"American Guns" TV show.....

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I am suspicious of this show because of the particular gun dealer they've picked to profile. He's a piece of work ... and I suspect we're being set up to prove the antis arguments about gun folk.

Just ask people from Denver what they think of Rich Wyatt and Gunsmoke and you're likely to hear language that Art's Grammaw wouldn't approve of.

Man I sure hope that's not the case! Here I was all excited about a new firearm-related series coming. Oh well, I'll just have to watch the first show and see for myself.
I spent a summer interning in that shop about 10 years ago. The show will suck, I assure you. All drama and no substance.
I'll have to watch the first episode, if for no other reason than the segment on Colt Single Actions, but the commercials for this one look like gun owners are gonna come away looking bad.
If it takes the ladies revealing bare skin to attract viewers, I don't need to watch it.

Bare skin and drama? No thanks. Just explain the guns and shooting.
I'll give the show a chance as I'm burnt out of watching "Sons of Guns and Top Shot".

Whats that other new one called? American Hog Hunters? Being serious here.
Well, we already know he is one of the very few people in the world capable of building a gun out of a block of steel.

Because he said so in the TV add the other night!!

I'm curious to watch it because this shop is near me--I had never heard anything negative about it until reading about the show.
Ill give it a look, why not? Looks to be more drama, and the claim of "one of a kind" showboating by the owner but what else is their to watch on TV these days?

I am surprised though they would create another show that could rival Sons of Guns. Any word on the street of no more Will Hayden and Crew?

That sounds awful. There are two sides to every story, though. I've found that out 1st hand.

Now I almost have to watch it to see if it is possible he acted like the ripoff report incident. I honestly have a hard time believing owner of a business that successful runs around with a "liar liar pants on fire" attitude towards customers regarding disputes. Anything is possible, though.
Sons of Guns will air new episodes in December according to Discovery Channel.

American Guns starts Oct 10th.
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I work in the movie business and have met several guys who work on 'Sons of Guns'.

They, including the armorer, say the show is a joke and all the guns are made by the production company, not Red Jacket.
They, including the armorer, say the show is a joke and all the guns are made by the production company, not Red Jacket.

anyone dealing in reality knows that, sadly, lots of people are not dealing in reality
...it can't be any worse than "Sons of guns", and the women are hotter. It at least deserves a look.
I'll watch it, at least an episode or two. I'll probably be more happy with the show I taped on NatGeo about the Barrett family, Sniper, inc.
Sniper Inc was a good show. Too bad it didn't have more than a couple episodes.

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The show looked more like the gun version of Hooters, those Wyatt women really push the TaTa's. I didn't even notice if they were pretty or not.
Wouldn't put my wife and daughter out there like that but he seems like the lust for money has no bounds.
I watched the first episode, won't watch the second. His idea of making a gun from a block of steel is feeding it into a CNC mill. I'm not impressed.
I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. The dad seems a little over the top and he was kind of an azz when he was telling his employee to "get it done" but i think a lot of it is hyped up for TV.

the fact that these people actually work on guns with actual tools of the trade (not something from a front end collision shop like Son's of guns). I really like the shop too, it looks like an interesting gun shop to visit.

Am I "SOLD" on the show?... not yet... but im very happy to see another gun show on prime time television and they at least know their stuff. They have even gotten into laws like filling out a 4473 to show the anti's that background checks ARE done and that is a positive to me.

anyhow, im interested and i look forward to next week's episode :)
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