What is the most recent knife you bought?

Michael Sanders - I have several of Michael's knives and stumbled across this little gem today to add. Sadly Michael died in 2015. I was happy to be reminded what a great maker he was.

Blond buffalo, file worked fasteners and tang

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From the recent Spyderco Seconds Sale (weekend before black Friday); the Ed Schempp knives & medal were taken to the event to have him engrave them for me.

Best deal was the Swayback, they were discontinuing these for $150.00 new case... though I love me some K390 steel 😍

All arrived within the last week.

Top to bottom:

Vehement Knives K2 (midtech - assembled, finished, and sharpened by Vehement Knives from blade blanks and handle material machined by White River Knife and Tool). Double-black canvas micarta with mosaic pins and red liners, "OG Tigerstripe" finish on a CPM154 blade.

Vehement Knives K2 (custom). Gloss natural micarta with mosaic pins and red liners, hand-rubbed, hand-hollow ground CPM154 blade with a tapered tang.

These are about 10.25" with 5" of blade.

DLT SFO GEC 54 single-blade equal-end cigar jack. Incredible caramel-colored stabilized crosscut mammoth tusk ivory covers and 1095 blade.

I've been on a micarta folder kick lately, what great material, warm and inviting in a weird way. Spyderco MAP holiday I got the crucarta, and the Buck Sprint is a solid knife, I have 2 carbon fiber versions that are perfect as well. I've been trying to darken the coloring on the para2, that will be the fun part using it and seeing it change.


I bought both of these browsing SMKW late at night 2 weeks ago.... Christmas present to myself.

The Boker's edge grind, fit, finish and action is very nice for the money... espc on the black Friday/cyber Monday sale but wish I could have gotten it when they were under $100.... It was shaving sharp out of the box but really benifited from a strooping. I really love the Copper, Canvas Micarta and O1 Tool Steel construction. Thinking hard about also buying the same model with Brass and N690 steel.

The Bark River is one of the better on fit and finish I have actually handled. I have wanted a Bravo 1 for a long time - just always balked for various reasons when I found one in stock... was lucky to win an auction very reasonable on a used Fox River last year and owning/using it convinced me that when I had the discretionary funds to go ahead and get a new Bravo 1. It's the basic A2 steel.


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I bought the bottom throwing knife from a good friend who made knives back about 50 years ago during my buckskinning days.
He made and gave me the coffin handled Bowie. He was a good friend.
I only threw it once and it stuck.
No use pushing my luck.
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Michael Hobbs. An ABS Apprentice bladesmith to acquire sooner than later.
Makes his own damascus and is going to get very noticed very soon.

He was at the show this weekend and at the Nashville Custom Knife Show the weekend before Thanksgiving.

THIS is the WAY ! Support the makers when they are apprentices, you can tell the gifted and have them make to your specs .
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