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WASR GP-10 Initial Range Results

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by scbair, May 15, 2006.

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  1. scbair

    scbair Member

    May 5, 2003
    South Carolina
    Okay, to start, i am not an "AK-aholic." My preference is for forged steel and straight-grained hardwood (preferably walnut). I am of the opinion that most weapons designed after the WW II era are soulless, stamped-out excuses for proper marksmanship. Just my opinion, as a card-carryin' curmudgeon! :D My only milsurp semiautos are a couple of Norinco SKSs, that are, well, fun to shoot when alone. When any cronies are around, I prefer to play with the ol' Long Island Arsenal Enfield, or maybe the Spanish FR-7.

    That said, I bought a WASR . . .:eek:

    I was weak; saw an AK-style rifle for a low price, and made an impulse buy (just to broaden my horizons). Then, I checked the internet and discovered it's a poorly finished (well, OK, I already knew that), trigger-slapping, dremeled-out, wobbly-magged piece of refuse, suitable only for use as a fencepost! :what: Sigh......

    Oh, well, I'd already bought it, so off to the range. I packed several boxes of Wolf FMJs and also a few boxes of Brown Bear JSPs. I picked up the JSPs several months ago, as FMJs had become hard to find at a decent price. Then, I found they were non-functional in my SKSs; at most, I'd get two rounds before a feedway stoppage. More often, fire on, clear one ...

    Imagine my surprise when the WASR functioned flawlessly. Not a single failure to feed with the Wolf or the Brown Bear rounds! :D I was restricted to 75 yards (the rifle range was occupied, and I was a bit embarrassed to be seen with an AK variant), but the WASR turned in a 3-shot group of just under 2" at 75 yards.With iron sights and old eyes, I was pleasantly surprised.

    In short:
    - No malfunctions
    - No "trigger slap" (the trigger is mushy, but not heavy)
    - Slight mag wobble, but nothing to disturb me (or, apparently, the WASR)
    - Perfectly acceptable accuracy (bearing in mind the platform).

    Heck, I think I'll keep it!
  2. MechAg94

    MechAg94 Member

    Apr 17, 2005
    Good. I bought a WASR in 5.45 but still haven't gotten ammo for it.
  3. brandyspaw

    brandyspaw Member

    Dec 30, 2005
    I think a lot of the bad reputation for the WASRs stemmed from the
    earlier ones. The old one I bought a few years ago was a definite problem
    child. It does seem the newer WASRs built in the last couple of years
    don't have the trigger slap and canted sights of the old ones from the feedback I heard lately. Some are even coming with G2 FCGs.

    They still look like bad with the crappy finish and electro pencil markings. However, I have never had any issues with the functioning as the reliability is the same as any AK-legendary reliabilty. The loose mag fit never seems to affect the fuctioning.

    The one thing I am suprised about is the accuracy you experienced. That is
    phenomenal accuracy for an iron sighted carbine of any caliber and its something I rarely encounter with any AK. So for that aspect I think you're
    lucky but I would be willing to try another WASR if I wanted to buy another 7.62x39 AK.
  4. SnP

    SnP Member

    Apr 14, 2006
    When I first got my GP WASR-10 after the AWB expired it wouldn't feed HP's, at all. Only the FMJ ammo I had, and that was only 40rds. So I figured I didn't spend $390 on a rifle that needs special ammo, and of all things, an AK.
    So it went off to Century, in about three weeks I had my baby back, and it worked.:)

    The trigger on mine is second to the K-31, it has a very light and crisp trigger.

    This is my poor group at 50yds, I'm not a good shot.:(
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