336 with a bayonet

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Aug 4, 2008
western Kentucky
I was thinking of having a local gunsmith had a bayonet lug to my 336, to a cowboy tactical rifle. Is this a bad idea or a pretty cool mod.? One reason I was thinking about not doing it is Marlin (I believe) has quit making the 336A, the model I have.
Do you need a bayonet?

It will likely ruin the pointability of your levergun; unless you have a need, I'd avoid doing anything.

I would'nt put one on my 336RC. :uhoh:

Maybe a calvary saber on your hip instead?

Most leverguns area structurally weak in design. One reason we never adopted a levergun as a military arm is the inherent weakness of the stock/action juncture when subjected to extreme forces... eg bashing an enemy across the head.

Add to that the relative frailty of the mag tube, and it becomes apparent why it was passed over for hard use in favor of the boltgun.

If you were to add a lug and actually stick something with it ( a straw dummy or perhaps a drunken compatriot?) the chances of you breaking the gun is quite high.

In short, it sounds like a good way to ruin a fine rifle.
If you can use the lever action rifle properly you'll NEVER need to use a bayonet. Nothing will get close!

Besides that deer don't do hand to hand!! (joking)

Your gun… your dime.

B-movie Steam Punk prop: Check
Truly unique: Check
Structurally sound: Negative
Great balance: Negative
Tasteful: Eye of the beholder (If I was beholding: Negative)
Bubbalicious: Check
Useful: Negative (but not necessarily a bad thing)

It’s up to you. But you have to promise if you do it, you have to post the pics.

You also have to promise not to be offended by the replies.
Well......I don't know whether I am good company or not, but I have been looking for a worked over Marlin for about a year now to do this to. I have some ideas about how this will work, and I have a metal shop guy ready to make the lug for me. I was going to go all out tacticool for mine. I have ak's, ar's, m-14... and I don't know why I want this, but I do.
Why not? It's your rifle. I built a black 336 for my 11 year old son. No room for a bayonet lug though.

im playing devils advocate to purposefully piss off the people who say its ok to chop Mosins, but would be opposed to this

its your gun, if you wanna do it, do it. be sure to post pics
As much as I love a good bayonet, I can't think of a feasible way to mount it.
D Boone
That was mine first plan, but locally any used level cost almost as much as a new. Thank you Winchester, since they shut down production, prices has got up for any level-action. If Marlin has shutdowm production of the A model, mine sin't getting the bayonet. i do want to damage, one of the last year production models.
Is that on eof the Brockman leverguns ???I seem to recall he was also re-chambering them in 30-30 Ackley Improved as well as the structural mods...
I wouldn't, but I think anything past a leather sling is inappropriate for a lever gun, so ya know......
You'll have to get a CZ 75 SP-01 with a Tactical Block to complete the oddball bayonet collection!
BC, that's a Model 95 Winchester.

It doesn't have any magazine tube. None at all.

The box magazine is right in front of the lever. And you are right, the Russians bought a lot of them, with some sort of bayonet mount. Not long before they became Soviets.

Bart Noir
Who dreams of a warehouse somewhere in Siberia, still full of well-preserved M95s.
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