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Mar 11, 2007
I've recently gotten around to getting an airsoft pistol -- this gas blowback (GBB) Glock 19 replica -- and I wanted to share my very positive experience with it for those who haven't tried it or perhaps haven't heard about it.{92AFE333-138D-43CEVERESTD-A8D2-04CA8729C775}&ic=GP%2DKSC%2DG19%2DMET&eq=&Tp=

This G19 is fed using hefty "real"-sized magazines that have a chamber for gas ("green gas" or, as it turns out, propane) and a double-stack channel for 0.2g 6mm BBs.

With this adapter, the gun can be run off regular Coleman propane bottles -- i.e. dirt cheap:{92AFE333-138D-43CEVERESTD-A8D2-04CA8729C775}&ic=GG%2DAI%2DPROP%2DADAP&eq=&Tp=

I love these sticky Crossman targets -- the BBs stick to the "dartboard" and roll down into a collection tray:


The pistol is dimensionally identical to a G19. It will fit the appropriate holsters, and thus is great for practicing CCW draw and fire, IDPA/IPSC drills, etc. Although there are flyers (probably due to BB imperfections), the gun is surprisingly accurate. The slide even stays open on empty.

The magazines load very quickly with both BBs and gas -- there is a "speedloader" which is essentially a tube that makes it easy to feed BBs from a spouted bottle. BBs fired at the soft target are reusable. I've cycled them a bunch of the times and there is no degradation in accuracy. If you hit a BB stuck to the target one or both may shatter, so eye prot is still a good idea.

I would recommend getting a couple extra mags with the gun, for IDPA/IPSC drills, force-on-force if there's a club or friends into this in the area, etc.

The gas blowback type of airsort gun uses some of the gas to cycle the slide in the expected fashion, helping produce a little bit of recoil. It's great -- feels like firing a semiauto .22 target pistol. It's pretty quiet all things considered.

Training Results

I am a so-so pistol shot. I think the biggest benefit I'd experienced in the past has been from dry-firing practice, learning to manage the trigger without disturbing the sights. With dry-firing, quickly raising the gun on target is another thing that can be practiced, and that too helped a lot.

With this airsoft thing, I'm seeing rapid improvement (in handling the replica; no time for the range lately) and I feel this is just the beginning. My point shooting is improving a lot, as it is no big deal to fire a thousand shots -- it's virtually free once the initial modest investment is made. I shoot the target while moving in the garage (and get terribly sloppy right away, but that's something to work on).

My overall plan is to keep improving speed and accuracy for target acquisition and double-tap or Bill Drill; holster draw and shoot; improve shooting on the move a la IPSC and practice weak hand shooting. I fired about 1500 shots in the space of a few free moments over a few days since getting this gear.

As to why the G19 replica.. I'm a longtime Glock owner and plan to add more to the "arsenal". Reinforcing the point shooting geometry with the same grip-to-barrel angle is ideal for then using the real thing.

In sum, I think the gas blowback airsoft is a great tool for practicing just about everything except recoil control. I hope to eventually find the time for some force-on-force recreation/training, but of course the family might have other designs on my time.

(I should also add that the trigger reset on this gun is similar to a Glock's, and trigger feel is overall reasonably similar. One excellent quality of the setup is the speed of reloading -- BBs just scoot out the loader spout into the "speed loader" and down into the mag. Takes a few seconds to load the 20 or so BBs, and you're back in business).
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Airsoft has become a great tool for Force on Force training, as its cheaper and much easier to acquire than Simunitions.

Japan has an entire industry built around Airsoft. They have competitions similar to IPSC. And because that nation bars firearms, Japanese who want to shoot IPSC competitions often train with an Airsoft replica during the year, fly to the host country, and after a warm-up period on the real firearm go compete. Some of those competitors place very well in the standings using this strategy.

I think its a great tool, and the technology has made them quite similar to the guns they mimic.
For those of you who are "into" Airsoft for training, what is the best Glock 19 model to get in terms of reliability and function?
Argh, some of those links are non-portable. Anyhow, I did a bit of research ended up going with

I don't know if there's something better out there, but this thing seems perfectly adequate and I was frankly surprised at how decently it's built, especially considering the price.

I was point-shooting it some more this morning and was able to walk around the "dartboard" target with decent success. Stoked!
Speaking from a LOT of Airsoft experience, I would get the KWA G19, HANDS DOWN. +++++++

Both of mine (always have a backup for your classes), have the XS big dot sights on them. You will have to press in the rear sight as the dove tail is NOT to spec and is a little small.

I pressed in the rear sights with a bench vise, and did not destroy the 100 dollar tritium rear sights. The aluminum slide shaved off some of the metal and fit tightly.

