What's your preferred every day carry?

Apr 17, 2024
When at the homestead or the range I strap on a couple of Colts. When I have to be in public although I could, the Colts are really to bulky to conceal so none. Not to mention I don't want to call attention to myself which is a different topic all together.
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"What's your preferred every day carry?"​

I'm long-time retired and live in the country, so I generally just carry a little .32H&R Taurus revolver tucked behind my right hip when I'm in the house or out back puttering around the place. It's stainless, lightweight, and doesn't get in my way while I'm working. Sometimes it's concealed (like when it's covered by a long shirt or jacket), sometimes it's not.
It gets dirty, but so what? All I do is blow the dust out of it and wipe it down occationally. It wasn't very expensive in the first place, and it's never failed to go "bang" when I want it to. I keep it loaded with my own handloads - 95gr cast SWCs over stout charges of HS-6.
When we have to go to town, it's a different story - my "in town gun" is a concealed Glock G19 in an IWB holster - again behind my right hip. And it's loaded with Winchester "Defend" JHP ammo.:thumbup:
I seldom carry any more, but the last few years it has been the 100% German Sig P225, the commercial version which was the foundation for the German police/federal (Bundes-) P6.

The commercial 225 has a much lighter Stock DA trigger than any P6. I owned a previous P225, pair of P6 and pair of P228s.
I bought this 225 due to clear regret after selling the previous example.

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Walther Q4 Tactical with a Holosun 507C and Streamlight TLR-7 when I carry on my waist.
Walther PPS with Viridian C5L when in my pocket.

When I get a Micro Dagger it will be like my Walther big brother and little brother. With the same accessories.