What is the most recent knife you bought?


Got a Boker Kwaiken slim model with titanium scales. Was a bit harsh on the hand when slipping into a pocket for keys or whatever, so I took it apart and eased all the edges, then ground the main contact edge where the side of my hand would rub it and polished that smooth so it's very comfy now. An elegant little knife, and has proven excellent for various foods and light shop chores. The caged bearings run very smooth, with no wiggle at all in the blade.
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Kobalt folder that takes razor blade inserts. I go through them quick. I will trash this knife probably sometime in April. I have drywall, electrical, building, and painting projects all right around the corner on top of everyday work. I break the mechanism in these knives, good thing they come in a 3 pack on sale for 10 bucks pretty regularly.
I play with a lot of autos, including bolster release autos. As a result, once I realized it was a long throw on the bolster movement it was easy for me.
Lionsteel Bestman M390, Ti, natural canvas micarta
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Lionsteel makes some incredible modern traditionals. I believe CollectorKnives got them kicked off on that bandwagon with an exclusive request for a spear point Barlow in M390 with titanium bolsters and liners.
What do you think of the unique blade release? I have one and it took some practice in order to get my thumb to the right spot with pressure. I still like the knife, though.
That release is not necessarily unique, I’ve had a Microtech Lightfoot LCC that has it for over 20 years.

Drove people crazy when I opened it automatically but they couldn’t figure out how.
Recently bought an OKnife Rubato 2 in 154CM and Kizer Drop Bear in 20CV. It's definitely not subtle that Kizer is the OEM for the OKnife, haha. Really like 'em so far. I have a Benchmade North Fork in S30V on the way as well. Politics of that whole thing aside, it's a damn pretty knife and is the only one I could find that fit what I was looking for (Sub-3" blade in a "premium" steel and wood scales).


Also rearranged my dresser caddy to make it a nice little impromptu display for my little pocket knife collection.