What is your favorite 9mm to shoot?

Which is your favorite 9mm to shoot?

  • Beretta

    Votes: 43 9.1%
  • Browning Hi Power

    Votes: 68 14.5%
  • Glock

    Votes: 85 18.1%
  • Springfield XD/XDm

    Votes: 25 5.3%
  • CZ-75

    Votes: 60 12.8%
  • Smith & Wesson M&P

    Votes: 21 4.5%
  • Walther

    Votes: 20 4.3%
  • Sig Sauer

    Votes: 52 11.1%
  • Luger

    Votes: 2 0.4%
  • Smith & Wesson 39, 59, etc

    Votes: 24 5.1%
  • Revolver

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • Other

    Votes: 69 14.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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The P-35 HiPower is a good pistol. It has a 13 round magazine, which is where the name comes from - it was the biggest standard fit detachable magazine for the era. Single action, and the newer models have larger safeties, as IIRC, the originals were quite small. It's a contemporary of the 1911. :)
Darn you guys! I haven't shot a Browning HiPower before - which likely means once I do, I'll want one based on the high acclaim its garnering here in this poll. :uhoh:
I checked the box for the Hi Power and realized that I like shooting my PCR (CZ-75 compact) even more. I changed my vote to the CZ 75 tho I'd be happy with either one if I could only have 1. The PCR is lighter, smaller and more accurate, in my hands. There's something about it....
I've shot about a dozen 9mm pistols, most of them personally owned.

The survivor is a very "old school" S&W Model 59. Unfortunately, in CT it is no longer a carry gun for me, with the magazine capacity restriction.

Once I had to choose between 10+1 in 9 mm or 8+1 in .45, my choice was clear.

The 59 is still the "house gun", 14+1 backed up by another 14 with no "at home" magazine restrictions
I voted for other because you failed to include Ruger. Especially the Ruger P95.

I have never shot one myself, but I rarely here bad things about the SR9. People seem to love the way they shoot
Just picked up a Glock 17L seems to be very accurate so far, close second would be M&P 5" Pro w/FSS trigger, 3rd would be be the 92FS.
So the question is:
What is your favorite 9mm to shoot?

And a Glock is winning the poll......outstanding. So, a plastic 9mm with a mushy trigger is a favorite to shoot over firearms like the Sig P-210, P-226, Browning Hi-Power, CZ 75, Beretta 92, etc..

Is it because I'm over 30 that I can't comprehend this?
It all boils down to ownership. Simply, more people on this forum probably OWN a Glock. Given the availability and cost prohibitiveness of some of the other really NICE pistols out there, and there are just not as many in people's hands. That kind of messes up a comparison. Unless we all have access to ALL pistols, we may not know which one we prefer.
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