1. Mstafford88

    Is it worth reloading 357 magnum?

    My dad is pretty stoked now that he has a red dot on his 357 mag and wants to take it deer hunting (he’s got the skills, no worries about a clean shot there) So I already make him .38spcl for plinking which drill 8” plates at 50 yards just using a turret press and knocking out plinker rounds...
  2. CZ-75BD

    Taurus 692 38 357 Da Sa 9mm

    Looking forward to buying that revolver. Any good or bad review?
  3. M

    Uberti 1858 carbine barrel interchangeable with pietta 1858 revolver

    I have a pietta 1858 44 caliber revolver from 2020, I was wondering if I could buy a uberti 1858 18 inch 44 caliber revolver carbine barrel and put it on the pietta 1858 revolver frame, does anyone have experience or tried this? Thank you for your time
  4. TacticalJanitor

    Quality holsters for Smith 69 + RMR recommendations?

    A little background before my question: I recently picked up a new Smith M69 and discovered that the barrel is either clocked or crooked. I've been monkeying around with picking aftermarket front and rear sights because I cannot see the factory sights in dim lighting...and I remembered that I...
  5. M

    Uberti conversion question

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could tell me what kind of factory loads are suitable for a uberti 38 special conversion? like the man with no name one. Am an Aussie and not many people seem to know nothing about that sort of stuff here cheers
  6. A

    .38spl vs 357 mag revolvers

    Recoil comparison: shooting .38 spl ammo in 2 different revolvers with identical barrel length: A .38 spl vs a 357 mag revolvers with 4 in barrels. Which one will have the least recoil?
  7. Stevel

    Number of rounds used in defense going up?

    While I own auto's I am a revolver guy at heart and usually carry one. I have been looking at a lot of real life shooting channels on YT lately. While more prevelant in officer involved shootings, seems like a lot of semi-auto shooters are treating their pistols like "bullet hoses" just putting...
  8. G

    Handgun Life

    Prior to getting into competition I always thought that firearms were indestructible and lasted indefinitely. However, I was recently told that, for a semi-auto, each time the slide cycles it scrapes off a miniscule amount of metal from the slide rails. Eventually, the slide rails will get so...
  9. TarDevil

    Carrying on my Peugeot

    I've had that handlebar bag for years. I've got an old Don Parker IWB I bought for my SR9c many years ago. It fits perfectly in the bag and my Shield Plus fits perfectly in the holster. Now, if the Drs would just let me ride again. IMG_20221022_154006062 by TarDevil posted Oct 22, 2022 at 3:45...
  10. 2

    38 S&W Special CTG - YOM

    The s/n is 506xxx with a V, but the V is stamped away from the s/n so it does not immediately precede the s/n. I gather that this means that it was around during WW2 but I recall seeing s/ns in the high 470xxx range with owners claiming that they were made in the 1920s. 470xxx to 506xxx is...
  11. G

    38spl PPC of yesteryear / todays 9mm

    Not an easy title to catch interest. So yesteryear’s 38spl 148gr HBWC over 2.7 gr of Bullseye was/is the unfailing PPC target recipe since forever. Now that we have great guns like the S&W 929 6” revolver in 9mm, I would like to know what is the unfailing great load for a 9mm revolver. Is there...
  12. Blobfisherman

    Cap and Ball Lubrication Question

    Hey y'all. I'm pretty new to cap and ball revolvers, just getting started in them this month. I know that a lot of paper cartridges are/were lubricated before being loaded into a weapon, and when not using paper cartridges, folks encourage either using a lubricated wad between the powder and...
  13. MoscowMike

    Revolvers in Korea?

    I was reading an article about the first woman combat helicopter pilot (Indochina, 1951) which included this picture of a USAF rescue crew, apparently in Korea. The revolver on his hip is interesting.
  14. A

    Need help with ID and value

    I was gifted this old revolver and I'm just trying to date and value for my own curiosity. It's a Smith & Wesson .32 S&W CTG, top open, engraved, nickel plated and with pearl grips. Serial number 250304, both on bottom of grip and rear face of cylinder. Pat'd May 11, Jan 3(?), and April 9.
  15. DR505

    Found a good one: Model 13-4

    I found a good Model 13-4 3" .357 magnum at a decent price. Very clean, perfect bore, super-smooth action, just a bit of wear at the muzzle. Doesn't appear to be fired much at all. Here is a quick photo for now:
  16. Autodidactic

    Were .38 special and .357 standard loads much hotter originally?

    I've been reading a number of articles stating that both the .357 and .38 special standard loads were much hotter 40-50 years ago. Is that accurate? If so, why did they reduce their power so much? Shooting with Hobie "The factory ammo made back in the 1970s and earlier was hotter than that...
  17. 2

    357mag 125gr XTP Loads

    Based on my reading, the consensus seems to be that a 125gr JHP bullet makes for a very good defense round. Mr. Ayoob stated in an article that I read some time ago that a 125gr JHP moving between 1400fps - 1450fps is, in his opinion, a very good choice. I'd like to come up with a load recipe...
  18. MikeInOr

    Dan Wesson revolver barrels and shrouds back in stock at CZ.

    I am very happy to see that CZ-USA now has many Dan Wesson revolver barrels and shrouds in stock again in their online store. Shortly after the start of the pandemic Dan Wesson revolver barrels / shrouds went out of stock at CZ...
  19. S

    Astra 960 Marked .38 SPL, but has a .357 Cylinder

    Hey guys, hoping someone here has some information on the old Astra revolvers. I snagged an Astra 960 revolver in a bit of horse trading today. I don't know a ton about Astra revolvers but I know they are somewhat regarded as fairly decent guns. The finish is rough but it appears to be in...
  20. Wolfman0125

    Griswold & Gunnison

    Here is my Griswold & Gunnison .36 cal Revolver. Defarbed.