Why do you own a gun?

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I always have a gun because I think the world has showen us anything can happen to anyone any time. Lets all face it time has change its not as safe as the 50's to many people use the wrong way to get there point across. It dose suck but its just the way life is.
Protection First-Love shooting second.

I have My guns for the same reason I had them in LE. To put down any Perp or Perps that pose a Serious Threat Me, My Family, and anyone other Innocent party. Yes I had a rather high number of times I had to use deadly force, but that was due to the type of LE job I had. But in those 8 years plus [Until a career ending injury] I never felt bad if I had to take a life. I dealt with some VERY Violent people- who Victimized or killed anyone who got in there way. I was Pretty Damn Happy if in defense of my live and/or My Fellow Officers lives I killed someone. You must understand the reason I was Happy-It meant Me and my Partners were still Alive-and the Scum that tried to kill us could not Hurt or Kill anyone ever again. We were undercover officers in a Highly Dangerous job. I have NO Pity for the People in this world that Kill, Victimize or otherwise Hurt Innocent people.

The Best to All!


PS-I also Love to Target Shoot!
it's hard to get a new one quickly might you need one.

other than that its the same thoery as a condom: better to have one and not need it than need it and not have one
Mixture of self defense and hobby. As I age, I can't rely on my physical ability and this levels the field. I had a girlfriend who was very similar to your lady friend. Last summer we were in a semi-rual part of WA state (my friends and his neighbors are on 5 acres and I love it up there) and staying w friends. I had brought a hand gun along w me for CCW and keeping near the bedside at night. She was giving me all kinds of grief. My good friends were telling me of a recent violent rrobbery of his next door neighbor. The fighting lasted literally five minutes (which is forever if you think about it). The neighbors were fine and bad guys arrested but blood everywhere. And new sheetrock and carpets were needed. It was really early in the trip and to keep domestic peace I had left the gun in the car. My gf turned to me and said "you go get that gun now" as we were getting ready for bed. There has never been a discussion since.

I just think most people don't believe anything can happen to them and it takes something like what happened above to wake them up.

I've also given up on talking to most people about it. I bet these same people don't keep any food or water or clothes or basic camping stuff in their car.

My two cents and opinion on the matter.
Defense. There are some messed up people in this world.

To the LEO that posted above me:

I don't want to kill anyone, but I'll be damned if I let someone invade my house and threaten my family. There is also no such thing as 'a safe place' anymore.

The day of 9/11, I took my wife and kids over to a friend's house. She was worried, there with her kids while her husband was deployed. Almost rabid anti sometimes. First question she asked me when we got inside was whether or not I brought a gun with me. Anti's might disparage gun ownership and use, but typically as soon as they feel threatened, they come over fairly quickly. They might not stay that way, but it is hard to not acknowledge the presence of a firearm in the hands of a person that knows how to use it conveys a sense of protection.

My wife didn't always seem to like that I carry everywhere until one day we ended up in a not so nice neighborhood very late at night. She of course asked if I was carrying. When she found out I was, she was visibly relaxed. Never had another peep about carrying.

The only time that I didn't have a positive experience about carrying was in my own house. My in-laws came in town unexpectedly. I was carrying around the house and my father-in-law asked if I was expecting a home invasion. I made some lame comment about not having carried for a while and it helped to get used to it again, carrying where I didn't have to worry about it. What I was really thinking was that he wouldn't be so glad if someone broke into the house where his daughter and grandchildren were and I didn't have time to get to one. Still stings that I didn't say what I wanted to, but, whatever.
One of my brother's in laws once asked me why I had a gun.

She says, "Why do you have a gun?"

I answered, "Because I always carry a gun." :evil:

To me it's like if someone asks you "Why do you have a cell phone?"

Also because I can.

If I couldn't carry a gun I'd carry a knife. If I couldn't carry a knife I would dress up in a baseball uniform with a bat and a glove and act like I was always coming from a game. :evil:
In case I need to shoot something. I'd find that difficult to do without one.
Because I can, and because since the day my grandfather took me shooting with his M1 and 1903 springfield I feel inlove with firearms
If you don't like having people ask why you own a gun then quit telling them you own a gun. If you don't bring it up they probably won't either.

Most of the women I know don't want to know about my guns and try to draw me into arguments about them until they get frightened. Then they want to stand behind the guy with the gun. Big bicepts and six pack abs = macho points, Firearms = no macho points. So discuss your guns with the guys you shoot with not the girls you go out with.
Duke, where I come from, we have a name for truck guns... stolen. It's just stupidly easy to break into an automobile. If you ask me, a truck is a good place for a HiPoint.

