What steel Normark hunting & skinning Axe

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Aug 5, 2005
Denver CO area
Hey there! I was wondering if anyone knows what stainless steel was used for the discontinued Normark Hunting & Skinning Axe made in Sweden?


I've had one for nearly 30 years I think. I've almost exclusively used it for processing small and large game, as an ulu and to cut through small bones in small game. I hesitate to use it on wood much until I get an idea of its toughness. I carry it as well as a large knife, the latter of which I use for batoning wood. If I could rely on the axe for light wood processing I wouldn't have to carry the large knife (usually an Esee 6 or even the Junglas). I figure I could also use it as a weapon??
Thank you for your help!
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Really hard to know. There was a Normark branded knife that used 12C27 Stainless steel. If that's what it is, and if it's heat-treated properly then it should be pretty tough, as far as stainless goes.
Thinking about this more, I have decided that it's probably more important to look at the blade/edge geometry than to be overly concerned with the type of steel. If the axe has an edge that is ground like a knife edge as opposed to an axe edge, you should probably limit its use as a wood chopper.

Very generally then, if the edge angle is less than 30 degrees, treat it like a knife. If it's 35 degrees or more, then it should hold up pretty well to chopping wood if the heat treat is correct.
The edge, best I can discribe, a medium deep Scandinavian grind. It sharpens well, had a decent edge and ran it over one of those sharpening rods you use for kitchen knives, first one way, then lightly the other to take off the burr, worked very well.

Yesterday I hacked on some green wood as we had lost some branches, edge held up well and performed well as a small axe. Where this axe really shines is processing small game like rabbit & Squirrel.
Thanks much!
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