Xtrema 2's intermittent primer strikes

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Oct 18, 2007
Seacoast NH
Has anyone had experience with new Xtrema 2's having intermittent primer strikes? A buddy of mine has a brand new one that will only strike the primer 1x out of ever 5 trigger pulls. I’m going to disassemble it tonight, however it is brand new out of the box with less the 50 rounds through it. I’ve made sure that the bolt is fully in battery and rotated so that’s ruled out. The hammer is falling with what visually looks to be the same speed on the fires as the non-strikes. Ideas would be appreciated-
How new?

Beretta ships guns with sticky cosmoline-like stuff in/on them. Some have more than others, but I got a 390 that had some strike issues because I wanted to try it at the clays range on the way home. Since I gave it a rudimentary cleaning, it has never had a single issue.:)

The gun could have an actual problem, but I'd make sure it's not just the goo, first.:)
Oh god, not cosmoline. I hear hes ruggedly handsome. First things first is Im going to strip it down and clean it completely, then reassemble. According to him this is ongoing. Ive seen several posts about broken firing pins so Im hopping that can be ruled out as well. Why would Beretta ship new guns with that crap in them?
So they don't rust when they're shipped around the world, and sit in warehouses in the Summer in your neck of the woods, most likely.

Again, it's not MUCH crap, and it doesn't smell like the Russian stuff. It's just enough to sometimes cause problems, because it's sticky.

You might have a bad pin, but I'd soak the bolt with CLP and wipe it off, before I jumped to any conclusions.:)

So far, the malfunctions I've experienced with semiautos, not just Berettas, have been solved by cleaning.
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