35 Remington data help

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Jan 7, 2021
I’ve got a surplus of Alliant 2000 MR and would like to work up a 35 Remington load for it. I have a ton of 200 grain bullets but can only find data for 180 and 220gr bullets. Any help would be great! I’m not new to reloading but I’m still green
Just wondering where you got your load data from? Looked in my most recent manuals Lee 2nd edition and lyman 50th and didn't see alliant 2000mr listed.. Hornady's 10th doesn't list it for their 200gr bullet. Tried alliant's website but couldn't get the their reload data to come up on my phone.

Sorry I couldn't be more help
Yes use the next heavier bullet and work up the load. I would not go above the max by more than 5 % though. Or you could email or call the manufacturer of the propellant and ask them for data. Bet they tried that bullet weight as well but did not publish it.
Thanks guys, I emailed and called Alliant last week(still waiting on a response).

the data for the 220 gr came from Speer’s website
Good luck with it, I recently started loading the 220 gr Speer with 2000MR I've been impressed so far.
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