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Apr 28, 2009
Mishawaka, IN
Hey guys, just wonderin what you guys use on your AR's as far as dots, irons, flip up irons, scopes, etc. Also i would like to know how many of you dont have a BUIS system but only an optic. i was thinking about just mounting a red dot on my first AR(will be ordering it when it comes back in stock) and not having back up flip up irons. maybe just having removable sights so when i feel like shooting irons, i can switch them over.
Pics, as always, would be appreciated :)
I use Troy filp up rear sights. Most of my Ar's are standard front sight bases.
The railed Ar's get a Troy flip up front sight, I want to try the troy flip up HK style front next.

My optics are Aimpoint ML3 in a Larue LT129 or LT150 quick release mount. Lower 1/3rd cowitness when the Troy sights are popped up.

I'm working on new pics, but here's an old pic of my Colt with my favorite optic.

Both of my ARs are set up as 16" carbines.

Noveske upper:
EOTech XPS2 on Larue LT-110 mount
Troy flip up irons front and rear
Front sight is mounted far enough back on the 12" handguard to fit a Surefire X300 at 12 o'clock.

LMT upper:
Standard FSB front
Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed sight rear
I have two M4's: Fat Bob and Skinny Bob. Both are equipped with ARMS #38 standard Swan Sleeve with # 40 compact flip-up rear sight. See[hsh]38 STD. Both have the standard M4 front sight assembly.

Fat Bob is also equipped with an Aimpoint Comp ML3, with a LaRue Tactical LT 152 RAS II quick-disconnect mount.

I prefer iron sights to optics - even red dot optics. I don't like looking through a tube. I have the Aimpoint simply to maintain conversancy with red dot optics.
my work gun has an acog, and buis

my personal ar has an eotech, and buis.

if you have an optic on your ar you should have buis.
Assuming you're using it for "serious" work. If it is just a plinker, the worst thing that can happen is your optic goes down and your shooting trip is cut short. However, I FIRMLY agree that if you're using the gun "for real", it must have a quality BUIS.

also which would you guys reccomend, a hvy bbl CAR style 16" AR or the M4 style lightweight barrel 16" AR?
are the magpul BUIS any good? the plastic ones
I have an EOtech 512 and an MI BUIS (both apertures).

I also keep two AAs in the ergo grip's storage hole. Those along with my Franken-AR have held up perfectly for over a thousand rounds so far. with no loss of zero or any concerning play between parts.

As far as barrel profile, it depends. What's the use? If this is a standing-up-fighting rifle, I prefer pencil barrels (lighter than the M4 profile). If this is to be a tackdriver used from the bench or prone a lot, you probably want a heavier barrel.

To me, the M4 profile doesn't really have a point, unless you're going for looks or you have an M203 to sling uderneath it. It is heavier than it needs to be out front, and thin enough under the handguards that you lose the benefits of rigidity. That said, my general-use AR is an M4gery, so it's not like it's a huge deal.

i have a request that would be GREATLY appreciated
anyone with an AR15 with a standard A2 front sight that has some kind of optic setup on either the flat top, a riser, or the carry handle, PLEASE post pics of the sight picture(what you see when you look through the sight). how comfortable is the setup, if scoped how is the eye relief, and most importantly.....does the front sight get in the way of your optics reticle in the sight picture?
thank you
Sight pics are decieving. Don't trust that. For example an Aimpoint sight pic looks awlful. Like a toilet paper tube. But the sight "disappears" when you use both eyes open. (Cameras only have one eye)

On Ar's the front sight is kind of a standard for describing optic height. Lower 1/3rd cowitness that Larues aimpoint and eotech mount combos offer are very comfortable. True cowitness is not as comfy IMO.

I also have a Trijicon 5-20x50mm scope. It's mounted with a Larue LT104. The front sight on my 6920 (in the above pic) is invisable. The scope sees right over it. I like useing a LMT sopmod stock on variable power scoped Ar's. At greater magnification I sometime have to click the stock in another hole forward. has an awesome sight picture thread.
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I don't have a picture available, but I can answer some of the questions.

If you have a magnified optic, the front sight tower will be invisible. You won't see it. The fact that it is there will lead to some marginal loss in clarity and brightness, but unless you do a side by side comparison under ideal conditions, I doubt you'd notice it. If I was setting up a rifle to be a precision instrument, I'd use flip-ups, but in any other role I prefer a fixed front sight. YMMV, certainly lots of people use flip-up fronts.

If you have a red dot, you will see the front sight tower out there, but you will rapidly learn to ignore it. It does not get in the way. Look at the target, both eyes open, superimpose the dot on the target, and press the trigger. The irons and the scope body will just sorta grey out (like the rear of a peep sight does). As was said above, don't trust camera images too far on this one. Perception is what is more important.

