What kind of "trick shooting" can you do?

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From post 62 by Cee Zee:

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I'm not allowed to shoot them in the house.

Pretty fortunate if you're a cockroach, eh? I'm not too fond of those critters myself.

We had a prefab frame-only house on Long Island which took us a year to finish inside. Before we finished drywalling, my brother and I used to secretly shoot wasps in it with our BB guns when the parent units were shopping in town. That lasted until one of us tinked the picture window in the living room. I ain't sayin' which one of us.

You know how when a BB hits glass, it pops a small conical piece out of the other side of the glass? That's what happened, and my devious brother and my devious self concocted a story where some people driving by had shot the window from their car.

Pop accepted the story but with a lot of doubt in his eyes. A couple of days later from a distance I watched him shooting at pop bottles with my brother's BB gun.

Didn't take him long to prove to himself that the little glass cones ended up inside the bottle, thereby proving that the shot had come from inside the house. I can still see him shaking the bottle, hearing the cones rattle around in it, and then pouring them out into his hand.

There was hell to pay, but the little cone-shaped hole in the glass was in a lower corner of the picture window and hardly noticeable --except, of course, to Pop's eagle eyes.

But that ended the Great Wasp Hunt. Part (but only part) of the punishment was keeping us from using our BB guns for a month and only outdoors after that.

To paraphrase one of Jeff Cooper's Four Rules: "Don't point a gun anywhere you can't fix the hole."

A lesson well-learned, but that was when Jeff Cooper was only 26 years old and probably well before his Four Rules were actually codified.

Terry, 230RN
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Mine is pretty impressive. I have an unheard of amount of control over all my firearms. Not once, never ever has one of my firearms ever assaulted anyone or committed violence against anyone. Quite a feat in these days of gun violence if you ask me.
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