Gun-rights banner at Capitol draws outcry over its language

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I do not have a problem with such signs. Cruz is trying to pass tyrannical laws. I also think it ridiculous to say this sign has anything to do with racism at all. At least they didn't burn him in effigy, which would be quite interesting.
That may be the case, but I swear that every time I see your name I instantly think of Nazi storm troopers and the SS insignia. Your user name smacks of a white supremists -- at least that is the automatic association that occurs to me.

It may not be the way you intend it, but that's my preception.

See how that goes? Those fellows in PA are probably very much like you. They took an action with the purest of motives, with no 'hidden' agenda or meaning. But people like you (and I don't use the term "like you" in reference to your color), have a knee-jerk reaction about how they MUST be racist.

You miss the obvious context.
The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-- Thomas Jefferson

That was true when Jefferson said it, and it is true today. I'm guessing by tyrants he means politicians, and the race of a tyranical politician doesn't mean diddley squat to those who are losing their unalienable human rights.

I think me and you are saying the same thing. I agree with you about by SN, most people will instantly think of the Nazis when they here "SS" unless the context is specifically about Chevy Automobiles.

I understand the Thomas Jefferson reference, but the whole hanging and tree thing is something you probably should avoid when referring to Blacks due to the history of lynchings in America.

I know everyone hates "PC" here, but sometimes it makes more sense to choose your words carefully, so that fence-sitters actually pay attention to your message instead of completely writing it off.

I really enjoyed the banner and found nothing wrong(certainly not racial) with it's message. I speculate that these liberals, up in arms really don't care either. This just happens to be a good excuse for them to twist and spin gun owners into crazies. For that reason, I wish the banner would have read differently. Still, I whole heartedly support their effort.
Where are these offended lawmakers when movies on how to assasinate the president are released. Or art exhibits that attempt to slander my Faith. Or, the countless other attacks on America that the Left plays off as free speech.
Those of you who protest the strong statement made by the banner remind me of my history lessons from years gone by. There was a tea party, in Boston I think. It came about when the government became out of control.
A war was fought, yes a war for freedom. Many were killed in that war.
The outcome was a new nation founded on freedom(s). Freedoms that many of us hold dear. Those very same freedoms are being taken away. The freedom of speech however strong it may be to the point of the threat of violence if necessary to maintain that freedom.
When they reach the point of trying to regulate guns in any fashion they try to somehow remove the right of the people to be protected. They try to restrain, restrict, the freedom which was bought with such a tremendous price. If those of us who hold to those freedoms do not react, strongly if necessary, then we will become as many other nations. No longer will we be called citizens, we will become first subjects and then slaves. The black community more than any other because of history should recognize what is happening and respond to those that would take away any God given right or freedom.
We should resolve to remove either the government or those in the government that want to destroy the very foundation upon which this country was born. Born from being slaves, subjects, to a tryant controlling every aspect of life.
Live free or die!
But as for me give me liberty or give me death.
I would not have written a sign like that but I don't have a problem with somebody doing it. Frankly, people need to toughen up some. If they hadn't bitched about this sign they would have bitched about something else. There are to many cry babies in america today.

Here's the obligatory "+1"

Stand up to government and let them know when you've had enough, or else they'll always tell you when you've had enough. Which is never.

Let them burn another "race card." People are quickly growing tired of the left always crying race.
Obviously it's racist, given our country's well-established past for hanging puertoricans.

Um, yeah..

Does joining the black caucus change your race?
These,"get a rope", sentiments are are as American as it gets, the first presidential Election that I participated in (AuH2o) had a folk song "We'll Hang Earl Warren" (from a sour apple tree), and he was just a socialist! Which IS a step up from BOR destroyer.
Crazed SS, thanks for expounding on your Chevy history! I personally find Lugers fascinating, but would abhor being thought of as any type of Nazi sypathiser or apologist!
It really spites me to be on the same side as the cretin who made that sign. You can make all the excuses for him that you want regarding what you think he meant, what Thomas Paine wrote, and which people of what color got hanged from trees in the US. But listen, this is the 21st century. We are in the middle of a public relations, propaganda if you prefer, struggle. When a white guy makes a sign about hanging a Puerto Rican legislator (many Puerto Ricans, incidentally, are black), there is absolutely no question that the other side is going to take it and run with it. However many ways it could be interpreted, racism is the way they are going to publically interpret it. That idiot handed them a big turd-on-a-stick with which to befoul all PA gun activists. I wish he had just stayed home.
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I have no problem with the language, certainly with the "tree of liberty" quote one can recuse them of racial undertones.

This referred to their opinion of a government official who had turned his back on what these protestors thought to be of some import regarding civil liberties.

One's melanin content does not excuse one from critisim. While there are continued reasons to remove needless discrimination against others, such as merely skin tone, championing policy changes that removes the individual from self determination is certainly not one of them.

I suppose they might have had less fuss to say somethign more generic like "a traitors fate for treason against the consitution"

fact is, african-american politican machines will use this against gun rights, regardless of how it was meant. Also regardless of the fact that gun control is a racist agenda judging by all of the DOJ facts on victims of violence.

I would have preferred to see several banners designed to attack his "base".

