "thumb over" the striker while holstering for a warm fuzzy feeling. Don't know about the M2 because since moving to Walther and HK Euro mag releases I haven't bought a pistol with a button style release.

Reloads :
On the Walther PPS M1 it does require somewhat of a mental switch in order to do reloads and it's generally a good idea to train with it exclusively for awhile. I grew up with pistols push button mag releases and I've done all my formal training on pistols with a push button mag release rather than that European style mag release that's mounted on the trigger guard, so that mag release is a bit counter-intuitive. At least it was for me when I first got it. The more you shoot it and the more reloads you do the better you'll run it (Big surprise there I know).

The Walther PPS M2 9mm that I bought had an issue of ejecting the mag all the way or popping it out just enough where it wouldn't pick up another rd. The mag spring on it seemed incredibly weak as well. I sent it off to Walther and they repaired it confirming that there was an issue. After I got it back though I trained with it for awhile, but with my thumbs forward style of shooting the mag release on the M2 was right under my thumb and I would sometimes eject the mag accidentally. Tried to get past it, but couldn't and sold it.

The PPS M1 isn't going anywhere though.

Grips :
For 'grips' (hard for me to call stickers on polymer grips, but I guess that's what they are) on the Walther PPS I went with the Talon rubber style rather than the granulate. I pocket carry it and drawing it out of a pocket with granulate grips it hangs up a bit as it grates on the pocket. Gripping it with the rubber sticker type grips it feels a little more positive and not quite as slick.

https://www.amazon.com/Talon-Grip-W... rubber type sticker grips (*Click for link*)

Sights :
The sights on the M1 do have a bit of air in them with gaps on either side, but it hasn't affected my accuracy within 15 yards. The view in this particular pic makes the gaps seem huge, but it's not this bad in person. There are just slight gaps on either side.


The XDs's sights are slightly better, but I still prefer the Walther PPS M1. Personally I don't like three-dot sights anyway. I prefer a front sight to be highly visible with a stripe on the rear, so to me it's not a deal breaker to automatically buy new sights as I typically change them out anyway.


So at some point I intend on replacing the sights on my PPS M1. Prolly a XS Big Dot or a set of 10-8's.



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I have no experience with the PPS but I have a XDS45. The gun is very reliable and very accurate for such a small gun. I carry the gun IWB at about 4 oclock. It isn't the easiest to see when holstering the gun so I really like the fact the gun has a grip safety. I can keep my hand off the grip safety when holstering by keeping my thumb on the rear of the slide. When firing the gun the grip safety hasn't been an issue at all so I'm very happy with the gun.
Took the PPS .40 to a church shoot where men brought their various weapons and we had fun firing each others guns. I have to tell you that the PPS in .40 was the ONLY pistol that no one wanted to shoot twice. For SD it is small and a sure stopper - but the recoil, WOW! Not unmanageable but certainly not fun to shoot.
I have my Walther PPS M2 9mm with the 6 & 7 round mags that came with it, and I bought 2 extra 8 round mags for it. This one carries great with the 6 rd. mag, and it shoots great at the range with all the mags, but especially with the 7rd and the (2) 8 round mags. After about 1.5K rounds through this one in less than a year that I've had it, I can't say enough good things about this pistol, I've liked it since the first time I picked one up, the trigger was always really good when it was new and now that it has worn in a bit, it really is excellent. And I really think this one shoots great considering how small & light this is compared to my other bigger 9mm service pistols.
I can only attest to the xds 45 . Its light ,easily concealed and has some bite to go with its bark. Im sure id like it even better with some trigger mods. Pleased with it otherwise.
I'm partial to the PPS. I currently have a PPS Classic (with the paddle mag release) and previously had a PPS M2 (traded it for the PPS Classic). The PPS seems more comfortable to me than the XDs (also a great gun btw). Either way, you'll have a great gun.
No experience with the XDs but I do own a gen 1 PPS. Love this gun better than any other compact I've owned/tried. Great trigger, good sights, ample capacity and an excellent grip profile (I've added a Talon wrap though). The dimple in the trigger guard is a real aid in letting me wrap a finger around the front of the guard. With this hold, it shoots with the accuracy and recoil of a bigger gun.
The PPS by a mile. The quality of build, recoil, trigger, in a single package, havent found anything that compares for the price (M2 version can be found for $369 online). No offense to XDS owners. I have the original PPS (trigger guard lever mag release), and have found the grip is very good when using the $8 Hogue Hand-all Jr.
PPS all day long. I can't think of anything the XDs 9 does better.