Now, about your question. I own guns for protection. I've really come to like the little beasties and I sorta collect them and like to caress them from time to time. But they're primarily there for protection as far as I'm concerned.
I'm curious; if you are an atheist; then does that mean you AREN'T ALLOWED to own a gun??? After all, some people claim that it's their "GOD GIVEN RIGHT". Don't get me wrong; my screen name alone should imply that I believe in God. But I don't believe that "GOD" gave me the 2nd amendment. MEN gave me the 2nd amendment. And I'm very glad they did. Unfortunately, because some people believe that "GOD" did; they are under the false sense of security, believing that such a RIGHT can never be taken away. That is false. And that is why we must always be active in retaining our rights. And the main purpose of the 2nd amendment is to ensure that no government can take away any of our core rights of "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"; in which the constitution was written to not give us rights, but to LIMIT the power of the government.

So, if you want to believe that "GOD" gave you the right to own a gun, then that's cool. I don't believe he did. I believe he gave me the right to defend myself. And if that defense happens to be with the use of a gun, then so be it. And if I don't have a gun available at the time, I will use my hands, feet, rocks, sticks, glass bottle, or whatever else is available. That's why God has given me.
I own & carry guns to exercise my right. I vote to exercise my right. I write my congressman to exercise my right. I protest to exercise my right. I worship to be pleasing & acceptable to God, and I can because I am free. None of our rights can survive without exercise. Freedom requires action or it's gone.
But I don't believe that "GOD" gave me the 2nd amendment. MEN gave me the 2nd amendment.
Men gave you the 2nd Amendment, which recognized a right given to you by God, the right to life. The right to self-defense is inherent in the right to life.
I've told people who look at me incredulously, "because the very fact that I own one helps secure your freedom."

Arms are a guarantor of freedom. Armed populations do not quietly succumb to tyranny.

And when someone tries to mug an armed citizen and gets shot, that's someone that those unarmed sheeple will never have to worry about. I lived in Africa for years. South Africa, with the third highest murder rate on earth. Humanity is an evil, wicked thing that shouldn't be trusted, especially when those you love are at stake.

Why would you NOT have a gun?!
I own & carry guns to exercise my right. I vote to exercise my right. I write my congressman to exercise my right. I protest to exercise my right. I worship to be pleasing & acceptable to God, and I can because I am free. None of our rights can survive without exercise. Freedom requires action or it's gone.

I know people that know absolutely nothing about politics, the issues, society, etc... who vote. Yes, they are exercising their RIGHT to vote. That doesn't mean they have any meaningful purpose voting. They admit that they vote Democrat NO MATTER WHO IS RUNNING OR WHAT THE ISSUES ARE. You could carry a gun without any bullets and you would be EXERCISING your right to keep and bare arms. You either own a gun to defend yourself or others from a threat; for sport; for hunting; for collector purposes; for paranoia (Which is actually part of defending oneself); or just to be "COOL". There are no other possible reasons. But you don't keep and bare arms because you are exercising a right. You could write a letter to your congressman and simply right the words "boo boo boo boo boo boo" 1000 times and send it. You'd be "Exercising" your right to free speech. That doesn't mean it had MEANING. A right isn't taken away because you aren't using it. It's taken away when the MAJORITY of the citizens is coerced into believing that such a right is not needed. Yes; men gave us our rights, and men can take them away. Unless God himself is going to come down here and tell congress; "Ummmm, I gave him that right, you can't be taking it away"; I wouldn't feel too complacent and comfortable.

Sometimes: I carry a gun because certain locations make me feel safer with a gun.
Sometimes: I don't carry a gun.
Sometimes: I carry a gun to go hunting. Sometime: I don't.

The point is; you carry, keep, and bare arms for a PURPOSE. The 2nd amendment gives you the right to meet that PURPOSE utilizing a gun. But you don't carry the gun because of the right.
I bought my first gun in Nov of 08' and then got my ccw because:

- I own a small business and often make deliveries in the bad parts of town.....

- A customer of mine in this part of town was killed along with an other co-worker and 2 others wounded in an armed robbery in broad daylight by 4 intruders....

- Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 were always in the back of my mind too

Since then I have bought a number of other guns and now enjoy target shooting and trap.

My only previous experiences with guns was when I learned how to shoot a 22 LR at Boy Scout camp and I went trap shooting as part of a corporate event some 12 yrs ago.

I guess at the ripe old age of 55 I have a new hobby.
I own guns for the same reason I own fishing rods and reels, or wrenches and screwdrivers, or knives, or TV's or computers, etc. They're tools for a need and things I get enjoyment from for a hobby.

Why would they be viewed differently than anything else?
But you don't keep and bare arms because you are exercising a right.

I am actually quite aware of why I carry, notwithstanding your position. I carry for all of the reasons of personal defense and defense of others that you mention, but I also carry to exercise and celebrate what most cannot do in other countries.

You apparently don't get this, but it is part of what makes me proud to be an American.

