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thats fine but besides being cheap is there an advantage because if more accurate i would be intrested in buying one but the 204 ruger has long barrel life.

Uhhhh looks like you meant that you were under the impression that the .204 had long barrel life. Anyway, that is about all the information I can give you on your questions. It will be a matter of preference. My suggestion would be to fire them all, then weigh the cost differentials against what your needs for the firearm would be. Good luck
my username should state my age and i pay for my 35 40 dollar a box ammo i never let anyone pay for my ammo
There is nothing wrong with being 14, heck I still remember 14. It was only 17 years ago... I am not the most avid shooter in the world mainly due to costs and the like. But I have put enough rounds down range shooting Prairie Dogs, Rabbits, and targets to know that 223 is more than enough for all of those things. It may not be as fast, nor as flat as other "varmint" rounds but it is not nearly as expensive to shoot either. I am not bothered by it's being slower and less flat as it fill the niche very well for me. I have hit Prairie Dogs and steel plates at 600y in a cross wind with 223, that works for me. I have competed in enough competitions to know that I still have a lot to learn about practical shooting. I may not be the fastest trigger at the match but I sure as heck hit what I am aiming at. So if my experience is not enough, or does nothing to sway your opinion, then that is fine. I will loose no sleep.
i shoot few rounds of the 40 dollar a box 264 ammo because id ruin the barrel but i shoot over a thousand rounds of 12 gauge shells and i shoot a fair amount of other stuff dont know how much though
I regularly take ground hogs at 150-200 yards with my AR using M193 and M855's, (surplus ammo.) How much more accuracy are you looking for?
300 to 400 yards is the range im looking at
Well within the abilities of 223. Even more so if you can reload, doesn't even need to be match grade reloads. A decent AR with a decent optic is more than able to make accurate shots at that range. Even the fixed 4x or 3.5x ACOG is plenty of power for that range. But if you want more magnification then that is fine. There are plenty of great scopes out there that will bolt right on the top on an AR. Bolt rifles are even easier.
If you're shooting prairie dogs, an ACOG isn't a great choice for a scope, but with enough magnification, even those little critters can be popped at 300-400 yards quite easily, so long as you have half a clue about reading the wind.
so would the 223 be suitable at 300 to 400 yards?

I killed a bunch of yotes at 300+ yards with my .223 before I got my .220swift which is now my dedicated yote smoker. But I have been shooting for over 47 years and trained by some pretty sporty people in doping the wind and reading ranges and such. To put it bluntly Jake, the rifle and cartridge means very little in long range shots. The SHOOTER is 80% of the equation. Knowing your equipment and what it can and can not do in the conditions at hand are the key to good shots. Don't think for a second that just because you have the latest greatest wizz bang ultra mag cartridge that you will be able to go shoot at 500+ yards with ease. It takes 3 things, PRACTICE, PATIENCE, AND THE WILL TO ACCEPT YOU DON'T KNOW IT ALL. Learn those 3 things and you will not only be a more accomplished shootist, but a better person over all in life.
The military chose the 223 because it's a good balance of power, accuracy, weight, ease of use and well suited for automatic fire. Certainly there are trade offs, but of what use is the 30-06 in an automatic if a soldier can't carry as much ammo? So there you are Jake, trade off (or compromise) is your answer. It's accurate yet comfortable to shoot and the availability and cost means you can shoot more.

But I'd like to add that it's not only the bullet but the gun. The gas operated AR with it's low positioned barrel is a lot of fun to shoot. I would venture a guess that the popularity of the gun is in good part responsible for the popularity of the bullet.

You can get input from others, but the decision has to be yours. If a pure varminter is all you want, perhaps you should get a 22-250.
Well I don't need that long of range but is the 223 better at 300 to 400 yards than the 220 swift?
No, but it's capable as long as you are good enough to read the wind. no .22 cal cartridge will be able to buck wind like the 6.5-7.62 family.
I shoot .308 for a reason, It might not be as flat shooting or as powerful as that .264 you have but it will slam a yote as far as you can hit it.
I really want to get out callin yotes but I havent had the chance to yet.
but .223 is fine for anything up to small deer as long as you pick your shots.
Well I don't need that long of range but is the 223 better at 300 to 400 yards than the 220 swift?

In a word, no it is not. The .220swift has better choice of ballistic coefficient bullets as well as more speed for flatter trajectory. But the "trade off" is more barrel wear and more expense in ammo costs. Would the .223 be sufficient? Yes it has been for many years and was for me. But I am, for lack of a better word, a gun nut from hell. I have many cartridges that I could have "gotten by" with something else but they were just so damn pretty! Sorry but me being in a high end gun shop is like sending my wife into a Gucci store.
No pics I am sorry !! Last month I doubled tapped a Boar at a little over 340 yards with M855 .223/5.56. green tip Privi Partizan Both bullets impacted within 3 inches of each other. Boar was facing about 20 to 30 degrees away from me when I took the shot. The shots were taken with a Bi-pod and rifle at rest

The boar was not for eating just a pest and I would "guess" he would have dressed out to over 150...He was big and ugly for a South Texas boar. I double tapped knowing the bullets would get there before the sound and also the boar was so big I was not sure one round would bring him down..He took one step forward and went mussel down butt up and keeled over. This was from a 20" Bushmaster scoped Ar.

Great! School's out for Christmas, and you ran outta BBs for your Red Rider. Your ma let you skip piano practice today, and the Ninja Turtles episode got cancelled. So, what's a bored 8-year-old to do?! Talk smack on rounds of which he knows nothing. I wish your teachers would have given you some vacation homework, so you wouldn't be posting such threads as this one.

Get yourself a gun, a book, take hunter safety, then go practice. If you can shoot well, a .223 Rem will harvest any varmint you put in the crosshairs. The same can be said for the .204 Ruger or the .22-250 Rem. Among my favorite varmint rounds is the "lowly" .22LR. If you're talking cost-to-performance (point of rationality), the .22LR is truly unbeatable.

Well geno I'm sorry but you're wrong about my age as far as gun books go got plenty.I also have some guns but I don't get why I should be mocked for this thread

You really want a serious answer? Post a serious thread. Read the following:


No trash no problem I was wondering why I would buy the 223 I'm not trying to make anyone mad but the military surplus does not have varmint bullets and isn't noted for exceptional accuracy so by the time you're done reloading with good loads is it much cheaper to reload than the 204 or the swift or even the 22-250

It is a run-on of babble. There is no position taken, really. If there is, it is difficult to identify because it is a simple run-on mess with no punctuation. We get a lot of what we call "trolls". Trolls are folks who create absurd threads, have no real position or question, no genuine argument, and who simply stir-up the pot (so to speak).

This thread fits the "troll" profile to a "t".

If you're not "trolling", perhaps take it more serious and offer something up that contributes to the base of knowledge. What did you choose and why? Or if you are uncertain, what should you choose and why?

Clear enough? If not, let me redirect you. I offered you a base to open a genuine position: "point of rationality". Times are financially difficult for many folks right now in December of 2010. Now seems a reasonable time to seek-out a financial point of rationality. The .223 Rem does so extremely well. The .22LR does so best.

Is it much cheaper to reload than the 204 or the swift or even the 22-250.

This is the original question I believe. Why did this thread get so hostile so quick? I didn't notice him flaming 223 and at one point said he may be interested in one. So whats the problem, i'd rather have my son come here and ask a question thats been asked a million times and get an informed answer than go to mall ninja.com. Maybe I missed another thread and this is carryed over?

Geno I saw ur 2nd post and that explains it to me.
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