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I don't really care who the OP is, but I just find it funny that people of seemingly "normal" intellect and that are probably out of their teenage years are jumping on this.

But then again I have been doing this forum thing for a very long time and mod forums that make the high road look like a Sunday social.:D
After awhile it gets old and such individuals become a time suck. Now I wish for a massive internet ignore feature that filters out all the morons.
The biggest issue I haven't seen anyone comment on is about the military surplus 223.

Military surplus is 556, you can shoot 223 in a 556 weapon but not vice versa, the 556 has more pressure than the 223. If you have a 223 gun, you would have to ream the chamber for a 556 to expel the extra pressure.

I know plenty will say that they have shot 556 in a 223 weapon and no problem, wait and by all means shoot it more and more, you will see a difference when it cracks at best or shears apart in your face.

I don't remember the pressure difference off the top of my head but I think it is about 15,000 psi. I could be wrong about the number, I know it isn't less but could be more.

For anyone that doesn't know what I'm talking about, military rifles have more space before the rifling starts, as compared to commercial 223 rifles.
Most production .223 bolt rifles can handle the 5.56's pressure, after all, If the Howa 1500 and rem 700's short action is the same on all guns chambered for short action cartidges, what is the odd's that 5.56 would blow up the action of a gun that could handle the .308 round with a barrel swap and a bolt face change?
Civilian rifles? I don't own anything that hasn't fought a war...:D

The MK318 and MK262 are where its at. Heck the old M855 had to penetrate a Kevlar helmet at what 600 yards? I don't think popping rats at 300-400 is much of a challenge.
JD it isn't the action that is the problem. It is the chamber itself. Commercial .223 weapons are not spaced for the excessive pressures the 5.56 cartridge generates. And after some time they will either blow the throat clean out of a .223 or blow the breech clean apart.
The only reason I brought up the pressure is for all we know this kid (or anyone else) could get a Savage 110 in 223 and start shooting 556 in it, just don't want to see someone get hurt because they don't know any better.
I work at a gun store and you would be surprised at how many salesmen were telling people it's okay to shoot 556, I had to give them a class on it. Lucky no one has gotten hurt but a few guns have been pretty torn up.
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