What kind of "trick shooting" can you do?

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I managed to hit a crow on the wing with a 38 Special but that was a fluke.

It may not happen often but you have to be pretty good to get close enough to be lucky.
It was most likely a fluke but last summer I hit 6 out of 10 clays with a beat up .22 bolt action. We were throwing the clay with one of those spring loaded throwers you can get at Wally World, not my electric thrower. Everyone was pretty shocked that I did it (as was I) so I stopped after 10 shots. Leave them wanting more and thinking that I could accomplish those same shots at will!
Mine is not my own shot, but someone else. When I was maybe 12 my dad and I got into some hunt with some acquaintances of my dad's. In the group was some famous shotgun hunter (sorry, it's been 45 or 50 years ago)...my dad told me to leave my gun and just go with this guy and watch. I saw him twice shoot birds and as they were falling him twist his body a little bit and the bird go right ing the game pouch in the back of his vest.
Many moons ago, we use to have contests among muzzle loader shooters to split a ball on an axe blade and break two clay pigeons, put out the flame on candles, drive nails into a stump and cut a wooden stake in half along a magic marker line on the stake.
I was most certainly not the only one that could do it, it proved the accuracy of a muzzle loader if the guy behind the butt plate did his part.
Okay, so I don't have video of it :rolleyes: but my Best Man and my brothers can testify!

We were at the range shooting clays for my best man's bachelor party when my brother says: "okay now you have to shoot weak side!" I shot 5 of 5 clays right handed (I am a lefty with long guns).

Next he says "Okay now you gotta shoot with the shotgun upside down!" I proceed to shoot 3/3 with the shotgun over my head upside down.
My buddy grabs the camera wanting to get lasting proof (show my wife) and i can't hit a durned thing... tis the way of things, of course :banghead:
I knew people were holding back here. There's too many people here interested in guns for there not to be any great shooters hanging around.
I have no trick shots.. however... way back when, when I was in college, I went shooting with a friend that was a trap shooting champion of some kind (got no details).

He said he could take my .22 rifle (Remington 572 Fieldmaster), toss a dime in the air and hit it.

Danged if he didn't do that. Multiple times. He said it was timing and reaction only. We didn't always find the dimes, but the ones we did find had obviously been hit.

(obviously not a semi-auto pistol trick, but hey, it was a trick!)
Most of us that went through Army quick kill can do that. It was part of the training except we used slugs instead of dimes. Some guys shot aspirin tossed into the air. This was using a BB gun without sights.
Most of us that went through Army quick kill can do that.

Isn't the trick to shooting stuff tossed in the air to shoot it when it reaches it's apex? That point where it stops going up and starts to come back down it is essentially sitting still. That's how I learned to shoot things tossed into the air anyway. I learned it using bottle caps and a BB gun if that tells you how long ago it was. I haven't seen too many bottle caps around for a few decades.
When I was a kid, my dad and I were hunting rabbits with .22 rifles. We flushed a couple of doves and I said we should have brought our shotguns. The next dove that flushed, my dad hit in on the wing with his Remington .22. He was an excellent shot with that rifle and with his Colt Woodsman.
This isn't really trick shooting, but in the summertime I load my Cap and Ball revolver .44 cylinder with 30 grains BP and cream of wheat and shoot wood boring bees (look like bumblebees) when they try to start on my wood porch. The trick is to hit them flying, not actually on the wood.

OK, so I'm a redneck. :D
trick shooting?.. you do realize its illegal to shoot someone, right? even if they are a prostitute?
Cool! You shoot the shotgun left handed but the handgun right handed? Awesome.

Thanks! I am trying!

Yeah I'm a little goofy :scrutiny:
I am cross-eye dominant. Meaning that I use my left eye to aim but i am right handed. I have been getting pretty good at switching back and forth but I have to really remind myself when I am shooting rifles/shotguns right handed. I cannot shoot archery right handed to save my backside, but I am pretty good left handed (to 50yrds, anyway).

I probably should have just become left handed, but when I was a kid I could quick draw faster right handed... And I could shoot my toy gun from bicycle while steering with my left hand. :D:neener:
I can make a rainbow. All I need is a bottle of seltzer water(the bigger the better) a windless day, bright sunshine and any really high velocity rifle. You can figure out the rest. Doesn't work every time, but as often as not you will get a brief rainbow. Good for impressing the ladies.
I would have say that the trick that I am best known for is the ability to shoot a box of shells at doves and never cut a feather. I have WOW 'd people for years with this trick.;)
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