Yes most would say that putting sights on an airsoft guns that cost as much as the sights is crazy, but I try to train with what I carry.

They have been very reliable although not 100% at least 95%.

The KWA G19 does not have the trigger saftey, it has a whole in the middle due to copy and patent law.

Also the KWA will NOT fit all the same holster that a real G19 fits, the dimensions are a little larger on the KWA's than a real Glock 19, so you may have to adjust or reshape your holsters a little. It's so close that you will have to try individual holster, but the comptac's did NOT fit my KWA's out of the box.

Suarez has some classes on Force on Force, that were worth while.

We use KWAs at Study Group. And no, it is not crazy to put the same sights on it that are on your carry guns. It makes good sense. Jim Garthwaite has installed the Heinies with a gold bead insert on the front sight on two of the Airsoft guns we use, because that's what the majority have on our carry guns.

If you use propane in your airsoft guns, be sure to buy a little can of spray silicon lube and give your gun a few squirts on the moving parts every now and then. Also be sure to lube the O ring on the magazine. The advantage of using Green Gas is that it has silicon in it and you don't need to worry about lube. Be sure to keep a bit of gas in the mags when in storage as well. (though the spring for the BBs should always be unloaded when not in use)
The propane bottle adapter I got at Airsplat comes with a 1oz squeeze bottle of silicone. They just recommend a drop or two down the valve of the propane bottle every 10 mags or so.

I found that going too heavy on the lube ends up decreasing the stick of the sticky targets.
KWA/KSC makes about the best Airsoft Glocks.

I used to have a Jap/Euro Model KSC Glock 18C.

Think I still have a picture of it someplace, let me see if I can find it.

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The full-auto rifles are a blast...cuts the center out of a target in just a few seconds. We shoot a Sig226, Colt Delta Elite, Beretta92, and AK47 at work...lots of fun...pellets all over the computer room.
This looks like a great way to refine
close range point shooting while
getting of the X.

Does anybody make small airsoft
revolvers for us J frame types?
Thank You
For those of you who are "into" Airsoft for training, what is the best Glock 19 model to get in terms of reliability and function?
The folks I train with use the KWA G19. I've gone through a couple of FoF scenarios using those and they feel and work surprisingly close to the real thing.

Something you gotta be a little careful with is that depending on the holster, the slide may go off battery as you reholster. You need to put your thumb against the back of the slide as you reholster. I'm not sure if that's a particularity of the gun/holster combination I've used, or if it's a common thing of all KWA G19's.
Makes sense as the recoil spring is very weak compared to the real thing.

And as for holster fit, I overgeneralized from trying in an old sloppy holster. It's ridiculously tight in e.g. a newish Fobus paddle, but it looks like removing some of the plastic would fix this.

All in all, I'm having a great time practicing. I light-heartedly regret not trying it sooner.
For those of you who are "into" Airsoft for training, what is the best Glock 19 model to get in terms of reliability and function?

The two best companies are KWA and Tokyo Mauri. I got out of airsoft when it started costing as much as real guns. The HK MK23 I had was about $700 after all the upgrades.
+1 on Airsoft...

...and the KWA line of Glock replicas.

After a particularly cold, snowy and busy winter, most of my training for a 5 month period was Airsoft. After only a couple sessions I found that I was more accurate, faster shooting, and my hands were more skilled (rapid reloads and draws in particular) than I had expected after such a long layoff from real steel shooting.

Great training tool and allows for much higher round count than may be practial for most budgets shooting the real thing...and yeah, the electric M4 Clones are a real hoot too...about as much fun as you can have without a tax stamp :D.

Safe Shooting,

My friend has a blow back desert eagle, that things a beast :) has all the real markings on it too, IMI .50AE, really cool, i have a electric g36c.. not nearly as cool though :p
The KWA G19's are slightly fatter behind the rail portion on back to the grip. That is why they do not work in all holsters, especially the older Fobus.

I do know they work well in a Blade Tech and SERPA holsters.

Also, green gas is pretty expensive. You can buy a propane adapter and propane is about $2.50 - $3.00 per can.

If those shells are the same dimensions as a 12 gauge (they look a little narrow, though), and are set off by impact to the primer, maybe they could be used in an actual shotgun for cheap indoors practice? I believe I've read that airsoft 40mm grenades can be used in actual 40mm grenade launchers, as they're the correct size and are set off by a whack to the "primer."

Quadruple check that there's no real ammo, etc., of course.
I wouldnt get that shotgun, its a cheap POS.

If you dont mind not having shells then the Marushin shotguns or its chinese clones are probably the best.

If you want the realism then Tanaka or the more expensive airsoftsuregeon custom guns at are the best, though they can cost more than the real thing.
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