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Are you aware that ARs shooting .223 ammunition are competed with in matches and that this type of rifle is dominant these days? Also understand that ARs shooting .223 are commonly shot out to 600 yards, well within your criteria.

Many types of ammunition can be considered the "best" at 400 yards because "best" has different criteria, economy and accuracy and wear on equipment being some of them. What is "best" for someone with an unlimited budget for ammunition and firearms isn't the same as someone without that budget and what is "best" for someone that can load their own is different from someone that only purchases factory ammunition. With all that said the .223 will certainly perform reasonably at the range you're interested in with many different sources of factory as well as hand load ammunition while putting minimum stress on your firearm, either semi or bolt. That versatility can be considered a good "best" criteria as well.

Take a look at this thread - http://thehighroad.org/showthread.php?p=2190792
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It seems a carry over of other (recent) such threads to start caliber-wars, and brand-wars...trolling.

I agree with desiring to take time and educate folks. If you look at the thread about the M700 bore being dark...

Remington 700P bore not shiny? - THR

...you will see that I am willing to invest my very time and money to get legitimate answers. Over the course of those two days, I did about 60 minutes of my own research, and made two phone calls. I sat on hold for about 30 minutes total, and carried on two wonderful conversations with Weatherby and Remington representatives to get an answer.

In this thread, there was no question placed for me, or anyone to answer. Where folks create hit-and-run threads, I am intolerant.

Geno I mentioned ur post because u posted it as I was asking the question and it answered it. I wasn't directing anything at you :)

I will admit I have a son who writes similar to the op so I guess i'm used to trying to find my way through. If that makes any sense.
Guys he is a 14 year old kid, and your taking the bait...I'm guessing most of you are over 14.:rolleyes:

I'm actually very surprised to run into someone so young on a forum, the sites I troll are usually populated with people 2-3 times his age. I'll have to watch my posts more from now on I didn't think 8th graders could be reading them.:eek::D;)

Oh as to the original question, kid get some more experience your lack of it is not your fault we were all 14 once, but its really showing here. Your coming across as a bit of a know it all as a lot of us did at your age, nothing wrong with that you will grow out of it. Just be mindful of it. Some of the older more experienced posters here could really help you; as older shooters need to in order to help the sport along.:)
He says he's 14. He may be 75 and just having fun with the wet-behind-the-ears group. I can just see it. He's probably sitting at the checkerboard table, sipping ice tea and thinking, "Who can I mess with tonight?!" :D Someone check to see where "grampster" is hanging out. Might be he's messin' with us too? <<Joking.>>

Most here know that I was a middle school & high school principal for 5 years. I've seen lots of kids like this...reminds me of me at that age. :D But, people also helped to set me right.

So, BBs for varminting at 700 yards: copper plated, or zinc plated?! I prefer teflon coated. They fly more accurately with my Red Rider and Nightforce 12-42 scope. Of course, to achieve distance, I did have to make a custom 100 MOA rail. :D I ran outta coin, an' hada mount the scope with duct tape. Chill, dudes. It's all good. :)


Update to check PO's activity. Please review the dates and times of the posts. I see no way any thought went into these threads:

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@ hso - the youtube vids in your sig definitely come to mind:D
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Geno has more trigger time than most. listen and learn. Or not as the mood strikes you.
? watch that you tube yet ?
? watch that you tube yet ?

LMAO. i just watched the video.

+1 Bikerdoc... have you watched the video yet Jake?
Oh thanks, hso!! I just watched the SWAT video. I was all wrapped-up in it regarding which scope is better: Knightfarce of Schmid & Bendovur. Just when it got to where I thought I could learn which one to mount on my new Red Rider, the video stops.

Great, now I have to go start a new thread to ask the internet which is really best. BTW, I'm short on coin, cuz I just brought a case of duct tape to mount my other Tacticool skopes. Does Knightfarce make a generic skope? I don't need the illuminated recepticle because I have a flashlight. I don't need mil-dots, cuz I got a majic marker. I can just dot them onto the lense myself.