"Gun Control means poor people get to be victims while politicans hide behind armed guards"

And the like.. now, I have to at least give the protestors credit for making some kind of stand. I just think they may have a leadership problem with trying to make a smart stand.
I don't disagree with the message of the sign. Also I definitely do not agree it's racist. Being hanged for treason has nothing to do with "good ole' boys lynching colored folks". The last time I checked treason had nothing to do with race.

That being said, I don't believe the sign was appropriate to the occasion. Certainly a similiar message could have been written in less hostile terms. All that this stunt accomplished was allowing the anti-gun crowd to point to the sign and say, "See! Those gun nuts really are dangerous and violent!"
I admit I thought "crazed_ss" was a Nazi reference as well. I have a friend who is into the Chevy SSs as well and I didn’t make the connection. Back to the sign….

As the saying goes, discretion is the better part of valor. Personally, I would not have used those terms. But…the sign creator(s) do have a right to free speech. For the politicians to get in a huff over this is just pandering to the media.
i might agree with the poster in principle, but i think it was a bad idea to present such an immoderate thought ... simply for the fact that it takes focus away from the issue at hand and diverts energy to something the anti-gunners can shake a stick at.

oh man, did i just end a sentence with a preposition?
Just because someone says someone else should be hanged,,, doesn't make it a crime. It's an opinion. more squawk talk from the politically correct thought police that would like to squelch everybodies opinion that is different from their own. Taking the highroad on this forum means I need to shut my trap about what my opinion is of this politico facist gungrabber...
Hung = Racist

We better get Shartpton and Jackson to sort this out for us ASAP! Could someone get a dictionary and highlight the racist words for me, I totally missed that one.

I had to take the word "Pole" out of a report the other day because it was a racist term, apparently I can no longer use that as an abbreviation for Polish National. Lame.

"Kiss it!" "uh.. what?" "Kiss it, apologize!"

SS are you sure you're just not a Black Neo-Nazi? Because I'm still not convinced.
Calling for anyone to be hanged is poor behavior at best. Add in the fact that the person referred to was black (yes, many Puerto Ricans are of African descent) and you give the media another reason to demonize gun owners.
Calling for anyone to be hanged is poor behavior at best. Add in the fact that the person referred to was black (yes, many Puerto Ricans are of African descent) and you give the media another reason to demonize gun owners.

why is it poor behaviour if it's true? and everybody that's going on about it being the 21st century...maybe we need to keep promoting certain aspects of the 18th century mindset before they are lost completely. there is a fine line between simply doing things that are obviously counter-productive to our cause, and being appropriately forthright. this was in no way innappropriate. if we allow the rules to be dictated more and more by the opposition, soon we'll have no say at all. someone mentioned hanging an image in effigy. i recommend that be the next course of action for our friends in PA. these scumbag politicians need better reminders of who allows them to hold they positions they do.
I wasn't aware that "taking the high road" meant kissing the boots of tyrants and asking them permission to exercise your rights. Or begging for them to acknowledge your rights.
I guess I'm with you on this. I understand the highroad. By the other side knows no boundaries on their venom towards...OUR Bill of Rights.

Better a harsh to the point banner than a hollow point. This is not tough talk here.....The 2A has multiple purposes and one of them is the ultimate check on Govt.

So if a banner reminds the socialist how this country was started (and why) more power to it.

People this is not some social studies field trip. Real people are having real problems with this Govt.

They can tax me 50% and limit my liberties BUT BY GOD LETS NOT OFFEND THEM WITH A BANNER. Worst crap is on TV....EVERYDAY!!!

This banner at least is fair warning. How many fair warnings do citizens get when these socialists put anti-Bill of Rights bills up for votes? NONE
someone mentioned hanging an image in effigy. i recommend that be the next course of action for our friends in PA. these scumbag politicians need better reminders of who allows them to hold they positions they do.

Even in the 18th Century, the Framers knew that the best way to do this was through elections. They had no right to "un-elect" the King and picked up arms. We have the right to elect our politicians out of office.
This banner at least is fair warning. How many fair warnings do citizens get when these socialists put anti-Bill of Rights bills up for votes? NONE

How many legislators do you think those hoopies are actually going to hang? My guess is none. So, they were basically woofing. Woofing does nothing but give our enemies grist for their propaganda mills. How many fence-sitters and not-very-committed antis do you suppose look at a banner like that and say "Wow! Those folks are just like modern day versions of the Founding Fathers!" How many do you think look at a banner like that and come to much less favorable conclusions about the people holding it?
They aren't going to scare any politicos into voting their way. They aren't going to win us any converts. The only thing they accomplished was giving the other side a way to make us all look like racist hoopies.

Members of the Legislative Black Caucus called yesterday for a state police investigation into the display of what they called a racist banner in the Capitol that said a Latino lawmaker should be "hung from the tree of liberty for his acts of treason against the Constitution."

What did the Legislative White Caucus have to say about this?

"Physician... heal thyself."

Don't even get me started on the whole "rights are given by government" idiocy...
Are you guys honestly vexed by how calling for a Black man to be hanged could be considered a little racially insensitive?
No more so than hanging a white man, or any other man for that matter..
What's a rope got to do with being racist ? But I'm off topic. It wasn't in the
best taste, but of course the poster outplayed the real reason it was there
in the first place and that is pro-gun right bills.
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