Which Is A Better .357? Colt, Ruger, Smith?

Which .357 Is Best? (If You Could Only Have One)

  • Colt Python

    Votes: 39 14.3%
  • Smith & Wesson 66/65/19/13

    Votes: 30 11.0%
  • Ruger Security-Six/Speed-Six/Service-Six

    Votes: 31 11.4%
  • Smith & Wesson 686

    Votes: 64 23.4%
  • Ruger GP-100

    Votes: 52 19.0%
  • Dan Wesson Pistol Pac

    Votes: 13 4.8%
  • Taurus/Rossi (Mine Is Great!)

    Votes: 5 1.8%
  • Tough Call...Lot of Good Ones

    Votes: 39 14.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Originally Posted by jmr40 View Post
The Python as an investment. Over rated as a shooter

The Ruger as a TEOTWAWKI survival gun that will be around after 4-5 generations of abuse.

S&W best overall. Good quality, accuracy and reasonable durability.

A++ exactly on target
my 686's top my list for me the perfect compliment of style and function. my Rutgers both GP and sp are tanks and will shoot any hot load I throw down them. the only k frames I have had were in rough cosmetic shape but functioned flawlessly. my Dan Wesson pistol PAC is cool but I always worry about readjusting the barrel to cylinder gap every time I shoot but that is just me. the colt snake guns I have experienced we're beautiful and functioned great but the price difference made no sense to me. I guess that's the order I put the 357's in with all others falling at the bottom. again this is just my opinion based on my experiences, I will however note I would carry the worst revolver on the list before I would pick up a glock
In terms of value for money I would rate Ruger number one (something like K-framish Service or Speed Six) and Colt last.
I've owned all on the list except the Dan Wesson. I still own a 6" GP100 that is on my side every time I deer hunt. I've used it in in primary and backup hunting roles and it's never let me down if I do my part.
Too close to call on many of your selections. You really can't pick out one and say it's better. There are several that are some of the finest revolvers ever made, it becomes a matter of personnel taste, and even "Mood" for that day. Also what your hunting that day and where you are going, even how you are dressing. Too difficult to make a blanket call.
I like the 66's and 19's, but that's merely an opinion based on years of ownership and use. I've run thousands og full tilt magnum loads through my 66's, both are still nice and tight, and accurate beyond expectation. But they do have an inherent weak FC, that if the owner is not attentive to, regarding build up, they can fail early on.

But for a range gun that will probably live longer then me under the most extreme shooting conditions, the 686 or GP100 would be a first choice, IMO.

But there are lots and lots of very fine .357's to choose from, making this poll rather very subjective to our personal flavor favorite.

I own K frames and had owned a Security Six, but for a steady diet of 357, I voted for the L frame series. Colts are nice, but without repair support, should not even be considered
Over the years I've owned and shot many revolvers and I can't help but keep wanting to use my gp100. It's just such an excellent gun in so many ways. I've shot roughly 10000 rounds through it and I've yet to have an issue. The design of the gun is so simple it's genius. It's so easy to take apart I'm pretty sure I could do it blind folded. I love my smith&wessons but they're more for collecting. They're just not quite as reliable and user friendly as my gp100. If the end was here and I could only grab one handgun it would be my gp100 without a doubt.
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