The PPS is better made, better finished, isn't saddled with the unnecessary grip safety, and shoots like a much larger gun than it is.
I am considering both these (PPS M1 9mm and XD-S 9mm) guns as well. And this thread is not helping. I only started considering the XD-S because I cannot find the PPS M1 locally or even online to order. No shortage of the M2 PPS which I cannot stand.
Well the pps m2 doesn't have a pic rail so I guess your criteria kind of eliminates that version from your options. I'd go for the pps m1 over the xds, just because the trigger and how they shoot. The xds's grip safety and the pps's backstrap disconnect are both preference issues so that's going to be personally up to you if you can live with those options. I'd personally take a striker walther over a striker springfield any day of the week. But part of my reasoning is I've had bad luck with Springfield armory guns and great performance out of walthers
I looked at the PPS m2 the ergonomics were perfect. I rejected it and the G43 because I was leery of a striker fired pistol with only the "trigger" safety. As above, holstering a loaded striker fired auto at 4 o'clock (pointed at my femoral artery) gave me problems. I have a SA auto ( XD-45) the grip safety gave me confidence and with practice-can carry, draw and reholster safely.
I ultimately bought a Shield 9mm (loved the safety) for CCW.
BTW I always felt a quality flashlight and a pistol was far superior to a pistol mounted light. More versatile, safer (hear a sound and point your flash(and pistol) at a LEO) and cheaper. Good luck!
I recently got an XDs 45 and love it.

I agree with all of the other comments about it. And highly recommend it.

I have no experience with the PPS or XDs 9 so can't comment on them. I do however have it with a PF9.

To me the PF9 and XDs 45 both hit hard but the PF9 is more of a stinging one.
Neither is terrible with good form. I'm willing to bet the XDs 9 is softer. If so it's a great choice provided you like how it feels and want a 9mm. I say that as when I looked at the XDs 45 I also looked at the S&W Shield which is also a nice gun but didn't feel right to me. The owner of the shop on the other hand disagreed and like the Shield and didn't like the XDs.

Based on reviews I think you'll be happy with whichever you pick but I'd love to hear what that is and why.

BTW Of course the real answer is to get both. But we all know we all can't always do that
I've had both. The XDs was the clear winner for me. Better trigger, better accuracy, better sights, softer recoil, no break in required and smoother action all around. The PPS gave me fits until I sold it after about ~250 unsatisfying rounds. The grip safety has grown on me though I did not appreciate it much at first, and I also though the grip panel lockout mechanism on the PPS was stupid. Nothing is perfect but there are now three XDs pistols among my friends and family, all purchased after trying mine out. No one went out to buy a PPS.
I've owned an XDs since November of 2012 I believe. Mine is in 45 acp, but it has been really reliable, easy to carry, and accurate. I carry it in summer all the time under an athletic shirt, IWB. The only thing I don't like about it is I feel the trigger could be a bit better.

Handled the PPS but don't care for it. The XDs fits me better. I say pick the one you like better.
PPS M-1 9 mm. Love it for all reasons stated, supra. Add that the paddle style mag release is great for left handed carry as it won't get activated by accident. It's why I also own a PPQ gen 1 as well.
If HK offered a slim single stack 9mm or 45 to compete in this size class, I'd be all over it.

" Add that the paddle style mag release is great for left handed carry as it won't get activated by accident."

I really like the paddle mag releases on all my HK's, and I definitely see it as a plus on the Walther. Doesn't the M2 come available with a button release too?
If HK offered a slim single stack 9mm or 45 to compete in this size class, I'd be all over it.

" Add that the paddle style mag release is great for left handed carry as it won't get activated by accident."

I really like the paddle mag releases on all my HK's, and I definitely see it as a plus on the Walther. Doesn't the M2 come available with a button release too?

Unfortunately, the PPS M2 reverted to the button-style mag release.
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