I have a flag on my house as well. Same principle, should you take a moment to ponder it.
AKElroy said:
I own & carry guns to exercise my right. I vote to exercise my right. I write my congressman to exercise my right. I protest to exercise my right. I worship to be pleasing & acceptable to God, and I can because I am free. None of our rights can survive without exercise. Freedom requires action or it's gone.
Many, many good things were given to us with the Bill of Rights. I am proud to be an American most of the time, but there's a lot about our government that pisses me off, and we do sit back and take it most of the time. They infringe on our rights and meddle in things that they cannot possibly solve. Universal healthcare is one of the sole things that the government could change for the good of us all in the end, but dropping the police state, especially police of the world, would solve far more problems.

bgrav321 said:
I've told people who look at me incredulously, "because the very fact that I own one helps secure your freedom."

Arms are a guarantor of freedom. Armed populations do not quietly succumb to tyranny.
America has lived with tyranny for several years now, and I don't think the tyranny will change with Obama. Perhaps better than King Bush, but Obama has already inhereted most of his predecessor's powers and doesn't seem to care about reversing any of this stuff.

I honestly believe that there might need to be a revolution with citizens demanding their GOD GIVEN rights, the ones that are INALIABLE. Life = don't shoot, or even threaten to shoot, people with tasers if you wouldn't shoot them with a bullet; make a one payer health insurance system and end the corporate B.S... Liberty = dont' tell me I can't grow Mary Jane in my backyard to smoke, make rope, make clothing, make paper, etc.; quit making it harder for the good people to get access to guns... Pursuit of Happiness = quit stealing from the poor and giving it to the corporations, quit pushing the necessity to search vehicles without hard evidence or warrant, and instead of deceptively infringing on people's rights, why not create Democracy 2.0 today?? We could all benefit from a government funded forum, where people can be completely inclusive in our REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, for everything except voting on each and every bill... and even our representatives could have to take a random 10 question test from a pool of 100 questions until they actually get 8 of 'em right -- repeating and even cheating are allowed, so long as they understand what they're voting on and we can hold them all liable.

But the truth is. . . The government is NOT going to give us power like that. The government doesn't want to ENLIGHTEN and EMPOWER the general public with what has been known for centuries. We do have the power, but they don't want to teach people how much power we really have. Most people just ignore it and we keep on letting the government lie, steal, and kill... while we do have the power, but most just ignore it or don't truly understand how the Consitution was a gift to us to prevent the government turning into a police state with the few controlling the many. And until people realize that we need to stand up for ourselves, maybe even with firearms... the few will control the many until our civilization completely self-destructs.

Think about it. Cops mostly sign on to do good. But most cops are trained by the government to be deceitful when wanting to search people, when arresting for pot charges. Dammit.. if I'm smoking reefer, I am celebrating LIFE! What is a cop doing when he takes me to jail, because his boss told him so? His boss wants money all at the expense of our rights. If you asked the government 20 questions about why weed is a Schedule I drug, and alcohol, tobacco are completely legal... the government couldn't give you an answer. They couldn't answer why an incredible number of "stoners" can become so successful, artistic, passionate, enlightened thru perspective, etc. with a "mind altering substance", but they sure don't mind that the average person is stuck in fron of a TV for hours at a time, day in and day out. Anyway... until EVERY individual, especially including cops, demand answers from their government, they will continue to tap your phones and steal your money and tell you that you don't actually own your land if you don't pay your property tax.

Ask questions NOW!! I don't think most cops really want to arrest stoners, besides the fact that doing so provides them with a job. Deep down, they don't truly believe that stoners are infringing on anybody else's rights.... but they continue to arrest them without asking why they're doing it. People accept authority for no reason, when we are all equals. The government is actually equal to us. If they force something on us, we are supposed to ask questions... and if they fail to answer, we can only fight the police state who do not use their heads and hearts.

If you couldn't tell... I have my gun to exercise my right to form a militia against a tyrannical police state. In the meantime, while that pot is brewing, I will have my gun to protect my family & property. The main reason I own a gun, however, is because I think that our economy could potentiall fail because we're all too dependent on the government and corporations. And when everybody realizes that trucks can't bring their food to them anymore... I'll be pickin' off every critter that walks near my garden. Hmm.. I wonder what humans taste like. :evil: :barf:
just going buy what i've read in this thread... some of you are seriously twisted.

if you have confidence related or other issues get that **** sorted out.. you guys are making me nervous.

get back to reality every once in a while. guns are no joke.

i understand some of you are being sarcastic even though internet sarcasm is hard to detect. but... others?
god given rights?

what is all this talk about god given? guns are made and sold by man... god aint got nothin to do with this.

if someone has a gun made by god and/or given to them by god i want to see it.

are you saying god wrote the bill of rights? god doesnt right the laws of men.. other men do. thats life lesson #1

rights as an american citizen are a differnt story written in plain english not too long ago. by other men.
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