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Dec 17, 2007
Texas Panhandle
While doing a little research, I came across the "Infamous Red Gun" again. :barf:
It looks like after almost a year, Coliseum Gun Traders Ltd. finally gave up trying to sell this "unique" revolver.



This got me thinking, there's got to be a lot of bad ideas done to firearms.
So, dredge up and share your pictures of "Guns Gone Wrong"! Feel free to grab them from old threads! :uhoh:
Hey! Isn't that the Cold model LS-D? I think it's got the 47millionty inch barrel that shoots tentacled ice cream cones.

Like, wow, man. The colors!
Charter Arms IIRC is selling a pink snubbie 38. Saw one in a gun shop over the weekend, where we bought a gun or was it at the gun show, where we sold one, I forget.

I'll tell ya what is an abomination though, that is that Illinois fella that's running for president. At least to me a "small town" gun owner, whose Momma made him go to church as a child.
lol@ the hi-point.

Those are truly ugly.

The glock's uglyness to some can easily be overcome by its reliability and out of the box accuracy.

Here's a GREAT collectible, but for sure one of the ugliest ever made

strange looking, strange caliber :)
Well, I know a lot of people are doing this, but personally I think it's a complete waste of time and money -


At least it wasn't a Garand! ( :) )
Now the gold-plated AK I really like!

(I have no earthly use for it, but it looks neat)

What was it, something they recovered from one of Saddam's palaces?
I'm thinking "bastardized" would have made more sense to me. :)

Here we have one hilarious AK, and an old tacticool standby:


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if i recall correctly, that was actually Uday Hussein's personal weapon... not Saddam's
Not the Owen!


How can the "Digger's Darling" be a "gun gone wrong"? They worked brilliantly in the toughest conditions, and would keep on going filled with mud, sand or whatever. They outperformed the Thompson on every torture test too:neener:.

I'll grant you the others though, especially that deathtrap Type 94 pistol :barf:
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