.22 LR Shooting Bench

Why the Snowman/Triangle/Sasquatch string was tough to hang.


I may add steps to the tree so I can paint them. I used an 8 foot step ladder to hang it.
A few of those if shooting an unscoped rifle are going to make some challenging targets. Nice mix of things.

The kinda range I’d love to run several hundred rounds through using the Henry in .327FM.
For my portable shooting bench I use a Black & Decker Workmate. It folds flat for easy carry and storage. I cut a top out of 3/4” plywood, screwed a 2x2 on the bottom side to clamp into the jaws. It’s really steady, plus I use it for construction projects.

For me it’s a good height when I use a folding chair
Nice setup, I never thought about hanging targets from fence post, we use old tires hanging from fence post to keep them vertical (we remove our targets and store them afterwards).
We use a wire spool and picnic table that is stationary and a foldable work bench for something that is portable, nothing as elaborate as your setup, we've been looking into creating barriers to shoot from and that might be a good fall project

Kudos for you on doing such a superb job of making this awesome range a reality!!!

Thanks for sharing it with us!
A rolling shooting shack!:)
Before sister's family moved to Texas, BIL put new bearings and wiring in the trailer they were using for 5 acre property to gift to me for all the ARs I built for them. It's a 5'x8' landscaping trailer with expanded metal boxes on driver side. I just got done fabricating a used ramp gate and treated the surface rust with Rust-Oleum Reformer and planning to paint the whole trailer with bedliner paint.

With the addition of the trailer, while making plans to shoot during the winter rainy season out of the Pacifica minivan with the back hatch up, I am rekindling the "machine rest" retirement project I set aside for pistol/carbine load/accuracy testing using the around 1000 pound combined trailer/shooter weight as stable/solid shooting platform inspired by Bart B. mentioned machine rest that produced around one inch 10 shot .308 groups at 600 yards (under 2" 20-40 shot groups) - https://www.thehighroad.org/index.p...-pcc-machine-rest-build.852174/#post-11147479

I already ordered the back RV stabilizing legs and the front trailer jack will provide the third point of support. I am thinking about welding mounts for the machine rest to initially test pistol loads at 25/50 yards and 22LR/9mm carbines at 50/100 yards.
Having a little shack in the woods to shoot from or read or nap or brew a pot of coffee is certainly a plus.
Of course, I already got heavy mil tarp to drape over "A frame" top with plans to box in the trailer with plywood floor/Coroplast sides and propane heater. :D



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A few of those if shooting an unscoped rifle are going to make some challenging targets. Nice mix of things.
That's the idea, it can be as hard or as easy as one wants or needs, easy targets for young kids, or beginner adults, and hard targets for the more skilled shooters. The days of me hitting those little ones at distance with iron sights are long gone.

I'll end up with 5 "easy" targets across from left to right, have three, need two more. That will give folks an easy to run "stage" of 10 rounds (2 on each target), that can be shot off of barricades but still hit fairly easily. Two shots move, two shots move etc. Again, kids, beginner adults, etc.

No one has fun if they can't hit stuff, all ranges need some easy to hit targets. My buddy Jeff and I shot the 3" plate at 108 yards off of the tank trap a couple of weeks ago and were getting 8s & 9s, nope, didn't "clean" it, but we shoot PRS & NRL-22 so we have more experience and practice than the other folks who will shoot here. ;)
Update on the right lane.

I have another 12" plate that will go a few feet to the left of the one in the middle at 70 yards, it will be around 73 yards.
I hung a 40%(8"x12") IPSC and a 3" round plate at about 53 yards far right. Then there will be a string of diamonds and circles
from 4" down to 1" at the 70 yard tree the ladder is against, have the targets, straps are ordered. Make my mounts. Then at 80
yards there is a 10"x2.5" "bottle", a 2.5" circle, and a 7"x4" quail. At 95 yards there is a 6" "snowman" a 2" by 1" triangle, and a
7" Sasquatch. At 100 yards is a 40% IPSC hostage target with a 2.5" paddle. Then at 114 yards (hard to see just above ladder)
there's an 8"x12" zombie. Then at 130 yards there is a 10.7"x8" Mexican Cowboy. And finally at 150 yards is a 8.5"x13"
silhouette. (Head is 3x4) Also have the three stick in the ground NRL-22 target hangers and various size paddles to put wherever
needed. Pretty much done with hanging targets i think, but have a wide variety of sizes and distances. Lots of options for "stages",
or just playing around. Have a tank trap to shoot off of, the metal barricade, the table, the deck, a rock I have yet to stick in the ground,
and a couple more ideas for obstacles to shoot off of.

IMG_2899 Close Up.JPG IMG_2894.JPG IMG_2894 Close Up.JPG IMG_2891.JPG IMG_2895.JPG
That it is, except for the walk down the hill, across the ditch (Need to build a bridge), then down the lanes, then back, then across the ditch, then up the hill. :)
I'm going to cut a road around the ditch one of these days, my old legs are liking that walk less and less, I have the route picked out, just have to do it. All it has to be is enough for a small buggy.

I added another target (6" gong) in the right shooting lane at 161 yards (Just worked out that way.) I can always adjust it a couple of yards, but 161 is fine.
I also added steps to the KYL set up to help me paint the paddles. Then I made a card board holder to staple targets to for group shooting at 50 yards.
IMG_9947.JPG IMG_9950.JPG IMG_9951.JPG IMG_9967.JPG IMG_9967aa.JPG
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Unless you're just not showing us photos of the equipment, that looks like a lot of manual labor. Should keep you feeling young or make you realize your not anymore. :)

Either way, very nice.