What items do you have in your Range Bag?

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Nov 30, 2010
I am getting back in to shooting after a long illness and I wanna setup a good range bag to make my trips more organized and easier. I picked up a bag at Academy sporting goods
I know I need some type of mesh bag to keep my used brass. Ammo boxes I am shooting revolvers so no need for magazine space. Ear plugs and muffs o and staplers or tape to hang targets.
What am I missing?
I like to have a small tool kit to tighten any screws or adjust sights, a punch for any pins that need to be taken out or tapped back in, a flashlight and a small magnet so when a screw does fall out you can find it in all the brass on the floor.
I've learned to keep a small notepad and pen with me. I know many shooters record exact rounds shot for the day, ammo used, distance, etc, as a way to track their shooting. While I don't do that, I do write down any issues with magazines, ammo, etc. for follow up at a later time. I also carry a silver sharpie with me for times when I need to mark a black target to count holes, etc.
Lol I dont know why but I LOVE this thread already. Here's what I pack;
Staple gun
Shoot n see targets of all sizes.
Giant bag of foam Earplugs (buy em in bulk, worth it, I cant stand muffs)
3 pairs of safety glasses for myself and guests
4 THICK chains (for hanging steel targets, my bag is heavy lol)
Nuts and bolts for securing those targets to those chains.
A 2 inch 4 inch and 6 inch plate
Small bottle of number 9 lube
White spray paint
Small screwdrivers and extra battery's for all optics.
Allen key set on a ring
Leather man multi tool
Small tools like punches
Roll of duct tape
And all the brass I can find after shooting gets dumped into a side pocket.

I think thats it? Its friggen heavy, but everything has its place. one main compartment, four side pouches, two smaller pouches on the end side pouches, and 8 molle mag holders that do a very good job holding the leather man, small bottles of #9 lube, and some other stuff...

Good idea on the magnets and flashlight though...

Last time at the range i realized i needed to keep a cleaning rod in my truck anyways in case some crap steel ammo gets stuck in the chamber of my AR (DOH) I'm hoping the thorough cleaning fixed that though.

If you think this is a lot its really not.. I can pull right up to whatever range im shooting at... so the bag doesnt leave the truck normally, unless i need a rest.
My bag has steadily expanded over the last few years. Let's see:

Small screwdriver with multiple tips
Zip ties
Target pasters
Squib rod
Markers/pens, etc
Spare earplugs
Staple gun (almost forgot that one)
Brass collecting pouch (came with the bag actually)
Various rests

I feel like I must be missing things....
Hearing protection, targets, staple gun, rests. I have tools in the truck already so no need for them. Just the basics. Keep it in my truck 24x7.
Besides everything else that has been listed I have a couple of pairs of gloves, a Swiss Army Knife, and china markers (a.k.a. grease pencils), for marking targets. I have a large utility bag that does double duty carrying the ammo and then the empty brass.
I keep it simple in my bag too.

staple gun
eyes and ears
a bottle of gun oil
a cleaning rod

That's really about it besides ammo for the day and empties that always accumulate and don't get cleaned out regularly enough.
Small flat screwdriver
10-8 Armorer's tool
Mallet & brass rods for knocking out squibs
Plastic bag for brass-keep range bag cleaner than mesh
3 cleaning cloths
Uplula loader
Eyes & ears
Mags & ammo
Pen & sharpie
My range bag has.

Leatherman (once I take it off my belt)
Clear and dark eye protection with cleaner
Various styles of ear protection
Bit box and driver for Allen, TORX, Phillips and flathead screws
A few special tools and punches
Stapler & staples
Trash bags
Zip ties
Wipe on Deep woods off packets
Battery's for different earmuffs, optics and timers I have.
Fiber optics to repair/replace sights.
Membership cards
Brass bag
Hand cleaner
3ft tape measure
Small 1st aid kit with extra super glue
Mag brush
Knee brace

Depends on what gun(s) I might be shooting and where as well as weather conditions but that is what stays in there all the time. I have a separate bag I also grab if I am going to a 3 gun match that has rifle/shotgun specific items in it.

I also have a plastic box that I keep one of my chronographs in.

I generally leave it in the truck, at local matches I just carry a 100 round box of ammo from stage to stage and all my mags loaded to start with means only one trip back to the car usually. For sanctioned matches I use one of my small range bags to carry just the things I need generally including water.
Ears and eyes - first and foremost
rag to wipe things down
some form of rod or punch for squibs or to knock a piece of brass out
fastening system - staples for outdoor, tape for indoor
multi-tool is always handy
handi-wipes if no bathroom with good soap to clean hands before I get home (might stop to eat on the way)
marker for making notes on the target
Sometimes a boresnake or small pump of Remoil
I see some of you guys at my local range; you're carrying full on Craftsman tool boxes on little wheeled dollies.

My range bag is probably 12" x 9" x 9" maybe, so I'm not carrying much.