Would it be better that I marker-on the mil dots to the skope lense, or on my eye glass lense?! If I mark-up my eye glasses, I could take my mil-dots with me anywhere. Pleas excuze my spehlin' and inn-cohear-rant thoughts.

Yep, definitely a marker Geno. No sense spending big bucks on a precise Mil Dot scope when a $1 marker can do the job. The big end is where I put marks.... :)
Pleas excuze my spehlin' and inn-cohear-rant thoughts.
shuckz, i is used to it....

We's on to something now!

Grab a pen buddy, and fill out the papers for a cop pee wright <<no slam on LEOs intended>>.

We'll can call our new mil-dot the: Redneck Reddot! Course, we'll have to use a red marker.

Geno is the stuff. and because of that, I'm currently drawing mildots on my glasses ;)

so long as we are off topic (if there was one): another video from pointblank4445: EVERY QUESTION AND ANSWER ON A GUN FORUM (PART I,II,III) check it out on youtube. has some language, but still funny
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To hopfully derail this topic

GENO you really owe it to yourself to take a look at THR's "dark" skin in the user options. When I saw your screenshot I'd forgotten how downright painful THR's default background is to look at.
LOL! Some of these threads really crack me up. The OP asked a question, and seems quite indignant about the answers that he is getting from the rest of you. Not to bash anyone that uses the .220, 22-250, or any other wizz bang .22 or .20 for shooting, but the .223 is sufficent to handle the shots that the OP asked about. The faster .22s would be a little flatter shooting, and possibly make wind doping a bit easier, so I would say, the .223 would be more challenging, for those that have the patience and skill to learn to shoot it. The .204, I would immagine, would be an even bigger challenge to dope propperly, considering the lighter bullets that are made in that caliber.

So, short answer, if the OP doesnt have the patience to learn, or the skills to apply, the .220 could possibly hide the shortcomings of the shooter, and the .204 would only exadgerate the shortcommings. The only varmint cartrige I have ever found at Wal-mart in 40 pack hollow points has been the .223, for about the same price as the 20 box of 22-250.
Too dark for old eyes, besides, you can adjust the brightness of the monitor.
Would you answer?
OK, but I'm not sure what the question was. You kind of wandered about on that. Is the .223 cheaper to load? I'd say yes, but in some cases so slightly that it may not matter.

Your comment about the shortcomings of surplus ammo is another angle to your question. If you are asking whether the availability of cheap surplus ammo justifies the .223, that's entirely up to the individual. But it doesn't relate to the comparative expense of reloading, other than as a cheap source of brass. If that's your question, I suppose the answer may be yes. However, the cheapest surplus ammo may not be reloadable, so it could be a wash. If you are suggesting the .223 may be less desirable because surplus ammo is inferior, surplus is not the only source of ammo so the question is specious.

You question wasn't clear so you got many answers. If you are serious and not trying to stir people up, you need to be more succinct. If your are serious and really 14 years old, I think you are doing pretty good for your age. And if you are not serious and you are a troll, nothing you have said or say here matters.

I hope this answers whatever you have asked.
for awgrizzly
i think what jake1996 was trying to say was, that when surplus ammo can be so cheaply made and the regular ammo .223 is not much cheaper than other rounds in it's class you see, than why not go with something that has better performance?
i think that is what he meant? :confused:
How about using grammar? Some of these posts are impossible to comprehend.

I haven't read all of the thread's post, but if your buying .223 loaded ammunition. The best I have bought is Black Hills. Their ammunition out performs all other .223 ammo I have shot.
So good that I did not reload for my AR-15. A blue box of .223 soft points in 55 grain out of my 1 in 9 twist Colt upper was great. I would say it was the most consistent ammunition I have shot in .223. Consistent dime size groups of 10 at 100 yards.
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