1911 colt 70 series clones

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May 20, 2017
I have heard that the RIA standard GI is colt 70 series clone, is this true? And if so can colt 70 parts drop-in a RIA? I understand some fitting may be needed
From my understanding all RIA 1911s are based on the Series 70. All parts should fit with no more or less fitting than any other 1911 (i.e. it may need some, but standard parts will fit).
The unique characteristic of the Colt Series 70 was the collet (spring) barrel bushing. The main characteristic of the Series 80 was the firing pin safety. In current 1911 clones, the collet bushing has been dropped but the firing pin safety generally lives on.

If we're talking about the RIA gun made in the Philippines by Armscor, it is neither a Series 70 nor a Series 80, but follows the original design. All GI parts should be a drop-in fit, with possibly minor adjustments. (I used two RIA frames to build close copies of WWII guns.) On the other hand, the "GI" gun made by Kahr Arms / Auto Ordnance (also a close lookalike) is a Series 80 with the firing pin safety. The firing pin safety parts in a Kahr can be removed and replaced by standard GI parts, but you have to use a special filler piece in the frame cutout.
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