What is the most recent knife you bought?

These two trailing points, customs by Vehement Knives. #7 on top in "OG Tiger Stripe" CPM154, OD micarta, black liners, hollow pins and tapered tang. #6 on the bottom in "Blackwash" CPM154 with a serrated back edge, buffed black and green micarta, black liners, hollow brass pins, and tapered tang.

State of the Carothers Peformance Knives collection

State of the Vehement Knives collection
Real Steel Huginn in VG10
Gerber Sedulo in S30V
Benchmade North Fork in S30V
Spycerco Para 3 in 20CV

Going to replace the scales on the Para 3, bought it for the steel and not a fan of the neon green.

I think my next purchase will be a Spyderco Lil' Native. Eyeing the KnifeJoy exclusive pink I'm S45VN. Like the Para 3, buying for the steel and replacing the scales. I'm steel whore now, haha. Gotta collect 'em all.



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OKC factory seconds are flooding the market at the moment as they blow out old stock. Picked up a Ranger Nightstalker 4 for $50 shipped-
This thing is a beast!
Nothing wrong with the blade, except for the typical uneven edge. I think its a second because of the rather ugly micarta on one side-


The MOLLE- compatible sheath is only so-so, but overall it seems like a perfectly functional knife well suited for survival/camping.
I'm pretty happy for the price, and there won't be any more.....
Pro-Tech Newport in S35VN, my first American made auto and perfect for the kinda-3" blade limit laws here in IL.

Kizer Original in 154CM, this was a "because it was so cheap" purchase. I'm not big on coated blades, and the scales scream gas station knife, but it's a quality knife and I got it for $47. It's going to be what I take with me when we travel. Sub 3" blade, decent steel, and cheap enough I won't be incredibly upset if I lose it. And hey, its a travel knife and has the road/Route 66 motif, kinda fitting. I ordered a yellow thumbstud for it, I think it'll look pretty neat with that little accent.

Spyderco Lil' Native in S45VN. Started life as the KnifeJoy exclusive with pink scales, replaced that with some 3D printed scales off Etsy. I want to replace those eventually as well but they're fine for now.

Where did you purchase that. That's an outstanding price for a 154CM button lock from Kizer.
I purchased it direct from Kizer on sale/clearance. Used reward points for free shipping too.