What new rifles are most exciting to you this year? Or over the past year?

One cartridge that has peaked my interest in the past year is the 7mm PRC designed by Hornady. I am a fan of the 280 Remington with a 22 inch barrel and I could never quite get into the 280 AI because it has a 40 degree shoulder and is usually chambered in a 24 inch barrel. If I was going for a 280 AI with a 24 inch barrel I would probably just buy the 7 mm PRC instead. I once owned a 25-06 improved and for some reason I went back to the standard 25-06 because I didn't like the case. The truth is that I'm not much into overbore cartridges. The 7mm PRC has a 30 degree shoulder which should allow it to feed smoother. It also allows for seating the bullet so that the base of the bullet is not coming back into the powder area. I like the idea of this cartridge with a 9 twist using 160 grain bullets. Although I'll probably never own a rifle for this cartridge I hope it catches on.
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There were only a handful imported by Beeman back then both the center and rim fire used standard primers. The Remington went bust from the start because they had to use special primers.
Less new(er) milsurps, I gravitate to good ol' walnut wood and blued steel! So my latest current Left-Handed favs are what are now vintage CZs, a CZ 557 with detachable magazine in 308 Win and a mint CZ 452 with stock wood to die for ... less no picture of it handy, but imagine the CZ 457 posted above in LH with yet even better figure in the wood!
Ruger American Gen II for me.

Though they don't offer any calibers I don't already have, or are excited about. I own 2 Americans already, a standard 7mm-08 and a Predator 6.5Cr. Both are shooters and I have no reason to believe Gen II will be any different. If they chambered it in 22-250 Rem I'd have one already, but no dice.

I put a Boyd's thumbhole on the 7mm-08 which I bought for my wife to use, but that made it a little heavy for her. I'll prob just get her another 7mm-08.... But, pretty much gave my 270 Win to my nephew, so i have a hole there also...
What does the gen 2 offer that’s superior to gen 1?
Two guns that have my attention are the Rossi R95 in 30-30 and a Henry Big Boy in 44 mag. I really like lever action rifles. I would have already bought the Ruger Ranch Gen 1 in 7.62X39 if I could fins a source of reloadable brass and .310 bullets. I have a bunch of steel cased 762X39 ammo but want to be able to reload for it. I like the Gen 1 better than the Gen 2 version.
What does the gen 2 offer that’s superior to gen 1?
Nicer stock, and 3 position safety are the biggest two functional differences, but the gen 2 gets a fluted barrel as well, which is mostly cosmetic.

I could live without the fluted barrel and a lower cost, but the other touches are very intriguing. I could see picking one in 6creed up as a varmiter.
Dave DeLaurent:

That's quite a list of your new rifles. And a very interesting variety. I hope you have time to shoot Half of them.

AzShooter1: A friend has the same CZ .22 rifle, really lkes it, but he acquired several horses, therefore his 15-18 guns are pretty lonely.

Were you to be open to a standard 21" FAL built by Mark Graham at ARS, there is one still on the "Marketplace", on FALfiles. A tiny stamp near the receiver ("ARS") verifies the provenance.

It is an Imbel parts kit built on a Coonan receiver. The price is competitive with the lower-priced clones built by DSA, and I would--by far -place far more faith in a gun built by Mark Graham, without hesitation.
He repaired one of my FALs which had been assembled by Century.

Hookeye might not see this, as he doesn't allow PMs.
The Ruger SFAR was released in 2022. I'd been wanting one for awhile and picked this one up a few months ago. I like it.


I'm fighting the temptation to buy an MP5 Clone. They have been out for awhile now and would make for a nice suppressor host.

What does the gen 2 offer that’s superior to gen 1?
"Superior to Gen 1?"...

Well that's relative to the buyer I guess...

For me, this is what I note:

1a) Threaded barrel with factory installed muzzle break. (Option for suppressor)
2) Aesthetics (looks). Including fluted barrel which, whether it serves purpose or not, looks really good to me.
3)Adjustable LOP with raised comb
4 AICS Magazines.
5) Bigger bolt knob

With that being said, 1a - 2 is what draws me in. Could care less about 3 - 5, except forthe raised comb.

Is it better accuracy wise? Not sure yet. But,,, (and I'm speaking for me) if accuracy is the same, plus 1a - 2, that's enough to warrant another... Or two 😄

But circling back to give you a solid answer...

The only thing that I would say makes it truly "Superior" to me, is the Cerakote (assuming accuracy is the same).

The rest are subjective in my book.
Could find a slot in the freezer for one of these, as the ammo is already piled high and deep.


Savage Switchback in 6mmARC with 22" light Varmint barrel, 20MOA rail and factory muzzle brake. Intrigued by what this cartridge can do in a bolt platform at higher pressures. 6mm PPC? 6mm BR Norma?
I've been eying a Remington 700 with the short fluted factory barrel with the threaded muzzle in 300 BO. Also a suppresser and a nice thermal scope. I think it would be fun at Deer Camp to go sit on a Deer Stand at night and shoot a few pigs. Then I get to thinking how warm that bed is................
My 2024 is gonna see a Bat CT action and a new Impact 737r for my wife. Maybe finally a RimX if there is room at the end of the year.
Not new but when the Ruger 77-22 came out I bought one to complement my 77 in 270. I shot it some but it mostly languished in the safe for many years. Recently I joined a club that has an indoor range. We shoot at 50’ and whatever 22s we want as it’s only for fun. I have been practicing my off hand shooting and shoot several different rifles. I have a Cooper model 36 medium heavy barrel that I inherited from my dad and it will shoot some very impressive groups off the bags but I discovered off hand that the nicely balanced Ruger did a bit better for me. That was kind of exciting.
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Not really anything. I have no need for a 'tactical' rifle or plastic stocks. (The plastic stocks are genuinely functional under some conditions, but I don't go outside in the rain to walk around these days.)

Recently, I've developed a taste for Mannlicher designed rifles. Mostly in a couple 6.5mm versions.
Of all the 0000's new rifles, really none! If I needed one, either a Sauer 100 or I've been itching for a new Mod 70 FW in 7mm08, and the Sauer in same cartridge! Yes I'd like a new Mod 70 SG, but only in 30-06, and I've already got two, one those no new rifle worth more to me!
Last summer, I picked up and considered for an hour, wanted it so bad couldn't stand it! A Weatherby MarkV but it was in 7mmWeatherby Mag. If it been in a cartridge I liked, I'd bought it, maybe 300 WM! But I grew up when they were HOT, and I always wanted one. None the black rifles, or any other color Excite me whatsoever! Yeah, I'd very much like a new custom on a Mauser action, but it wouldn't be worth it for my use!