What do ya think about the Sig 229

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Deaf Smith

Feb 7, 2004
Older one with curved trigger guard in .40 S&W. Looks in real good shape, not much wear on the gun (frame rails are in great shape.)

Frame made in Germany, slide in USA (stainless steel blackened.)

Night sights that may or may not work.

10 shot Dollar Bill Clinton mag.

They want $419.

Have had an older P229 in .40 for many years and love it. It was both literally and figuratively made for the .40 caliber round. It is such a pleasure to shoot.

Price seems pretty good as well.
I have a P229 that was a refurbished LEO gun. Couldn't tell it from new.

It's a tank. I also am mightily impressed with the trigger. I have the DA/SA model, and that first DA pull is remarkable; my finger slides along the trigger as I pull it, and there's no need to think about staging that first shot. Ergonomically a terrific design.

I have an exercise I ask new shooters to do to learn trigger control. Empty gun, snap cap in the chamber if it needs it. I balance a 9mm casing on the front sight while they are gripping the gun, and tell them to pull the trigger and *not* dislodge the 9mm casing.

It's not easy to do with a single-action pistol--but it's a terrific way to learn how one should pull a trigger.

Here's the deal: I can do it with the double action on my P229. That's how good the trigger is.
Great deal!! P229 is awesome. I have one just like it. I put Hogue G10 grips on it.

I'm hoping they have another 'black Friday' before Christmas (yes I'm cheap!) Will check Friday.

I found at another pawnshop a 'made in Italy' SIG 229 .40/.357 12 shot mag for $29 today. I'll keep that in mind to! Use the 'Clinton Clips' for practice and the 12 shooter for carry (well I pack a Glock but I can pack a Sig to!)

I have a P229 that's exactly as you describe, made around 1998. I prefer it to any of the newer Sigs out there and it's one of my few pistols I'll probably never trade. I bought quite a few standard capacity magazines for it, along with mag and recoil guide replacement springs, and had it hard chromed by Virgil Tripp before he got out of the refinishing business. It's a beast, but it's a very smooth shooting pistol. I've never been a fan of the .40, but it tames the recoil well and has never had issues. To me, it was made when Sig still had very superb quality and before the growing pains. The price you cited is beyond reasonable, too.
I picked up a LNIB P229R E2 in 9mm. a few years back. Got a great deal on it plus it has the DAK trigger, night sights that still work, and two spare magazines. The ergonomics on this gun are outstanding and with the addition of a SIG laser/light module it is my go-to gun for home defense.
Huge fan of the P-229. I've always thought of the P-229 (and the P-226) as the perfect platform for the .40 S&W.

I have three 229s (well, one's an M-11A1, which is really a 229, not a 228). But the railed 229 in .40 and the non-railed in 9mm are pistols I trust and carry regularly.

$419 for any SIG in good shape is a great deal these days, at least where I live, where used P-229s go for $495-800.
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I've got a W. German 228 from 1991 or so, and sent it back to Sig recently. Ultrasonic clean, lube, new springs and new nightsights. I think the bill was $150 (and I think that included shipping. Mec-gar makes all of the Sig mags, I think. They have plenty...
I have a 229 Equinox. One of the best shooters I have, particularly for full-power loads. Look into whether the one you are looking at will take a drop-in .357SIG barrel, and you will have two great guns in one.
Looked it over real well today. Saw some rust pits on the barrel! Yes barrel. Some on the top and some around the barrel itself. I don't know how they got there.

Bummer. Nope, I passed it by. Always take a look-see twice, maybe three times, before you purchase.

Too bad, I love my P229 it's a great size 40s&w has I nice amount of oomph and it's accurate.
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