Who are your favorite gun YouTubers?

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Jul 28, 2019
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Who are your favorite gun YouTubers?

It depends on what I'm looking for specifically,

But I've always liked: IV8888, Hikock 45, Nutnfancy, Garand Thumb, Rex, 22 Plinkster, Military Arms Channel...

How about you guys?
I think all the channels I follow are gun channels. Warrior Poet, Yankee Marshall (on occassion), Guns N Gear, Paul Harrell, iraqveteran8888, hickok45, tnoutdoors9, 22plinkster, Military Arms Channel, Shooting the Bull 410, and gunblast. A few of those haven't posted something in awhile but still gun channels.
Paul Harrell

Paul Harrells “Rebuttal” vid that was just released was probably his best yet. Not much about guns actually but a lesson in how one is supposed to live life. It was obvious he did not want to do the piece but was compelled by outside forces. Usually that is the groundwork for some folks finest moments.

Forgotten Weapons
Kentucky Ballistics
Buffalo Outdoors
Paul Harrell is, by far, my favorite of the bunch. Ian over at Forgotten Weapons-bought his book.

While I subscribe to a bunch, the only ones I choose to get notifications for are

Warrior Poet Society
ASP Active Self Protection
TFB The Firearms Blog
Sootch00 and his various channels
Paul Harrell, Hickcock45 and mixup98. Chris Baker from Lucky Gunner has made more practical sense than most in the past few years dealing with practical carry. Personally do not like anything with the tacticool stuff.
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I subscribe to Buffalo Outdoors, Paul Harrell, Warrior Poet, Hickock45 and Sage Dynamics. Buffalo Outdoors is my favorite.
TFG - isnt that the down to earth guy that starts off with "Hi there friends"?

Seems like a good guy. And i have heard him give the good & bad.

Chris at Lucky Gunner. Very good presentation.

Mrgunsngear. Knowledgeable and combines effective shooting and analysis.

Not that i don't like Mr Harrel's presentations - but yes, i understand you are on a gun range and there may be (surprise!) people firing guns so there might be the noise of gunfire. We will get over it.
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