20 round AR Magazine Pouches with Flap?

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Oct 22, 2006
So, I've been trying to find magazine pouches that meet the following criteria:

* Holds 2 5.56mm 10/20 Pmags (one in front of the other, not multiple pouches side by side)
* Has a top flap, not a shingle-type pouch
* Pouch height is for 20 round magazines without ranger plate/magpul, etc...NOT made for 30 round mags.
* Loose enough not to get stuck with pmag dust covers on
* User replaceable shock cord retention
* Molle on the back
* Coyote Tan or similar color

The only ones I've been able to find are these: http://www.octactical.com/ar20rndmag.html

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's taking new orders at this time.

Anyone know of something like this out there that is available for purchase?
Someone on another forum suggested M14 mag pouches. Anyone have thoughts on this? Will they be too tall to easily pull the mags out of? Too sloppy of a fit to keep them from rattling without using shock cord?
3 will fit into the M14 mag pouch. You can
squeeze 4 into it, but it's a tight fit. They
sit about a half of an inch below the lip of
the pouch. They aren't rattling enough to
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For the record, this is the solution I came up with:

Just arrived. Very nice. Included 2 malice strips, use-replaceable shock cord, built like a tank, loose enough for PMAG dust covers for long-term storage, retention is fine if you use shock cord and/or plastic clip. I figure I can combine this with the maxpedition short shingle to keep 2 mags ready for instant use should it ever come to that.

Can only fit 2 10/20 pmags, but it works just fine for what I need it for.
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