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Apr 10, 2007
I have to be very careful as some members feel I am becoming too political,('specially Snake Eyes of Seattle, who wants me banished forever to the nearest Starbucks,to continually down their $6.00 lattes)so parental discretion is advised.

Second Amendment Rally Held At Capitol
By: Joe Murray, The Bulletin

Harrisburg - A number of Pennsylvania state lawmakers from both parties, as well as a number of key figures in the gun control debate, rallied in Harrisburg yesterday for the third annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms Rally. The rally came on the heels of an unsuccessful attempt by the Pennsylvania House to pass a measure criminalizing the failure to report a lost handgun within 72 hours

"As citizens of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we do not need the U.S. Supreme Court, the United Nations or even the governor to reaffirm our God-given rights to defend our lives, loved ones and property," State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), the host of the rally, told hundreds of onlookers at the rally in the Capitol Rotunda. A bill sponsored by Mr. Metcalfe providing victims of domestic abuse an emergency license to carry a firearm was approved by the House last Tuesday.

On Sept. 28, 1776, Pennsylvania ratified Article 1, Section 21 of the state's Constitution, which reads, "The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state shall not be questioned." Thus, the Keystone State was the first of the former colonies to enact specific language protecting a citizen's right to bear arms.

The debate over gun control reached a boiling point last week as House lawmakers attempted to pass a bill requiring gun owner report lost or stolen handguns within 72 hours or face criminal charges. The bill, which was defeated by a 75-128 vote, would have deemed a first offense to be a summary offense, a second offense a misdemeanor and a third offense a felony.

"You cannot defend your life if you give up the means of that defense," stated Alan Keyes, a former U.N. Ambassador and former GOP presidential candidate. "If it is your right to stand in defense of your family and your home than you have the right and means to enable you to fulfill that obligation."

Mr. Keyes asserted the right to kept arms is an essential component of the people's right "to govern themselves" and argued citizens "can't delegate to government the responsibility for defense of our lives" in an age defined by terrorism.

Additional outdoorsman and gun groups joined in the rally.

Joe Murray can be reached at [email protected].
It is--or should be--obvious that gun control is a political issue, so I doubt that the forum rules or its real moderators are opposed to discussing politics in that context.

The real moderators' standards seem reasonable to me: purely political discussions that have no obviously direct relevance to firearms are off topic in the forum.

It's the self appointed super moderators and vigilantes who are a different breed entirely. Their rules are much more rigorous and they're merciless in holding people to the highest possible standards: their own. Do not run afoul of those people. They're right, they're tough, and they're mean.

They'll jump into a thread and call it "political" or take some other exalted position according to whatever quirky or eccentric manipulation they want to perform at the moment. It makes them feel good, I suppose, and it probably helps fill a void in their lives. My sense is that you're reacting to those people, or whichever one of them has made you his special project. Mosquitoes emerge from the swamps where they breed and look for blood. It's what they do. Don't scratch the mosquito bites.

I've done a quick search for "Snake Eyes of Seattle" but don't see a forum member with that name. No great matter.
I've done a quick search for "Snake Eyes of Seattle" but don't see a forum member with that name. No great matter.

Just plain Snake Eyes,Robert.He hails from Seattle,Washington.He may have a large void to fill.It rains so much out there!
Thank you for that excellent,incisive post.You articulated the situation a lot better than I ever could.
There is nothing to be added to your fine ,on target treatise.
And I will certainly take your sound advice and from this point onward will not scratch the mosquito bites.
Thank you again.
You know, perhaps you could try posting a real thread about this rally, without the ham-handed attempt to mock the admin staff, or the ad-hominem attacks against another member.
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