What is your favorite striker fired auto.

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I'm not much of a striker fired person, but...

I like the Caracal, especially the quick sights. I think they're probably the best design when teaching a new shooter how to acquire a proper sight picture. That being said...

It's still impossible to beat the Glock in terms of holster options, aftermarket accessories, cost effectiveness... despite not liking the grip angle, I'd say the Glock is still the best striker fired pistol on the market. BUT... not my favorite.

My favorite is the Walther PPQ. No real logical reason. I like the way it looks, like the way it feels... I probably won't be getting one though, at least not for a good while since it's so low on my priority list. But, it is my (current) favorite.
One of the best new entries to the striker fired kingdom is the FNS. It's basically a striker version of FN's FNX. Compared to a Glock, an officer who'd carried and loved his Glock for years, even enough to tatoo it on his body, said he'd take the FNS over the Glock in a gunfight any day.
Smith & Wesson M&P40. I have both the full size and the compact. Ergo's are better then anything I have ever fired. (which is a ton) I've never have a misfire or a failure of any kind in either of them. I have about 1200 rounds through the full size and about 500 through the compact. Thinking about trading the compact in on an AR-15 since i really don't use it that often. I carry the full size for my CCW and I have never had 1 person say they can see it.
Oldnoob....I love this picture. I think it's even funnier because you can see "refer to owners manual" written on the side of the pistol. LOL
I tried most of striker pistols out there and I still come back to Glock (owned 17, 19, 22, 23, 27). Simplicity and available factory/aftermarket parts just out weight the minor advantage others has to offer.

With my Steyr M4A1 right next to it.


My least favor striker pistols will be Sigma and SR9. :barf:
HK P7 and here is why:


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yes the new fns is very nice.....glock is what i carry on duty, and would like to own a fns-9 but would not choose it over the glock to go into a gun fight. The fns has simply not proven itself yet....more moving parts as well. Needs to have more rounds sent through it and we'll see. I do realize fn makes good products though.
Have to say the Walther P99AS. Most comfortable pistol I've ever shot, and the looks don't hurt either.
HK P7M8 and P7 PSP. Very similar obviously, and I believe my only striker fired pistols. Love 'em!
It may have not seen as much service as the Glock has, but it has been torture tested EXTENSIVELY side by side with the Glock and found to be superior. I'd say give it a year to get any undiscovered bugs worked out, and then go get yourself one.
a year ago id have said Glock and that would have been an easy decision, but then i bought a PPS 9mm. the Glocks sit in the safe, and the PPS has became my daily carry. sweet shooter...excellent trigger, little recoil, even when shooting +P loads, and its easily as accurate as any pistol in my collection. ( except for an Italian made 92 i bought 15 years ago)

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the mp f/s , then the glock. g22, g19. the m&p just feels better in hand. i also like the h&k2000.
here is mine:

HK P9S in .45 ACP:

It's my most accurate plastic frame gun.
Wow! Lotta love for Wilhelm Bubits here--a Steyr M9, a Walther P99, and a Caracal F! (And of course, we all know that he was also the brains behind the Glock 17 ;) )
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