What kind of "trick shooting" can you do?

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How about hitting a flying asprin or life saver candy with a long bow and arrow?

Yeah I can do that - right before I fly over to the 7/11 for a Slurpee I'll show you. ;) :D

Impressive stuff.
In my martial arts class I can hit the floor pretty spectacularly when trying fancy kicks.

Every once in a while on basic kicks too.

How's that for trick shots?
Most of us that went through Army quick kill can do that. It was part of the training except we used slugs instead of dimes. Some guys shot aspirin tossed into the air. This was using a BB gun without sights.
Learned the same thing in Marine ITR at Pendleton in 1971, by the end of the day about 90% of the company had mastered it.

This was after one of the instructors borrowed a quarter from someone and shot it with his M-16....they didn't let us try that :)

With a few warm up shots. i can still hit a soda can with my 10/22, kinda like riding a bicycle, you never really forget how.
Not trick shooting, but --- once I was at the indoor range I frequent with some friends. On one of the lanes they were using, the cord that holds the target holder had broken, think parachute cord. It was hanging down from the back end of the range, about 25 yards away. I had my AR with me and my friends asked if I could hit the cord. Well, open sights, 25 yards, 1 shot, cut right through the cord. They were suitably impressed.
There is something to a good zero on your iron sights.

Another time I was shooting one of my M1911s and was shooting at a 8.5x11 size target at 7 yards. I decided to string my shots horizontally and cut the paper in half. One of my buddies comments -- you did that on purpose! Yep, sure did.
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Did this three times to date. Placed a cardboard IDPA target at seven paces and turned it sideways so I was shooting at the cross section of it, Shooting a revolver off hand, factory sights.
These aren't mine but my dad did some some pretty impressive stuff. He shot two skeet at once and shot a tack off of an old wooden sawhorse at ten yards.
I shoot rabbits and squirrels with my handguns. Now that's not trick shooting really, but my ability with the handguns has gotten SO SO SO much better since I started leaving the .22 rifles at home. You try shooting a running hare at 20 yards with your Glock and see how difficult it is.
I don't have any trick shooting skills per say, but I have a couple tricks up my sleeve. The metal posts that hold up the overhang in the back yard, along side of my 120' barn have a couple of metal plates welded to them from a previous panel need. I can use the plates to shoot around the back side of my barn from my kitchen window. I can do it with enough accuracy to hit milk jugs consistently so if a bad guy was back there he'd never see it coming.
I took that concept to the front yard where I have a metal power pole the runs along side of the 1/4 mile long drive way. I can hit the pole at the correct angle and high enough to travel the drive way right down the center while in the comfort of my recliner. I know they don't have a lot of velocity because I have found a few of my practice shots laying in the driveway.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I'm not allowed to shoot them in the house.

Pretty fortunate if you're a cockroach, eh? ;) I'm not too fond of those critters myself.

I can use the plates to shoot around the back side of my barn from my kitchen window.

That sounds pretty awesome but how do you see around the back side of the barn? I'm not saying you didn't do it. I'm just wondering how it works.
I used to shoot fist-sized targets that had been thrown in the air with my Ruger bull barrel, something like 50%, which is not great, but better than when I started.

The best tricks for me, though, were literally TRICKS!

Hunting quail with a guy who just couldn't admit that he was missing birds. He always "knocked feathers off of them" (nobody else saw the feathers) but somehow there wasn't enough shot in the shells to bring them down or something.

Next time out hunting, he was spouting the same malarky when I edged us over to the ranch dump and invited him to try out my 20 gage double. I had loaded up a couple of shells with a combination of shot and quail feathers. I tossed up a quart beer bottle and he NAILED it, then watched a small cloud of feathers drift to the ground. I congratulated hon being the only guy I knew who could knock feathers off of a beer bottle. He unloaded his shotgun and headed to the truck, never invited himself to hunt with me again.

Another cute trick is the one about splitting the bullet on a knife or axe blade and hitting an asprin stuck to a steel plate on either side of the blade. In reality, the knife or axe is mounted just a bit away from the steel plate and when the lead hits the plate it sends particles in all directions. If you hit the plate anywhere between the tablets, they will turn to dust.

I started out over 60 years ago with a spring BB pistol, and I could hit those water-bugs that walk on the surface of a puddle, shooting from the hip. I was really excited and figured I would get nothing but better as time went on, but that was before i was introduced to real life with long periods of earning a living instead of shooting and the depridations of eye injuries, coffee, alcohol, arthritus, old age and lack of dedication.

No regrets, though. Depridations can be fun, too!....Joe

on edit; Nothing in the above is intended to mean the split bullet trick is never real. I have done it and seen it done by a few others. The above is just a way it is sometimes faked....Joe
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If you hit the plate anywhere between the tablets, they will turn to dust.

For a while I had a swinging steel target set up right next to the target holder where I often put Shoot N See targets. I could shoot the swinging targets a few times and there would be streaks across the front of the Shoot N See targets right next to it. It took me a little while to figure out it was splattered lead sliding across the face of the Shoot N See. It looked like someone had just dragged something across the target and made the black turn green. This didn't happen just once. It happened dozens of times. I was actually wondering if I wasn't getting bullets ricocheting off that direction but then it hit me that the chances of a whole bullet scraping across the front of that target that way were just staggeringly high. It had to be splatter.
When I was a kid (12 or so) I could knock the head off of strike anywhere matches from 40 yards with my bolt action Marlin .22lr, but never got one to light. Thinking back, if I had all the ammo I shot trying to light those matches, I would have a small fortune, and could build a small house with the headless matches. :)
I can hit round orange clay targets sizzling through the air around 40 mph at 40 yards away with great regularity.
When I was a kid, I could shoot flies out of the air on a regular basis with a rubber band launched from my thumb

Once upon a time about 35 years ago, I was at a public range near Dillsburg, Pa. shooting my lever-action Marlin .22Mag at a paper target tacked up on the 25-yard target frame.

When I finished shooting I got the bright idea to shoot the 4 tacks out of the corners with the rifle.

I shot the first one and the guy beside me made a remark about how he would like to see me shoot all four like that.

So, I concentrated real hard and one by one I hit all four tacks with four shots. As the last shot rang out and the target fluttered to the ground I turned around and there were about 5 or 6 guys standing there watching.

One of them asked if I could do that all the time. As I put the rifle in the case, I said "Sure, I do it every time I shoot targets." i picked up my target and got in my truck and drove away.

Never did it before and never tried it again.
Trick ?? The only trick that I know is how to make ammo disappear...usually only leaving a little smoke and noise ( and very few holes) ! :neener:
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