Why not an UZI in 7.62x25 Tokarev? Perfect candidate..

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May 12, 2004
I just got my first UZI this week (Vector S/A 9mm) and I love it. The ease of switching barrels, bolts and calibers is amazing (.22lr, 9mm, .45acp, .41AE, etc.)

So I think the UZI would be the perfect platform for converting to a 7.62x25 Tokarev Carbine. You would just need a barrel blank to be reamed out for 7.62x25 (an UZI .22lr barrel would work as well), and a magazine that would handle 7.62x25 rounds. The stock 9mm bolt should work just fine for the Tokarev rounds (I believe it is the same case head as 9mm). The best part of this conversion is that you could shoot up all that sketchy, possibly overloaded 7.62x25 surplus ammo that so many people are afraid to shoot in their CZ-52 pistols and the UZI would not only be more accurate than a 9mm but it would be more fun to shoot with the higher velocity rounds, longer effective range. It would be great. Only problem is that the UZI 9mm magazines are not long enough for the slightly longer OAL 7.62x25 rounds. But a mag for .41AE could possibly be modified to work.

Who thinks that an UZI in 7.62x25 would be a great idea? How would you go about doing it? I would pay good money if someone could make this work.
I'm in. My 9mm Uzi is nutz on accurate. A 7.62x25 would be a hoot. There are numerous CZ-25 kits out there for making dummy guns. If someone could make a reciever and a semi-auto trigger group these could be converted for cheap.
Does anyone have the specifications of 7.62x25 and .41 AE, specifically OAL?

If successful, it'd be interesting to see the ballistics out of the protuberance of a 16" barel the Uzi has...
7.62 Tok UZI

Here's a link to a page with info on the 7.62 X 25:

Load Data

Looks like an average OAL of 1.369 inches.

9X19 runs about 1.169 OAL (sombody check that!) Might be a problem.

Find one of the CZ kits, and cut the grip off an Uzi and weld on the CZ grip. The reciever would need to be opened up to fit the mag since it is longer. The bolt will work but a new barrel would be needed. I have a conversion for mt Smith&Wesson 76 from 9mm to 7.62x25. You are going to need some heavier springs too.
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