Targets, stapler, and staples.
Black tape for target repair.
PPE (safety glasses, ear muffs)
Cleaning kit
OBI (Open Bolt Indicator)
field glasses

I think that's about it. I carry the ammo in a GI 50 cal ammo can. If I think Im going to need tools, I'll add whatever I think I might need, such as a small hammer and brass pin punch if I'm sighting in a gun with drift adjustable rear sights, but that is usually all. I find that if I need to "work" on a gun, which virtually never, I take it home to do that-too easy to lose parts.
I carry so much stuff I have 2 big range bags and they over full. Everything I need to clean, lube and make minor repairs.
I should add that I also bring along a small spray bottle of oil and access small rags in a baggie to quick clean the guns after a range session. I also bring along some of those handi-wipes so I can clean my hands as well.
I should add that I also bring along a small spray bottle of oil and access small rags in a baggie to quick clean the guns after a range session. I also bring along some of those handi-wipes so I can clean my hands as well.
Yup, I knew I forgot something!
Flask of Jack Daniels...

OK, seriously? Indoor range for handgun a small basic tool kit, small screwdrivers etc. A 6" brass rod (in case of squib) with a small brass hammer. Scotch tape and target related materials.

Rifle and the big outdoor range is the staplers, Chronograph, Tool Kit (all basic tools to support working on rifle). Cleaning gear, ears and safety glasses (also indoor range).

Likely more stuff I can't think of. I keep things staged to load in the truck on my range days.

I see some of you guys at my local range; you're carrying full on Craftsman tool boxes on little wheeled dollies.

I don't carry mine around, it is in the truck I case I need something out of it. A problem ceases to be a problem if you can resolve it.

For 3 gun matches I do use a modified baby jogger to hold my 3 gun bag and the rifle/shotgun.

When I used to go to ranges to just shoot I rarely took anything except guns, ammo and a pen, same thing I do here at the house now.
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What do you guys use the zip ties for?. I also noticed a lot of people have squib rods in their bags.
I am not sure if I am lucky but in all my years of shooting I have never had a squib.
And just beacuse I said that guess what I will most likely get soon. Lol.
Zip ties allow me to rehang targets after those uninitiated to accuracy shoot down the line the targets are tied to.
small roll of surgical tape
small scissors (many uses including making butterfly bandage from surgical tape)

Gooseneck borelight to check each and every barrel for obstructions, bugs, squibs etc.

Already mentioned by others but I'll say it again, a sturdy rod to knock out squibs.
My Merit Optical device for the old eyes for pistol/revolver.

A piece of brass rod for dislodging stubborn empties.

A piece of hardwood dowel would be nice for dislodging squibs.
Mine just lives permanently in the trunk of my car.

Screwdriver kit
Multi tool
Cleaning rod
2 sets of ear muffs
a dozen pack of ear plugs
2 pairs of shooting glasses
6" sticky back targets
Staple gun
100 rounds of 380, 9mm, .38, .357, .44 special, .44 Magnum
4-500 rounds of .22 LR

This all fits in one medium sized contractors tool bag,,,
And it lives in the trunk of my car all the time.

I replenish the supplies when I return home,,,
Then put it back in the trunk for whenever I need it next.

Before I started doing this I would always need something I had forgot,,,
So I created the kit and ensure it is topped off at all times.

That 100 rounds of .44 special made me a new friend one day,,,
A gentleman pulled up to the range and 5 minutes later was cursing a blue streak.

He had driven 30+ miles to shoot his new pistol,,,
And had left his ammo on the kitchen counter.

I turned him on to my stock with his promise to replace it,,,
We are all members of the club so I knew I could track him down.

There was no need as I got a phone call from him the next day,,,
He delivered 100 rounds of much better ammo to my home.


Guppy tool (pliers on one end, adjustable wrench on the other)
Screwdriver and bit kit, for Allen, Torx, Phillips, etc.
Electrical tape
Rem oil
Tiny first aid kit: Papaya for stings, tweezers, bandage, Aleve, antibiotic ointment
Paper towels
A few dollars in coins and currency
Small notebook, pencil, Sharpie
Small binos
Cleaning rod
Tiny level (for setting up scopes)
Small flashlight
Merit optical device
Kidskin gloves
RO hat and range keys

For technical work, I have a second bag with chronograph, tripod, and spotting scope.
What do you guys use the zip ties for?. I also noticed a lot of people have squib rods in their bags.
I am not sure if I am lucky but in all my years of shooting I have never had a squib.

Zipties are like duct tape the only limits they have are user imposed, in short what can you not use them for?

I also don't have squibs but normally would have one in my bag but generally every time someone has a squibatthe range I give the rod away, I just cut down some thick brazing rod I have. Figure someday I won't have to walk back to the truck as someone will already have one with them.
Since I usually go to the range in my truck, my vehicle kit has various tools, straps, lights, etc so my range bag just has stuff for shooting, & it's as minimalistic as I can make it. I use an old Lands End book bag/backpack since it was free to me, easy to sling on a shoulder and tough as nails. Also, I mostly shoot handguns, sometimes shotguns, and occasionally rifles. The range I belong to has lots of steel targets, so I don't have to bring paper targets or stands, and I usually have a can of spray paint in the truck. The range bag holds about 40 pounds of:

Ammo - about 25 to 30 # in various calibers
Ear protection - I have 4 headsets plus foam plugs so guests have enough
Bag for spent brass
Two pairs of safety glasses (I wear glasses that serve as safety glasses, extras are for guests)
Small cleaning kit, rags & CLP (sometimes I clean handguns at the outdoor range right after shooting, occasionally needed it to get a stuck case out of a chamber)
Small first aid kit for "boo boo's". (I have a trauma kit bag in the truck)
Hand wipes (in case I head into town straight from the range, don't want lead residue on my fingers while eating fries)
A few chamber flags
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