What’s this rifle worth? Model 70 supergrade.

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Dec 24, 2016
759C8342-BF54-404E-96E7-84DCC27DC35C.jpeg 7B77C5FA-4A4A-42EC-B932-92BE9D4A64A4.jpeg 1F6D1184-84C4-475E-8B4B-805E35899C22.jpeg 9E510B3A-1C85-4FED-B5F0-19E53AA5DF0A.jpeg Hey guys I need some help with the value of this rifle. Some of you may have seen it previously in the classifieds here. I’ve had some lowball offers off armslist, but no solid cash offers or anyone even coming to take a look.

Model 70 supergrade
7mm rem mag.
1977 mfg
Shoots about 1.5 moa, but I haven’t worked too hard at load development.
Pics to show condition. I’d call it nice field gun condition.

I sure like it, but don’t like the caliber unfortunately. I obviously don’t want to fire sale it and I’m pretty specific about what I’d trade for.

So what’s a fair asking price and what’s a give someone a good deal price?
My friend and neighbor just took delivery on a Remington 700 CDL (also top of the line) in 25-06. He gave $800 for it. I'm guess your rifle would be worth less than that.
My Son-n-law has a Winchester Model 70 made in 1948 (pre 64) in 30-06. It has a gorgeous walnut stock that resembles tiger maple only darker. It is in used condition with minor blue loss and and a tiny bit of dinging in the wood. If there were 2 people at an auction that really wanted it it would bring a few thousand I think. I try to talk him out of it every time we meet.... he wont budge... If I were him I wouldn't either.
For a 1970's era rifle, $400-$500. I see those go for $300-$350 at times. If it were a pre 64 made after WW-2 in a common caliber around $600. The pre-64's made prior to WW-2 have more value, as would some post WW-2 rifles in odd configurations or cartridges.
Just being a supergrade will add some value to some people. Being a push feed model without much figure in the wood and some wear I would throw a guess out of mabey $600-$700. The redfield wideview scope is worth a bit so that adds some.
I was going to say $600 ? Maybe a little extra for the scope. It is a supergrade so that may make a difference to someone. If it was pre-64 it would be more for some as well. Wouldn't matter for me I love my push feed Model 70.

Had one of those scopes on my ruger m77 338. They sure can take some abuse.
On the rifle, it would go for around $600-650 in my neck of the woods, being push feed and having a few nicks in the stock. But what a nice rifle! Shame it doesn't shoot a little better. What type of ammo/bullets were you running in it?
What makes you think that rifle is a Super Grade? Does it say "Super Grade" on it somewhere? Like on the barrel or floorplate? Looks like a standard XTR of that era to me. Best.
What would be the difference In XTR and supergrade? It doesn’t say supergrade on it, but I was under the impression that wasn’t on the older ones.
Looks like what you have is a 1977 M70 Magnum model. Does it have a black recoil pad? This was the "deluxe" model. The lower models were the M70A and 670. I have one that looks just like yours I got for my 16th birthday in "77" 30-06 with a Weaver V2x7. I think I had it out 3 times and put less than 200 shots through it. It's like new plus I have the box. My Grandfathers old 1927 Win 1894 .30WCF and my Marlin .444 were better in the rain and snow of CNY woods. Value? I think in the 5-700.00 range depending on who wants it. It's not the classic Pre 64 M70 but they are quality made guns. I don't know what caliber you want but the 7mm Rem Mag is a good one. I was thinking if I wanted a 30-06, 7MM Mag or .300 Win Mag. It came down to I wanted the Rifleman's rifle in America's 30-06.
http://cartridgecollectors.org/content/catalogs/WINCHESTER-WESTERN/W-W-1977 - Retail Catalog.pdf
That isn't a Super Grade. Just a common 1970's era Sporter. You can buy a brand new 70 with CRF for around $800. The late 60's through the 1970's were the low point in Winchester manufacturing and the least desirable. The XTR's came in the 80's and 90's and are much more sought after if you want a push feed. Even the very nice Classics from the 90's only sell for $600ish. The scope adds nothing. That is a $400ish rifle, if you can find a buyer. Not many folks care for that modernistic style stock used back in the 70's. Like I said earlier, I've seen those sell for as little as $300 in order to find a buyer.
I'm no expert on them but the super grade's I've seen had it written on the bottom metal. If its not a super grade I change my answer to about $500 for scope and rifle at the most. The wide angle "TV" scopes are collectible so I consider that to add about $100 to the value.
It’s worth what somebody will pay for it. I would say about $400
The big thing I see for rifles like this one is that location is a huge factor. Gunbroker levels the playing field there, but still a rifle like that one is worth a little in areas where shots are close and game is small, but are worth double that price in elk country. Bare rifle around my area is about 350ish but I suspect the bare rifle in elk country to be considerably more, especially when it’s just before elk season or the first few days when people realize they broke lost or forgot their elk gun while traveling for their hunt of a lifetime.
I was pondering whether it would top $475 here as it sits. There’s a nice Savage in .308 at the pawnbroker for $399 I’ve been tempted to haggle over, no scope and just a tic more cosmetic wear than yours.

If it were mine, I’d ask $450, and take $400, but I would pull the scope to sell separately as they’re always considered a gimme unless it’s something exceptional. If you can get $50-$80 on eBay or the FS ads here you could realize $500 overall. You might be happier in a trade that gets you a caliber you want.
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I agree with Loonwulf, jmr40 and Skylerbone about the scope. It would be worth nothing to me. I wouldn’t pay a penny less for the rifle if it didn’t have the scope than I would pay for it if it did. I’d also sell the rifle and scope separately.

I also believe Winchester going back to CRF really inhibits the selling price of their used post-64 push feeds.
agree with Loonwulf, jmr40 and Skylerbone about the scope
Yeah. My LGS will usually pull the scope off a used gun because they get more than they would in a package deal.

When you can buy really nice new rifles for $600-800, I’d never pay that for a used one unless there’s something really special. I just got a brand new limited edition Browning X-Bolt in 7 Mag for $680. If I had the choice between your used Winchester or my new Browning I’d take the Browning hands down, even if it was a few hundred more.
The scope AND mounts may add $50. And I’m almond certain that it is not a Super Grade. There are no screwed on swivel bases. Wood is plain as a popsicle stick. WHITE SPACERS! jmr40 is correct on all counts.
I’m not 100% sure Winchester even offered Super Grades in the ‘70s.
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