Another example of perception being more important than reality would be an Occluded Eye Gunsight. If you took a picture of an OEG, you'd wonder how you could function with half of your vision blocked by a huge dark circle with a red dot in the center. However, if you actually use an OEG (properly), you'd find that you see just fine and it works like a low-tech red-dot. In fact, lots of people use their ACOGs in CQB situations in this manner (if the range closes, you flip the front cover down, shoot both eyes open, and it is very similar to having a red dot).

if you're concerned about the front sight cluttering up your FOV, go for lower 1/3rd cowitness, as Zerodefect says.

The A4 carry handle works fine for me. Occasionally I do remove it and clamp on my old Marlin scope. Haven't warmed up to the latest optics yet since irons work so well.
i have a "less than desirable" quality NcStar red dot sight. its the same tube style sight as that popular BSA red dot sight. anyway, i plan on mounting this to my doublestar M4 style AR15 but of course, the sight does not line up with my eye, so i will need a riser mount. since this is a very popular style of red dot and the flattop on all ARs(as far as i know) are the same heigth or at least very close to the same, i figured i could ask this incase anyone else has a similar setup. what height riser would i need to have a good sight picture and comfortable cheek weld?
alright so i ordered one of the YHM risers

i bought it from cactustactical but thats the i mounted it onto my doublestar M4 style ar 15's rail and the screws that came with the mount are too narrow! they move back and forth a bit and is not secure at all! has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?
Bushmaster ORC with Troy tritium flip up iron sights other optics. (personal)
Colt AR-15 A-2 configured, fixed handle with regular A-2 front sight...sure fire flashlight. (issued)
The configuration I finally ended up with on my flat top middy is a Millet DMS-1 & a Matech BUIS. I added a YHM low riser to get the scope up a bit - more comfortable & makes it easier to slide the scope mount on & off without bumping the handguard. The Millet may be a bit heavy, but I like the way it works.


anyone with an AR15 with a standard A2 front sight that has some kind of optic setup on either the flat top, a riser, or the carry handle, PLEASE post pics of the sight picture(what you see when you look through the sight). how comfortable is the setup, if scoped how is the eye relief, and most importantly.....does the front sight get in the way of your optics reticle in the sight picture? thank you
Here's a pic through an Eotech 516 on a flattop, which gives a lower 1/3 cowitness without a separate riser (the 516 has a 7mm riser built in).

attachment.php 516.a65-fslash-1.htm

On the other hand, a different Eotech model without a riser (like an XPS, for example) would put the aiming dot in the center of the red circle right at the tip of the front sight post, which is referred to as true or absolute cowitness. I prefer lower 1/3 myself.

The photo is a little deceiving in that the inner case and outer protective guard on an Eotech are actually parallel, so they don't obscure nearly as much as the field of view as that short-focal-length photo would suggest. But you can see that the front sight post doesn't get in the way. The reticle is also a lot more visible than the pic would suggest, but the camera doesn't do it justice. Eye relief on an Aimpoint or Eotech is unlimited; you could look through the optic from five feet away and still see the dot fine. On this particular rifle, the Eotech was about an inch shy of all the way forward on the flattop receiver. Also note how little the Eotech tints/darkens the view (their optical coatings are very, very good).

The nice thing about cowitnessed optics is that if the optic ever goes down, you can lower your head a little and use the iron sights right through the glass, as if the optic weren't even mounted.
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ive had trouble with optics on this AR, trying to figure out which optic/riser rail(if needed) will give me the perfect height for comfort when i look through the optic. right now my AR is sporting the cheapest and lowest quality red dot money can buy(NcStar red dot "tube") on top of a YHM 1/2" riser. This setup is tall enough for me to see through but its not that "perfect" height. Id like it to be just a few milimeters higher. I know i know, eotech or acog are the way to go but im relatively cheap and just cant see the logic in spending $400+ on a red dot sight. so after weeks of research i finally stumbled across the bushnell trophy red dot sight, the one in this link;
I was wondering if anyone has experience with this red dot sight and could tell me how they like it. hows the height on it for an AR15? will i need to mount it on my riser rail or can i mount it right on the flat top rail of the rifle? this seems like the best option ive found both for cost and because it seems to be the perfect optic for my needs. So let me know what yall think of this red dot!
Thanks in advance,

come on guys i really need some help figuring out which optic i should purchase. im going to list a few that look decent to me. if yall could tell me what you think of them, especially those with experience, id really appreciate it. also, im havin a lot of trouble figuring out if i will need my riser for any of these sights to get it to the right height to where my eye lines up with it...if anyone could help me out on that problem i would be very happy!

1. Bushnell trophy MP red dot

2. Walther PS 22 red dot

3. Walther PS 55 (does anyone know what reticle this sight uses?)

4. Aimshot holographic

These are just the ones that i was able to find in the midwayusa master catalog that looked decent. If anyone has any suggestions for sights that i havent listed, please feel free to post them. I am looking for something with no zoom. I would prefer a reflex style sight like the last link because of the large field of view but i will consider other styles, such as the first three i have listed :eek: My budget is $150 or less, which is the main reason why i dont just buy an eotech..

Again, my main concern is finding a setup that will give the proper sight heigth to line up with my eye as comfortably as possible, so please help me out on this.

Thank you all very much for any help that you can provide me with!

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