Which battery of firearms would you rather own:

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Can I go with neither and reorganize?

A savage isn’t a bad gun, but I would buy a 10 or 110 over an axis. Give me a .243 and a .270 win.

For shotgun I see no reason to not stay simple with a durable beater, give me an 870 or a 500 in 12 ga 3” synthetic. I would be perfectly fine with a Maverick too.

Pistols are always a trade off. If I can’t have a witness elite 10mm then I want either my m9 or a 686 6” 6 shot.

Nope, it’s either or.
Wow, not a single one of the firearms in either group has EVER been on my radar.
Is there an option to trade all of 'em for a couple-three desirable firearms?:evil:

If we're going to play changing things around;
then a Perazzi bespoke 12 gauge, a George Hoenig combination double rifle, and a Wilson edc x9 total cost for all three - ~$55,000
Hmm, this doesn't even seem vaguely close. M70 supergrade in 7mm mag, 12ga Grulla (a very usable sidelock usually worth in excess of $5K), and a Python 2.5" for carry. It'd be sparser than I'd like, but at least all the components would do what I asked of them. Group 1 is full of stuff I'll leave to other people.
I'd choose Group 2, then trade the SxS for an O/U. I don't shoot side-bys well.

The handgun would be a 6" Python. I used to have two, but got rid of them along the way. Carried it on the force and shot it in NRA Pistol, Steel Plate and Police Combat matches. Double-action wasn't as smooth as S&W, but loved the way it handled recoil in rapid fire.

The 6" came out of the break-front holster as fast as a 4" coming out of a standard holster and looked pretty mean.
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I grew up shooting sxs shotguns and revolvers.
I'm out on the g19. They don't fit me and I don't want a 9mm if it's the only handgun.
I would prefer the axis to a model 70 because I have 2 that were amazingly accurate with a little work.
Group 2
No idea about the rifles or shotguns.

My CZ PO1 had already seen over 10,000 rds. when I bought it in December. I've shot at least 700 rds.
It is extremely reliable and rock solid. And fits quite well in my Crossbreed holster which is marked "Sig 229R-1".
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