What new rifles are most exciting to you this year? Or over the past year?


Jan 19, 2006
Happy Valley, UT
Every SHOT show there are a grundle of "NEW AMAZING RIFLES" but only a few are actually innovative or exciting to real buyers in the market... What are some new offerings over the past year or so that you may actually want/buy or are planning to buy? The tacti-cool lever gun seems to be a thing... but that doesn't mean people are actually buying them. Maybe they are and I hope so. The Ruger/Marlin leverguns seem to be well-regarded, if fairly pricey.

Are there any significant, recent, long-awaited entries to the bolt-action market?

Just curious what has caught the attention of THR members.
I was able to handle a new Weatherby 307, in 308, at Scheels a month or so ago. I really like it and would love to have one.
Its on my will try list, not sure when, but will try.

The only other guns ive been excited about were the Rossi r95s (that i didnt know existed till a couple months ago), and the Stevens 334/ ATA Turqua which I've now tried and like.
Tonight I told the seller on a different gun forum "I will take it". A third FAL.

It was built by a pre-eminent FAL gun smith (at ARS), Mark Graham, often known on gun forums as "Gunplumber".
100% all-matching Austrian Steyr kit on an Imbel upper. Cold hammer-forged barrel with very limited use. Milsurp means milsurp.

The original long flash hider won't fit on a FAL barrel < 19", so a Vortex flash-hider was added by MG, which is mostly a clone of the shorter device sometimes used by the 🇦🇹 Austrian " Bundesheer". Not "Bundeswehr"... that's the 🇩🇪German Army.
No new rifles on my radar as I have what i need and they shoot well. If were to be looking it would be a Christensen based on the 700 action.
Nothing new really interests me, but I've still got a list of 'wants' as far as upgrades in optics and possibly having another rifle re-barreled. I would also like to get a couple more pieces of AR500 for my range.

Of course it will all have to be balanced against an elk hunt this fall and am African hunt next summer.
Not looking at new. What little interest I had in new factory offerings waned as I grew in my ability to assemble my own. I'm more interested in playing with new(er) cartridges than new rifles. I tore down a 1980s Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag to assemble a 7mm PRC. Most everything but the barrel (McGowen pre-fit) was scrounged second hand. That's about as "new" as I get these days.
Nothing excites me.
Id still like a DSA 58 traditional 18".....but mag prices are silly and Magpul doesnt make an FAL.mag so nope. Not gonna happen.

Rather have an StG58 clone but parts kits have gone silly in price.
I really had to think about this, because I couldn't recall buying a single new rifle recently. I checked my notes and the newest rifle I bought in 2023/24 was this Springfield M1A Tanker, shown below my .308 M1 -- it wasn't exactly new in any sense of the word, but it had left the factory only a few months earlier.


In case anyone's curious, here's my summary of recent rifle purchases:

01/06/23 Winchester 1906
02/21/23 Springfield M1A Tanker
04/12/23 T/C TCR Aristocrat
04/22/23 Mannlicher-Schoenauer M1903
06/06/23 Husqvarna M25
06/17/23 Swedish m/38 Short Rifle
10/07/23 Turkish K.Kale Mauser 98
10/07/23 Persian Mauser 98
10/07/23 Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.I
10/07/23 Remington 700 (action)
12/06/23 Mexican (FN) Mauser M24
03/16/24 Chilean Mauser 1895

The Remington action is in the process of being turned into something new and shiny, but that's a story for another time.

I sort of follow what's new at SHOT Show, but these days I pay more attention to accessories and optics than new rifles. Living in CA has a lot to do with that.
Ruger American Gen II for me.

Though they don't offer any calibers I don't already have, or are excited about. I own 2 Americans already, a standard 7mm-08 and a Predator 6.5Cr. Both are shooters and I have no reason to believe Gen II will be any different. If they chambered it in 22-250 Rem I'd have one already, but no dice.

I put a Boyd's thumbhole on the 7mm-08 which I bought for my wife to use, but that made it a little heavy for her. I'll prob just get her another 7mm-08.... But, pretty much gave my 270 Win to my nephew, so i have a hole there also...
I was able to handle a new Weatherby 307, in 308, at Scheels a month or so ago. I really like it and would love to have one.

I just learned about this model recently. Very interesting to me. Not sure I'll buy one, but it is interesting. I haven't heard much about it.

I'm still interested in a bolt .223 and I go back and forth on buy, build, what to do ? I think I really like the Ruger American Gen II for what it is and where it is priced.

Other than that I'm interested in a good .22 bolt rifle. Mostly for shooting small groups, distance, and maybe NRL.

Putting aside military-style arms (rabbit hole there), nothing has excited me for thirty years or so. The last rifles to do so were the Sauer 202 Left-hand and the Marlin 45-70 Cowboy. (Unfortunately, I never managed to acquire either).