Who got their "Grail Gun" & who is still looking

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My "grail guns" all showed up in places I didn't expect at reasonable/acceptable prices. I'm not much of a collector, butthere were just a few that I really had a strong desire to have and to shoot.

Grail rifle was a Browning 1885 in .30-06. Found one NIB for a reasonable price ($900) 2 years ago. At a gunshow of all places!

I like revolvers more than auto pistols for some odd reason, and I have always wanted a Python. Three years ago just before Christmas I scored a 6" Python LNIB (original box, original papers) $1100 - on GunBroker. It's easy to find a nice Python on GB, just not for $1100.

Lastly, I have always wanted a Browning Auto 5, Sweet Sixteen. I was killing time between business meetings cruising the used long guns at Cabellas' last spring out of plain curiosity - not looking for anything in particular - and - 'Lo an' Behold! I find a Sweet Sixteen stuffed in the rack, in very good shape (approx. 90%) from 1966 for $410!

I probably wouldn't have called them grail guns, but that's an apt description...I always seem to pull back from paying the price for anything that costs more for either rarity or sentimental reasons. But here goes- I'd really like a pre-64 Model 70, in .270 Win, or 30/06...and a Smith and Wesson model 17, 6" barrel. A nice Ithaca 20 guage...and some sort of high grade .22 bolt action. I've been content to browse local gun shows and walk out with my wallet intact...
I have several, in no particular order
1) M60 machine gun, because I love belt feds but can't buy my beloved 240B
2)LeMat revolver
3)M3 "Grease Gun"
4)an original Mac 10 with Sionics suppressor
Each time I get a gun, that was the grail gun of the moment.

My most precious are those that were given to me by my Father and Grandfather.
"I used to do a little but a little wouldn't do, so a little got more and more". -G&R

That is like my grail gun quest. I wanted a P7M13 so bad that I could taste it. I got it, love it and now I keep dreaming of the next one.

Long time coming. I found it in a local gunstore. I've wanted one of these rifles since I was little. This one was made when I was 5 years old. Such a high quality firearm. The only "flaw," if it is a flaw, is the recoil pad which was installed by the previous owner, and which causes the LOP to be such that it fits me perfectly.

Wish I could see the sights, but since I can't, I'm installing a scope. IMO, this is probably the perfect hunting rifle for what I use it for, coyotes or deer. In a pinch it could be used for prairie dogs, assuming it is accurate enough for that. The accuracy is something I don't know about yet as I haven't shot it with a scope yet.

The rifle is so light and well balanced. It just points naturally. The comb is the "compromise" monte carlo stock which is useful with a scope and also with the iron sights. The sense of satisfaction and pleasure when I hold it outweighs its obviously antiquated design, horrible single stage (non set) trigger, long striker fall, and long lock time. Just a neat rifle, made by people who were true craftsmen, before CAD machining. To my way of seeing things, this is the pinnacle of the mass produced gun maker's craft. Every piece on this rifle is a marvel to examine. The finish is unlike any rifle I've held before.

I think the slickest aspect of it has to be that if one holds the trigger to the rear and tilts the muzzle towards the floor the bolt slickly slides into battery and closes.

I guess that's it. The sense of satisfaction, of accomplishment, which I feel when I hold this rifle is what makes it such a prize to me.
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I don't have a "Grail" gun because my tastes change regularly. I'm not looking for old weapons because I just want to shoot the cr@p out of any gun I buy! They are better left to collectors who will appreciate them.

I guess I'd have to say my "Grail" gun would have to be an M1A just because it brings fond memories from my Navy days...but they are readily available so not much of a hunt or wait, just a money issue!
I thought I would never get a Remington 31 riot because the ones for sale were all "military" guns in high condition selling for about $1800.

Then this popped up.

The finish on the butt was in dreadful condition.

But now, with stripping, sanding and only two coats of Watco Dark Danish Oil on the butt it is getting close to where I want it to be:

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many of my guns have been "grail guns" but I currently don't have the grail gun I want right now. seems that's how it always is.
+1 on another Grail gun popping up. More like a Bucket List. Picked up a Smith 52 last month so my list is one shorter.
Still on the list:
Winchester 52 sporter
Winchester 70 Hornet
Winchester 86 45-90
G 41 M
Any DSM 34 I don't have an example of

As you can see, my tastes are all over the place. I have been accused of having ADD. Can't seem to stay focused on one topic!
still looking for these
two winchester 54's one in 9mm mauser and one in 7.65 argentine
rigby 303 slant box mauser cased takedown rifle
winchester model 51 imperial takedown rifle

i have a papered unfired type two national match garand, so i guess its a grail to garand collectors. it will be used as trading fodder when one of the above rifles comes up
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My two Grail Guns
1) Smith & Wesson Model 41
2) Springfield trap door carbine model 1873

*Someday I'll have both.....someday.
I've wanted one of these since I was a kid.



I was gonna get one earlier this year with my tax return, but everyone was sold out so I got a shotgun instead.

I just got a new job with a huge pay raise and was gonna get one as a sort of present to myself (been going to school for this job for years), but it looks like pretty much any gun going for a reasonable price has already been bought up due to the election, including these. :(
I read Grill Gun at first.

I had two grill guns but I let the blond get away:

Mine has to be a S&W 625 Model of 1988. I will probably end up with a 625JM just because of availability, but the former has a certain extra appeal to it.
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